Wedding Anniversary Ceremony in Hinduism, Know The Rituals

As Marriage Ceremony or Vivah Sanskar is significantly observed in Hinduism, similarly Wedding Anniversary or Vivah Diwas Sanskar holds high importance. Nowadays, marriage anniversary is celebrated by every couple, but it is lesser known that there are certain rituals enacted in scriptures to follow for this special day. Through this article, we will share information about this ceremony and tell you those rituals to follow for a prosperous marital life.

Importance of Wedding Anniversary Ceremony

Just like Birthday Ceremony, the ceremony of Marriage Anniversary is also an important observance. Information about precise rituals and rites to follow when organizing this ceremony is mentioned in the vedic scriptures. This day is very special for married natives, as on this day itself, two people came in unison and became one for their next seven lives.

Wedding Anniversary must be celebrated with pomp and show as a festival, and some of the main ceremonies must be repeated on this day. It is believed that if this day is celebrated with family and friends and a small event is organized, then the love and affection between the couple increases. Along with that, daily struggles and complaints between them also dissolve.

On this day, married couple reminisce on their enjoyable and loving moments and recollect all the beautiful memories spent together while stepping up to another year. Organizing a ceremony on this special day will evoke a sense of rejuvenation between the couple and eliminate any kind of mishap happened earlier. This ceremony is observed by people all around the world in their own way. Hinduism describes its own rituals and activities to observe on this day.

Preparations for Marriage Anniversary Ceremony

In Indian culture, many couples hesitate to celebrate their wedding ceremony. In several states of India, women still follow the social tradition of seclusion by wearing a veil even in front of their husbands. Especially in those states or religions where love marriages are still considered a malpractice and a boy and a girl aren’t aware of each others’ personalities. As a result, both of them act as a stranger towards each other for a long period of time and develop a sense of hesitation towards celebrating their special day.

On the other hand, when talking about the Hindu religion, it is mentioned that a wife and husband are each other’s companions in every happiness and misery. Hence, there shouldn’t be any hesitation when it comes to celebrating their marriage ceremony or showing affection in front of others. Marriage is considered the most sacred bond in scriptures as well, which is why a husband and his wife should be present in any social gathering, festival or event without doubt. Also, they must sit in the havan ceremony with an open mind on their anniversary.

Fasting on The Wedding Anniversary

After the wedding, both the husband and wife should remain devoted towards each other. Just like people fast on their birthdays, same ritual must be followed on their marriage anniversaries. Marital life makes up for a family, which further becomes a part of the society. That’s why if there is any issue or problem in your marital life, society automatically gets affected and remains underdeveloped. Hence, keep some important points in mind when fasting on this special day:

Firstly, the Husband must take vows for the following things:

  • Not using any rude word or phrase for your wife.
  • Not making a mockery out of your wife in front of everyone in case she has done something wrong, but speaking to her privately and making her realize her mistake.
  • Not engaging with any unknown woman in the absence of your wife.
  • Not pressurising your wife for a baby.
  • Taking up the responsibility of your wife is she wants to pursue her further education.
  • Preparing the budget of the house with the consent of your wife and giving full rights to her on money.
  • Helping your wife in transforming the vibe of the house along with household chores.
  • Not forgetting to praise your wife and appreciating her on special occasions.
  • Lending a helping hand to your wife with your kids’ education and well-being.
  • Instead of following the age-old societal norms, supporting your wife and helping her become independent
  • Fulfilling the reasonable wishes of your wife and taking care of her comforts.

After this, the Wife must take vows for the following things:

  • Giving up the habit of getting irritated or offended.
  • Abandoning the habit of speaking ill to the kids or relieving the anger caused by someone else on them.
  • Not using any rude or offensive word with the mother-in-law or sister-in-law when talking.
  • Remaining positive while taking care of the atmosphere within the family.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness around the house and working hard.
  • Not spending money on unnecessary items.
  • Not going ahead with anything without keeping the husband in the loop.
  • Taking care of the health of the husband and family members.
  • Not restraining the husband from participating in any kind of social gathering or activity.
  • Participating in the religious activities and lighting a diya at the temple regularly.

Every marriage sees issues and struggles on both parts. But discussing them and resolving together only strengthens the bond and improves the connectivity.

Sanskar Rituals

The following rituals are followed when organizing the ceremony on the day of wedding anniversary:

Manglacharan – Shatkarma Kalash Pujan

During this ritual, the husband and wife must take the above vows while establishing the urn (Kalash Sthapana). During this time, chant the mantra while remembering the god:

मंत्र- “नामा हं दाम्पत्यजीवनस्य पवित्रता मर्यादयोः रक्षणाय त्रुटिनाश्च प्रायश्चित्करणाय उज्जवलभविष्यद्वेतवे स्वोत्तरदावित्यपालनाय संकल्पमहं करिष्ये।”

Mantra: “nāmā haṃ dāmpatyajīvanasya pavitratā maryādayoḥ rakṣaṇāya truṭināśca prāyaścitkaraṇāya ujjavalabhaviṣyadvetave svottaradāvityapālanāya saṃkalpamahaṃ kariṣye।”

The vows must be taken when chanting the mantra. After this, conduct the Dev Pujan and Swasti Pujan rituals. After following the above mentioned steps, the following rituals must also be completed:

  • Granthi Bandhan (ग्रंथि बंधन)
  • Paani Grahan (पाणिग्रहण)
  • Pledge taken by the Bride-Groom
  • Saptpadi (सप्तपदी)
  • Ashwastana (आश्वास्तना)

Special Offering

If organizing a yagya on the day of wedding anniversary, then perform Agni Sthapana and give special offering while chanting Gayatri Mantra. After this, conclude the ceremony by carrying out the “Granthi Bandhan”, “Pani Grahan”, “Pledge Taken by Bride-Groom”, “Saptapadi” and “Ashwastana” ritual and chanting the mantras for marriage.

In case time is short, then organize the Deep Yagya. For this, place five diyas on a plate and light them while chanting the Gayatri Mantra.


With this ritual, both husband and wife must pick one diya each and chsnt the mantra below:

मंत्र- “ॐ समानी व् आकृतिः समाना हृदयानि वः।
समानमस्तु वो मनो यथा वः सुसहासति (अथर्व.6.64.3)”

Mantra: “oṃ samānī v ākṛtiḥ samānā hṛdayāni vaḥ।
samānamastu vo mano yathā vaḥ susahāsati (atharva.6.64.3)”

After this, the married couple must exchange the garlands. People present in the ceremony must shower the couple with flower and blessings. Then distribute the Prasad and conclude the ceremony.

With this ceremony, the married couple vow for a new beginning and step on the journey of love and trust.

We hope that this article on Wedding Anniversary Ceremony resolves your doubts.


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