Mars Combust in Virgo: Check The Condition Zodiac Signs And Ways To Avoid Side Effects

All the planets also change their movements and positions like retrograde, combust, rise, and transit other than changing the zodiac signs. In the same sequence, Mars also combusts in the month of September. As the planet moves close to the planet Sun that it becomes ineffective, then such planets are referred to as combust planets. It is believed that as the combust of a planet happens, it doesn’t provide auspicious results and is also known as a malefic planet. The planet Mars combusts as it comes closer to 17 parts or more from the sun and it results in multiple kinds of problems in life. So, let us move ahead and get details of Mars combust in Virgo through this blog. Also, know how the combust affects the life of natives of all the 12 zodiac signs and the measures to be taken for avoiding those effects. Also, know about the time and date of Mars combust in the Virgo sign. 

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Mars Combust In Virgo: Date And Time 

Mars is the factor of courage & bravery and combusts on 24 September 2023 at 06:26 pm. Now let us move ahead and know further about the importance of Mars in Vedic astrology. 

Importance Of Mars In The Astrology 

In Vedic astrology, Mars has the status of a warrior and is also considered a dynamic-natured planet. It is also considered among the reddest planets in the solar system. It is at quite a distance from the earth, yet it directly affects the lives of natives. They are also considered the factor of energy and charge. Mars is in the lord of Aries and Scorpio sign, and it is exalted in Capricorn, while Cancer sign is considered the debilitated sign. Mars is the lord of Nakshatras like Mrigshira, Chitra, and Dhanishta Nakshatra. 

The presence of strong Mars in the horoscope leads to courage and fearlessness in the nature of individuals and will result in the win of wars. Whereas, the positioning of Mars in the inauspicious position in the birth chart will result in strength to face various difficulties in multiple fields. On the other hand, the planet Mars represents the red color. As per astrology, the placement of Mars in the fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house of the native’s horoscope will create a situation like Manglik Dosha. It results in the creation of different ups and downs in married life. Let us dig deep to know further about the effects of Mars in Virgo. 

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Suitable Effect Of Mars In Virgo 

The natives under the influence of Mars in the Virgo horoscope will result in self-confidence, generous nature, and increased creativity & artistic qualities. The vital thing is that people need to focus on their life goals and will ensure simple handling of matters cleverly with relevant skills at the same time. These people are experts in locating the right faults but don’t impose their thoughts on others. They avoid doing tasks in a hasty manner and also move forward with a lot of effort. These natives will be able to plan carefully for multiple activities and they go in different fields like nursing, doctor, & surgery. Other than that, they also get benefits like good communication, efficient preaching, writing, communication, and good profit. In the work area, such natives like to keep the work secret as they don’t want others to interfere in their activities. Such people do every work in a perfect way. 

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If we talk about the love life of the natives, they won’t remain angry with others for a longer duration and also maintain an honest relationship. They take special care of their relationships and the married life also remains strong. The natives also have a sense of dedication towards the partner and they might not look excited in their love relationship. In their minds, the world of dreams of imagination resides safely. They also create the right type of bond with their connections. For getting into a relationship, the natives first test the relationship as they’re aware of its vitality. For them, trust and security are the top factors, and also like to keep a safe distance from show-offs. 

Signs That Indicate The Weak Position Of Mars In The Horoscope 

The position of struggling Mars in the horoscope is indicated by some signs and let us know the details about it:

  • The weak position of Mars in the horoscope will result in unnecessary anger in different situations and the nature of individuals also turns irritable. 
  • The individuals avoid the start of a new beginning due to the afflicted Mars. They also feel afraid of trying new things as they think that things might fail. 
  • The feeling of tiredness remains constant most of the time due to weak Mars. It also results in a weakening of self-confidence. 
  • The weak or afflicted Mars will result in individuals facing an accident. 
  • Other than that, there are chances of facing different challenges in the family life of the natives. They will face troubles like defeat from enemies, other kinds of land disputes, debts, and others. 
  • Mars in a weak position in your horoscope increases the chances of medical issues like blood-related diseases, itching, fluctuating blood pressure, tumor, cancer, leprosy, etc. 
  • Natives with weak Mars in the horoscope will feel jealous of other people. 
  • The inauspicious position of Mars in the horoscope will result in delay & obstruction in the marriage. Mars is causing Mangal Dasha in the horoscope. 

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Effects Of Strong Mars In The Horoscope 

As per astrology, the possibility of marriage in a person’s life increases due to the strong position of Mars. 

  • There is a rise of self-confidence with the strength of Mars in the native’s horoscope. 
  • The presence of strong Mars in the horoscope results in better performance of natives in the fields like army, police, doctors, property dealing, and electronics. 
  • The strong position of Mars leads to taking fearless decisions in the person’s life and the decisions also prove very successful. 
  • Other than that, even in the most troubling situations, the native accepts different challenges and also overcomes them. 
  • The strong presence of Mars will ensure the brothers & sisters of the natives achieve immense levels of success in their respective fields. 
  • The natives become courageous due to the dominant position of Mars in the horoscope and they are able to take bold decisions related to different matters. 
  • Strong Mars in the horoscope provides auspicious results in their career and the natives also achieve a lot of success in their respective job & business. 

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Respective Measures To Make Inauspicious Mars Auspicious 

Let us get to the details of knowing the measures for strengthening the position of Mars in the horoscope. 

Worshiping of Hanuman Ji 

Worship Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ji for the easiest way to strengthen the position of Mars. Also, recite Hanuman Chalisa at least twice on Tuesday. 

Fasting on Tuesday 

For people with weak positioning of Mars in the horoscope, keeping fast for at least 12 or 21 Tuesdays will deliver the best outcomes. Also, visit a Hanuman temple and light a lamp with desi ghee. 

Chant of Mantra 

To strengthen Mars in the horoscope, take a bath in the morning, wear red clothes, and chant the mantra ‘Om Kraan Krian Kraun Sa:’ 108 times in front of Hanuman Ji’s idol.

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Do Charity 

To make the position of Mars strong, it is crucial to donate wheat, lentils, Kaner flower, jaggery, red cloth, copper, gold, red sandalwood, etc. Get rid of Mangal Dosha through the donation of respective items. 

Install Red-Colored Plants 

If you desire to strengthen the position of Mars, then place or install the red flowers in an earthen pot. This will result in different kinds of financial benefits. 

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