Malavya Rajyoga, Shiva Yoga & Siddha Yoga Has Brought Special Favors For 5 Zodiacs

Malavya Rajyoga, Shiva Yoga, And Siddha Yoga: On this Wonderful Wednesday, the Moon is going to move to Capricorn, while Venus is situated in its exalted sign, Pisces, due to which Malavaya Rajyoga is going to be formed. Also, today is Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month. Not just that, an auspicious combination of Siddha yoga, Shiva yoga, and Uttarashada Nakshatra is being formed along with Malavya Rajyoga, due to which the importance of tomorrow has increased. Because of the formation of these many auspicious phenomenons, 5 zodiac signs are going to benefit the most. And, today, we are going to be talking about the same 5 zodiac signs along with the astrological remedies that will help them strengthen the position of Mercury in their birth chart so that they can receive enhanced results. 

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Malavya Rajyoga 

According to Vedic Astrology, Malavya Rajyoga is one of the most important rajyoga and is one of the Panch MahaPurush yoga. It occurs when Venus occupies a significant position, which is the Kendra or Angular house (first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house) in its zodiac sign, Taurus or Libra, or exalted zodiac Pisces. This yoga is said to confer wealth, luxury, happiness, and comfort upon the individual. It is considered one of the most potent and favorable conjunctions in Vedic Astrology.  

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Shiva Yoga 

Shiva Yoga is also known as divine yoga and it is formed when the lord of the fifth house moves to the ninth house, the lord of the ninth house transits to the tenth house and the lord of the tenth house is in the fifth house. This yoga gives you success in education and profession. It gives courage and willpower to cope with the situation and the practitioner becomes a successful person professionally. 

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Siddha Yoga 

Siddha yoga is formed by the combination of Wednesdays(Guru) and Bhadra Tithi, i.e., second, seventh, and twelfth tithi. According to Vedic Astrology, it is an auspicious yoga for performing good works. Whatever work is done during this yoga, it gives instant and profitable results to the native. Also, the core principles of Siddha yoga include self-realization, meditation, mantra chanting, and surrender to the Guru’s guidance. 

These Zodiacs Are Going To Have The Best Time Of Their Life Today


The Aries natives are going to enjoy this day a lot. Their comforts and luxuries are going to increase and whatever work was kept on hold will be accomplished today. The employed natives will get several opportunities at their workplace and they will be very satisfied on this day. If any of the natives were involved in a legal battle, they would now be able to win it which would put them at ease. You are going to get a lot of support from family and you may as well organize bhajan, kirtan, puja, etc, at home. Also, the newly married Aries natives may get good news today, which will create an enthusiastic atmosphere at home. The natives who are involved in  trading may get a good deal involving big profits today. 

Remedy: To get relief from troubles, Go to Ganesh temple and recite Ganapati Atharvashirsha in the morning and evening. 

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Today is one of the most auspicious days for Cancer natives. They will touch new heights in their career and there are even strong chances of buying a new vehicle or property for the natives. The relationship between you and your parents is going to strengthen a lot. With the blessings of Lord Ganesha, all the problems will be resolved and you will actively participate in the spiritual and religious practices as well. Also, if you are running a business, then you may adopt new strategies to make profits in your business. The relationship between you and your siblings will get better too and there will also be immense love and harmony in the married life of the natives today. 

Remedy: Offer Moong ladoos to Lord Ganesha for 7 Wednesdays to get your wishes fulfilled, and it will also strengthen the position of Mercury in your horoscope 


The 3rd of April is going to be the most fortunate date for Leo natives. They will get all the comfort and luxuries today and can even receive good news in the morning. Their self-confidence will increase which will help them make the most important decisions today. You will actively participate in societal activities which will enhance your respect and honor in society. With the help of your parents, you may execute new things in life. Also, the natives who are involved in the share market or betting market will get the best returns during this time. The Leo  natives will make smooth and steady growth in their professional careers.

Remedy: For progress in the job or business, boil 1.25 quarters of moong, mix ghee, and sugar in it, and feed it to a cow on Wednesday. 

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The Scorpio natives are going to enjoy great favorability today. All of your wishes will come true and the strategies made by you will be executed fairly. Single people may happen to meet their “special someone.” The atmosphere around you will be happy and lively. Several good news and good things will easily find your way, leaving you happy and satisfied. If you are looking to buy land or property, then today is the best time for you. The employed natives may get a job offer from a big company, through which their income will increase. 

Remedy: To get relief from obstacles and disease, donate green clothes to trans women on Wednesdays and donate green moong to the temple or the needy. 


This Wednesday is the most favorable for the Aquarius family. The natives may set up a connection with highly influential people which will benefit them in the future. You may even take your parents on a pilgrimage trip or some religious activities may take place at home. The natives who are operating their business online will make good profits today. Also, if any important work was stuck in the past, then today it can be accomplished positively. The natives operating their business will be busy in work which will eventually improve the financial condition of their business. The relations with family and friends will be the best and a lot of work will be completed successfully through their support. 

Remedy: To get relief from financial troubles, offer vermilion to Lord Ganesha and make a bundle by tying five handfuls of whole green moong in a green cloth and floating it in water while chanting Ganesh mantras.

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