Manoj Bajpayee’s Biography Reveals His Connection with Astrology

Would you believe that the moment actor Manoj Bajpayee was born, his father knew what he would become when he grew up? The biography written by journalist Piyush Pandey on Manoj Bajpayee’s life reveals some interesting facts. It says that as soon as this actor was born, his village astrologer, Panchanand Mishra, predicted that he would become an actor or politician after growing up.

In the biography, Piyush writes, quoting Manoj’s father Radhakant Bajpayee, “There was an astrologer named Panchanand Mishra in Bettiah. After looking at Manoj’s birth chart, he said that this boy would earn a name for himself in society. He also said that this person would grow up to become an actor or a politician. No matter which field he chose between the two, he would be well established.” Manoj Bajpayee still has the old birth certificate made by Panchanand Mishra.

The same biography revealed that Manoj himself studied astrology. He not only loves astrology but holds knowledge about the same. The fascinating thing is that when Piyush Pandey told Manoj about Mobile Kundali, an application created by, the app was already installed on his mobile. 

Some astrological experiences of Manoj Bajpayee have also made their way to this book. In this biography titled “Manoj Bajpayee: Kuch Pane Ki Zid,” there is an interesting anecdote at one place quoting Manoj in which he says, “I went to Jaisalmer for a film project. There, I met the father of renowned actor Shreevallabh Vyas, who was a famous astrologer. He was quite old and could speak with great difficulty. I asked him if he would tell me what would happen to this international film project. He said nothing would happen. I asked him to please check again, something must have happened. He again said, no, I can’t see anything. I came back, but a part of me believed that it was true while the other part was not ready to accept what he said. We all returned after finishing the shoot, and nothing actually happened”. 

This astrological prediction must have deepened Manoj Bajpayee’s faith in astrology even more.

This biography titled “Manoj Bajpayee: Kuch Pane Ki Zid” is published by Penguin India. There are many interesting stories related to Manoj’s life in this biography. For instance, who bagged the film “Raajneeti” before Manoj Bajpayee? Who was the actor whose rejected role was handed over to him, which gave him the memorable role of Virendra Pratab? Why did Manoj have massive differences with Ram Gopal Verma and Anurag Kashyap? Was he thinking of committing suicide at one point? Actually, this biography is written in the style of fiction, envelopes the struggles and life journey of Manoj Bajpayee interestingly, and it tells about every anecdote of his connection with astrology.  


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