March 2024 Overview: Mahashivratri, Holi & Many Other Festivals In March

March 2024 Overview: March is the third month of the English calendar and is regarded particularly important from a religious perspective. This month is particularly remarkable in terms of fasting and celebrations. Aside from the monthly fasts of Chaturthi, Ekadashi, and Pradosh, this month will also feature major festivals such as Mahashivratri, Phulera Dooj, and Holi. The month of March marks the end of Phalgun and the beginning of Chaitra. The Hindu New Year begins with the Pratipada of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month. According to the English calendar, March is the third month of the year, and we slowly bid farewell to winter after this. 

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We are all curious about this month, as we are every month, and we all want to know if the new month will bring us anything special. Will your career grow this month? What types of issues will you confront in business? Will there be joy in family life, or will you face difficulties? Many types of questions keep running through our minds. You will find the answers to all of these questions on AstroSage’s special blog in March 2024.

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Not only that, but as soon as March begins, several fasts and celebrations occur. In such a case, we will inform you of the significant fasts, festivals, dates, and other events taking place in March 2024 through our special blog. Not only that, but we’ll give you interesting facts about people born in March. Aside from that, you will get thorough information regarding the eclipse and transit, as well as bank holidays for this month. So, without further ado, let us start this article by explaining why the month of March is so significant.

March 2024 Interesting Facts

In this special Astrosage blog, we will provide you with complete information about March 2024, even the smallest details. In this blog, you will not only learn about the exact dates of the fast-fasts, eclipses, and other events that will take place in March, but you will also learn about the numerous things that will make March 2024 memorable. 

  • What defines the personalities of those born in March. 
  • When is the bank holiday for this month?
  • When and which planets will change positions and zodiac signs in March 2024? And what happens this month? You will also receive information on this. 
  • Also, what kind of outcomes will March 2024 bring for all 12 zodiacs? Continue reading this article to learn more about these people’s education and love lives. 

Now let’s talk about the March 2024 calendar. 

March 2024 Astrological Facts & Hindu Panchang Calculation  

The third month of the year 2024, March, will begin on the Panchami Tithi of Krishna Paksha under Swati Nakshatra, March 1, 2024, and end on the Saptami Tithi of Krishna Paksha under Moola Nakshatra, March 31, 2024.

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March 2024 Dates Of Fasts & Festivals

Every month in Hinduism, several fasts and festivals are observed, and March 2024 will be no exception. Many important holidays, such as Holi and Maha Shivratri, will take place this month. Let us know when these fasts and festivals will be celebrated.

Date DayFestival 
06 March 2024Wednesday Vijaya Ekadashi
08 March 2024FridayMahashivratri, Pradosh Vrat (Krishna), Masik Shivratri 
10 March 2024SundayPhalguna Amavasya 
14 March 2024Thursday Meena Sankranti
20 March 2024Wednesday Amalaki Ekadashi
22 March 2024Friday Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)
24 March 2024Sunday Holika Dahan
25 March 2024MondayHoli, Phalguna Purnima Vrat
28 March 2024Thursday ursdaySankashti Chaturthi

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March 2024 Most Auspicious Fasts & Festivals 

Vijaya Ekadashi (06 March 2024, Wednesday): There is a unique religious importance to Vijaya Ekadashi. This Ekadashi occurs during the Krishna Paksha day in the Phalgun month. The Skanda Purana states that in order to conquer Lanka, Lord Shri Ram personally kept a fast on this Ekadashi. It is believed that one gains the upper hand over rivals and foes by keeping a fast on Vijaya Ekadashi and performing ritualistic worship on this day. Additionally, a person can easily get through even challenging circumstances.

Mahashivratri (08 March 2024, Friday): On Krishna Chaturdashi, which falls in the month of Phalgun, people celebrate the sacred festival of Mahashivratri. Mahashivratri is celebrated with tremendous fanfare in this month since it is believed that Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati were married on Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Phalgun. Devotees of Lord Bholenath fast and perform ritualistic adoration of him on this day. It is common to worship Lord Shiva on this day by presenting Bel leaves, etc.

Pradosh Vrat (Krishna) (08 March 2024, Friday): The purpose of the Pradosh fast is to appease Lord Shiva. Every month on the Trayodashi of Krishna and Shukla Paksha, people observe the Pradosh fast. There is a religious belief that one can have a healthy life by regularly fasting and performing Puja on the day of Pradosh Vrat. There is also the eternal grace of Mahadev. Religious belief holds that repeating specific Lord Shiva mantras while worshiping Pradosh Vrat keeps happiness and wealth in the house.

Masik Shivratri (08 March 2024, Friday): Every month on the Chaturdashi day of Krishna Paksha, the monthly Shivaratri fast is performed. In a year, twelve monthly Shivratri fasts are observed. On the day of the monthly Shivratri, it is highly auspicious to do the Abhishek of Lord Shiva coupled with fasting and worship. There is a religious belief that one receives the blessings of Lord Shiva by fasting on the monthly Shivratri. Aside from this, with Lord Bholenath’s favor, one may accomplish even the most challenging tasks. Every wish is granted by worshiping Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati on this day since Shivratri, which occurs every month, is dedicated to Bholenath and Mother Parvati.

Phalgun Amavasya (10 March 2024, Sunday): On the Amavasya date of the Phalgun month, people celebrate Phalguna Amavasya. It is very important to bathe in the Ganga and other sacred rivers on this day. In addition, philanthropy and Tarpan are significant on this day. On this day, those who want to observe fast are also permitted to observe fast. By doing this, a person’s good deeds will increase, raising their level of luck in life. It is good to worship both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu on the day of Phalguna Amavasya.

Amalaki Ekadashi (20 March 2024, Wednesday): On the day of Amalaki Ekadashi, people worship amla trees because it is believed that they are home to gods and goddesses. It is believed that the devotee who worships the Amla tree and keeps this fast would find salvation. Other names for this Ekadashi are Rangbhari Ekadashi, Amalakya Ekadashi, and Amla Ekadashi. 

Holika Dahan (24 March 2024, Sunday): The day before the holiday of Holi, Holika Dahan is performed. Holika Dahan is enthusiastically organized in Sanatan Dharma. On the full moon day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Phalgun, this event is observed. Holika Dahan is held annually to commemorate this day, which is marked as the triumph of good over evil. 

Holi (25 March 2024, Monday): In Hinduism, the festival of Holi is very significant and primarily a celebration of color. The celebration of this occasion also marks the coming of spring. Several nations around the world, including India, celebrate this special day. People apply Gulal and color to one another on this day.

Phalgun Purnima Vrat (25 March 2024, Monday): Phalgun Purnima is the name given by Sanatan Dharma to the full moon date that falls in the month of Phalgun. On this day, Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped along with Lord Vishnu and Chandradev. Reciting this Satyanarayan Katha also grants the devotee’s every wish. Offering charities and taking a dip in sacred rivers are traditional on this day. Fasting on Phalgun Purnima is said to remove human grief and bestow special blessings from Lord Vishnu.

Sankashati Chaturthi (28 March 2024, Thursday): Because it is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Chaturthi day is considered as particularly auspicious and exceptional in astrology. Chaturthi comes twice in a month. Those who worship Lord Shri Ganesha with sincere devotion experience bliss and get all of their prayers answered on this day. They are successful in their endeavors as well. Many fasts are kept in Sanatan Dharma to appease the Gods and Goddesses, but the most well-known is the Sankashti Chaturthi fast, which is kept in honor of Lord Ganesha.

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March 2024 List Of Bank Holidays

DateDayHolidaysState/Union Territory
05 March 2024TuesdayPanchayati Raj DiwasOrissa
08 March 2024FridayMahashivratriNational holiday except Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Goa, Lakshadweep, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.
22 March 2024FridayBihar DiwasBihar
23 March 2024SaturdayShaheed Bhagat Singh MartyrdomHaryana
25 March 2024MondayHoliAll states except Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Manipur, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal
25 March 2024MondayDol Purnima West Bengal 
25 March 2024Monday Manipur Basant Mahotsav Manipur 
26 March 2024Tuesday Manipur Basant MahotsavManipur 
29 March 2024Friday Good Friday In all states except Haryana and Jammu
30 March 2024Saturday Pious SaturdayNagaland 
31 March 2024Sunday Easter Sunday Kerala And  Nagaland 

March Born Personality Traits 

A person’s characteristics and personality can be identified based on the month in which he was born. The third month of the year, March, is highly special. Many people celebrate their birthdays this month. The month of our birth, like the nine planets and constellations in Vedic astrology, can reveal many secrets about our lives. So let’s discuss the characteristics of someone born in March.

People born in this month have very soft and delicate hearts. These individuals are charitable, spiritual walkers, and philanthropists. They are always ahead and actively contribute to the betterment of society. Not only that, but they are kind and eager to serve everyone. They don’t want to hurt anyone. They also form friendships easily and maintain them for long periods of time. These people are always good pals. Those people are extremely sharp-minded and make all of their decisions carefully. These people have such smart minds that it is difficult for anyone to deceive them. They are not easily cheated, and they do not believe in cheating others. People form numerous conspiracies against them, but these zodiacs fail them and continue forward. They live a cheerful life unconcerned about what others might say. It is said that many of these people that once they lose trust in someone, it is hard to regain that trust.

These individuals are experts at maintaining relationships, and they do so passionately. We help our friends and partners during every challenging situation. Their relationship is really strong. They speak clearly, which is why they get along with their life partners. Even in difficult situations, these people stick by their partner and help them in resolving any issues. These folks are very honest with their spouses and good at keeping relationships. They strive hard to make their spouse feel loved and special, while also receiving mental and emotional support from them.

People born in March are also believed to be quite cheerful and have a positive outlook. This is why the people around them think positively. These people are attractive and continue to draw attention. They also gain a lot of headlines among people in general.

The most distinguishing feature of these individuals is their ability to predict and confront upcoming obstacles. People born in March are quite open about their ideas and opinions. They prefer to express the truth rather than speak nicely and polishedly, even if people feel wrong at first but eventually realize what these March born natives are saying.  Because they are used to uncertainty, these people are seldom affected by negative situations. They are drawn to mountains, rivers, and natural beauty, and they enjoy visiting them.

Lucky Number: 3, 7

Lucky Color: Sea Green, Aqua 

Lucky Days: Thursday, Tuesday, Sunday 

Lucky Gemstones: Yellow Blue (Topaz), Red Coral

Religious Significance Of March 2024 

In Sanatan Dharma, in addition to fasts and festivals, the day, date, and month are important. Every auspicious work requires information on the date and month. So, in this order, let’s explain the significance of the third month of the year, March.

March, like any other month, is filled with Teej celebrations. From a religious standpoint, the month of Phalgun will begin in March 2024 and end in Chaitra. The Hindu calendar considers Phalgun to be the final month of the year. Phalgun Month will begin on February 25th and end on March 25th. Following this, the Chaitra month begins on March 26th.

If we first discuss Phalgun month, we should mention that it holds special significance in Hinduism. It is also known as Phagun Month. This month marks a great occasion for worshiping Lord Shiva and Shri Krishna. Performing puja and charity during the month of Phalgun is regarded as extremely auspicious. It is believed that conducting Lord Shiva’s Jalabhishek during this month grants a person’s every wish. If there is an issue with the marriage or the marriage does not take place for any reason, that problem is also settled.  Aside from that, by worshiping Lord Krishna according to the rites during this time, the devotee receives benefits of boundless delight. Phalgun month is also the best period to worship Moon God because, according to the scriptures, the Moon was born in this month. In such a case, worshiping the Moon God during this month is regarded as extremely auspicious. Phalgun month is particularly notable for the number of celebrations that take place throughout it, including Sankashti Chaturthi, Meen Sankranti, Amalaki Ekadashi, Mahashivratri, and Holi, among others. This month, one should offer Abeer and Gulal to the gods and goddesses.

Personality Traits Of Natives Born In Phalgun Month

People born in the month of Phalgun have a fair complexion and are very attractive. Their speech is quite sweet and they are better at communicating. These persons may have a fickle mind. They enjoy traveling and have numerous opportunity to visit internationally. People born in the month of Phalgun are trustworthy, generous, and caring. They are philanthropic and actively involved in social service work. Their financial standing is strong, and they are seldom short of money. They are incredibly dedicated to their goals and remain determined to achieve them. These individuals are successful in obtaining all of life’s material comforts.

Significance Of Chaitra Month

Now, let’s discuss about Chaitra month. Chaitra month is the first month of the Hindu calendar, and the Hindu New Year begins in this month, therefore it holds special significance. It was named Chaitra because it has a direct connection to the constellation. With the arrival of Chaitra month, the spring season finishes and the summer begins. It is claimed that this holy and sacred month of Chaitra has a very profound relationship with astrology because the planet, season, month, date, and paksha are all calculated using Chaitra Pratipada. Let us inform you that the Chaitra month begins in March, specifically on March 26, 2024. According to mythology, Lord Brahma started the creation of the world on Shukla Pratipada of the Chaitra month. Chaitra is a special month for worship and fasting. Chaitra’s full moon occurs in Chitra Nakshatra, which is why the month is named Chaitra. Chaitra begins after Holi.

March 2024 Transits & Eclipses

After providing you with extensive information on the exact dates of bank holidays, fasts, and festivals in March 2024, we will now discuss the planetary transits and eclipses that will occur during this month. Let us tell you that in March 2024, six main planets will change signs, while two will change their movement and position. Let us now look at when and which planets will change positions and zodiac signs in March.

Mercury Transit In Pisces (07 March 2024): In Vedic astrology, Mercury, the component of intelligence and speech, will transit into Pisces, Jupiter’s sign, in March. Mercury will enter Pisces at 09:21 a.m. on March 7, 2024. 

Venus Transit In Aquarius (07 March 2024): Venus, known as the planet of love and material bliss, will transit Saturn’s zodiac sign Aquarius on March 7, 2024, at 10:33 am.  

Sun Transit In Pisces (14 March 2024): In astrology, the Sun God, the king of planets, will transit Pisces, Jupiter’s zodiac sign, on March 14, 2024, at 12:23 p.m. 

Mars Transit In Aquarius (15 March 2024): Mars, the planet of energy, brotherhood, land, strength, courage, and bravery, will enter Aquarius, Saturn’s zodiac sign, at 5:42 p.m. on March 15, 2024.

Mercury Rise In Pisces (15 March 2024): Mercury, the planet of money, business, communication, speech, and profession, will rise in the water sign of Pisces on March 15, 2024, at 01:07 p.m.

Saturn Rise In Aquarius (18 March 2024):  Saturn, the symbol of justice and karma, will rise in his own zodiac sign Aquarius at 07:49 a.m. on March 18, 2024. Its rise will have an effect on all twelve zodiac signs, both positively and negatively.

Mercury Transit In Aries (26 March 2024): Mercury, the planet responsible for intelligence, rationality, and friendship, will enter Aries, Mars’ zodiac sign, at 02:39 p.m. on March 26, 2024.

Venus Transit In Pisces (31 March 2024): Venus, the planet associated with love and material happiness, will transit Jupiter’s zodiac sign Pisces on March 31, 2024, at 04:31 pm.

Eclipse In March 2024 

Let us inform you that an eclipse will occur in March, specifically a lunar eclipse. 

DateDay & DateLunar Eclipse Beginning TimeLunar Eclipse Ending TimeVisibility 
Phalgun Month Shukla Paksha PurnimaMonday, 25 March, 2024From 10:23 amTo 3:02 pmIreland, England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, southern Norway, Switzerland, North and South America, Japan, the eastern part of Russia, the rest of Australia except Western Australia, and the majority of Africa (excluding India).

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March 2024 Zodiac Wise Prediction For 12 Signs 


  • The beginning of the month will be positive in terms of career. You will work hard with all of your heart and soul at your job, and as a result, you will be given a good position.
  • This month will be fairly normal in terms of family life. Mutual harmony among family members will grow, and a sense of love will emerge.
  • In terms of love, this month may bring about disagreements and fights. Outsiders’ interference in your relationship can be harmful to you.
  • From an economic standpoint, this month will be quite beneficial to those born under your sign. You will benefit financially from your job and business.
  • From a health standpoint, this month appears to be typical for you. You may have sleep issues, sight problems, or gastrointestinal disorders, so you need to take care of your health.

Remedy: Donate flour, rice, sugar, and etc in the name of ancestors on Amavasya day.


  • You may confront some problems in your profession. Sometimes a situation may happen in which you believe your self-esteem has been affected.
  • This month could cause conflict in family relationships. Family members will support you, yet there may be a sense of unhappiness and conflict in family life.
  • This month may bring some misunderstandings in romantic relationships. But you must concentrate on saving your relationship. The beginning of the month will also be advantageous for married persons. 
  • In terms of finances, there will be opportunities to spend on auspicious tasks at home and religious activities. In addition, you could face some unexpected expenses that you will need to pay.
  • This month will be full of ups and downs in terms of health. If you are negligent with your health, you may encounter challenges and health-related issues.

Remedy: Donating gram pulses on Thursday will be advantageous.


  • March will be a fantastic month for you professionally. Your confidence in yourself and your work will grow, allowing you to perform well and secure a favorable position in the workplace.
  • This month can be quite demanding for family life. However, you will get along well with your brothers and sisters, and your life partner will support you.
  • You will fully enjoy your love life. You can even propose to your beloved for marriage. There is a possibility of a love marriage, and you may also obtain the agreement of family members for this.
  • This month will be full of ups and downs in the beginning. This month, you may incur certain expenses that you might not have anticipated before. These expenses can also be used to promote mutual enjoyment.
  • This month will be particularly noteworthy in terms of health. Any underlying issues may disrupt your everyday routine and jeopardize your physical health.

Remedy: You should recite Shri Vishnu Sahastranam Stotra every Wednesday.


  • March will be a pivotal month in your professional career. You will be successful in your career and in your efforts to influence positive policy.
  • This month will be fortunate in terms of family life. This will maintain the bond between families. There will be mutual love. The health of the parents will be good.
  • From the perspective of love relationships, the beginning of this month will be really beneficial.  It will provide new life to your romantic relationships. You will try to take your love relationship to the next level, wanting to marry the person you love and putting in a lot of effort to do so.
  • This month’s start is expected to be dull. You might encounter unanticipated expenditures that you did not anticipate. You may have to encounter some difficulties. This is not an ideal time to make major financial decisions.
  • This month is likely to be weak in terms of health. You must pay close attention to your daily routine, eating habits, and lifestyle, as these can bring health issues this month.

Remedy: On Tuesday, go to Hanuman ji’s temple and recite the Hanuman Chalisa while offering four bananas to him. 


  • This month will most likely be mediocre in terms of career. Mars will give you the courage to put in extra effort at work. With this, you will put in a great deal of effort and work hard at your job.
  • This month is predicted to be filled with ups and downs in terms of family life. Due to a lack of mutual harmony, you may confront numerous problems, which may result in family conflict.
  • If we talk about your love and married life, first and foremost, your love life will be positive. Along with the love you feel for your loved one, your affinity and trust in each other will grow. You will respect each other.
  • This month will provide you with varied financial results. Your spending will rise at the beginning of the month. The pace of costs will be so rapid that you are going to have trouble keeping up, which could have a direct impact on your financial situation.
  • This month is likely to be weak in terms of health. Your health may deteriorate during this time. It’s a fantastic time to create new habits. Spend time with your body and make an effort to keep healthy.

Remedy: On Saturday, light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree and recite Shri Bajrang Baan.


  • The more you work, the more successful you will be in your field of work; nevertheless, you must remember not to say anything out of anger to anyone because it could have an impact on what you do for a living.
  • This month can bring some happiness in family life. You will have wonderful ties with your in-laws, and there will be peace between them and your family members, bringing enjoyment to your family as well.
  • This will be the most romantic time for you and your partner. It will be beneficial for you to approach your relationship with affection. If you’re married, the beginning of the month will be ideal. Mutual interactions will be intense, and you and your partner will get along well.
  • Financially, things will be good. Business will produce good profits, and you will gain from them. If you work, you will have to wait some time, but you can take advantage of savings initiatives.
  • This month will be full of ups and downs in terms of health. This month, your digestive ability may become slightly weakened, resulting in stomach trouble. Aside from that, you may encounter various blood-related issues, such as abnormal blood pressure or blood impurities.

Remedy: One must remember one’s ancestors by facing south and pay homage to them.

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  • This month will be favorable for your career. People who work will achieve excellent results. Your unique talent will make you well-known in your field.
  • This month will be wonderful for families. You may get a new car or buy a new house, which would offer joy to the family. In such a case, there may be some function in the house that leads individuals to travel around the family, and the family members will live together in harmony. 
  • If we’re talking about romantic relationships, the beginning of the month will be a little weak. The harmony between you will be wonderful. Your love will get stronger, there will be romance, and you will be able to travel together.
  • The beginning of the month will also be quite positive for the economy. This allows you to receive money through more than one source. You can potentially make significant financial advantages by investing in the stock market. However, it is best to proceed only after seeking expert advice.
  • This month may be little weak in terms of health. You may have gas, acidity, indigestion, and other stomach-related issues. Eye pain may irritate some people. 

Remedy: On Friday, you should touch the feet of little girls and ask for their blessings.


  • Career-wise, you will face some problems. To build your position of power in the job, you must enhance the pace of your work.
  • This month features family disputes. Tensions may rise between you and your family members. Mother’s health may decline; thus, take equal care of her.
  • If we discuss about your love relationship, you will be uninterested in everyone involved. You will be content with your love and will go to any length to keep your sweetheart happy, and the distance between your family members will decrease.
  • Your financial situation will be good at the beginning of this month. You may receive money from multiple sources. During this moment, you may receive more money than expected.
  • From a health perspective, things are expected to improve significantly. Your life energy will grow. Your immunity will improve, allowing you to be free of any type of ailments.

Remedy: Wear a high-quality coral gemstone in a copper ring on Tuesday. 


  • From a professional standpoint, your interactions with your coworkers will be important because if you disagree with them, they may work against you and become a problem for you at work.
  • This month may be difficult for the family. You will be quite busy with your career, therefore you will be able to devote less time to your family. This negligence and indifference on your part can get family members into danger.
  • This month, you will have the opportunity to move your relationship forward in the proper path, and you will be successful in following your principles. This will be evident in what you have to say but keep your emotions under control because they may worsen rather than improve the situation.
  • This month will be beneficial for the economy. You can make an investment by purchasing a property. This might be a rewarding deal for you. Before investing in any property, study the legal aspects.
  • This month will be fine in terms of health. Your life energy and courage will both increase. You’ll be prepared to confront obstacles. You will achieve mental and physical wellbeing.

Remedy: You should feed dry wheat flour to Mother Cow on Sunday.


  • From a professional standpoint, you will remain powerful in the workplace. You will work extremely hard on your tasks. This will earn you praise at work. Your performance will be admirable.
  • Mutual harmony will increase, but due to the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury in your second house, there may be some disagreements. There may be a war of words among family members, which can lead to troubles.
  • The month will begin in a very romantic way. You will love your lover wholeheartedly, and they will understand. The harmony between you will be excellent, and as a result, closeness will increase while distances will reduce.
  • In the beginning of the month, you will have the opportunity to make cash gains. You will succeed in saving money. Your bank balance will grow, and you will become more financially secure. 
  • Health-wise, this month will be average. Any problem with your eyes, teeth, or hair may irritate you. Take good care of your skin and avoid excessive sun exposure. This can also result in sunburn on the face. 

Remedy: On Tuesday, put a triangular flag in a temple.

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  • From a professional standpoint, you may have the opportunity to travel abroad at the beginning of the month. Long-distance business travel will benefit you. You will also be extremely busy.
  • This month will be common in terms of family life. You’ll make an effort to influence people with your words. Although this may temporarily cure the problem, it may worsen in the future. Pay attention to this habit of yours. 
  • You will accept your romantic relationships and discuss them honestly. You will be brave and much more confident in your love life. You will be able to express your true feelings to those you care about.
  • Your expenses may be really significant. You will be generous and spend money with both hands. As a result, you may experience a financial crisis. You may also be successful in traveling abroad, therefore you may spend a lot of money on it.
  • This month may start off a little poor in terms of health. Your health may be deteriorating. You could have high temperature, headaches, body aches, or joint pain.

Remedy: Before sleeping, keep some water in a copper pot near your head and, when you wake up in the morning, offer it to a red-flowering plant.


  • This month is likely to be positive for your career. You won’t have many troubles in your career. Your importance will stay in the job, and you will complete your tasks based on your experience and hard effort.
  • This month is likely to be average for family life. Some issues might develop in the beginning of the month. They may cause tension in the family.
  • In your romantic relationships, you will have a specific desire to love. You will stay close to your beloved’s heart, and there will be a strong attraction between you two. This will open up opportunities for true romance. You want to spend as much time as possible together.
  • This month will be quite beneficial to your finances. Whatever hard job you do, you will earn a good living. There will also be opportunities for advancement in the workplace.
  • This month is likely to be weak in terms of health. Your health may decline, and you may need to spend money on medical issues. To maintain your health, you must always pay attention to your health problems.

Remedy: Daily recitation of Shri Bajrang Baan Ji will benefit you. 

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