5 Major Planetary Changes In June: Impact On Nation-World & Lucky Signs In June!

The month of May has ended and now June is going to be extremely important and special from an astrological point of view, but what will be its impact on the nation, world, and zodiac signs? If you have similar questions in your mind then this blog by AstroSage will quench your curiosity. Actually, June will be special as 3 major planets will transit, and 2 planets will change their positions in this month, which might affect the nation & world.

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Firstly, let us understand which planets are changing positions and zodiac signs, and when. Also, there will be a special conscience of the conjunction of 2 planets. In this situation, what will be the impact? Read this blog till the end to find out!

These Planets Will Change Positions In June

1. Mercury Direct In Taurus (3 June, 2022): On 25 April, Mercury transited to Taurus. After that, Mercury retained its position in Taurus for about 70 days. In the same sign, Mercury turned retrograde, combust, and now 3 June, it will direct. Mercury Direct will take place on Friday, at 1:07 pm.

2. Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius (5 June, 2022): Saturn has been given a special place in astrology. It takes about 2.5 years to transit from one zodiac sign to another. However, Saturn changes positions during this period. In this sequence, Saturn is retrograding in its own sign on 05 June. The change will take place on Saturday, at 4:14 am.

3. Sun Transit In Gemini (15 June, 2022): Sun, the king of all 9 planets, is also going to transit in June. Let us tell you that the Sun remains in one sign for a period of about one month and then changes its sign. Now, Sun is going to transit in the third sign of the zodiac wheel, i.e. Gemini. It is also known as Mithun Sankranti. This transit will take place on Wednesday, at 11:58 am. 

4. Venus Transit In Taurus (18 June, 2022): The planet of happiness, pleasure, and luxury, Venus, is also going to change position in June. During this time, Venus will enter Taurus where Mercury is already present in a direct state. The timing for Venus transit is 8:06 am on Saturday.

5. Mars Transit In Aries (27 June, 2022): Mars, given the status of Red and Fierce planet, will also transit in Aries during the last few days of June. This Mars transit will take place on Monday, at 05:39 am.

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Unique Conjunction Of 2 Planets In June

In June, the Yoga of Venus and Mercury conjunction is also forming. Actually, Mercury is already present in Taurus and now with Venus entering the same sign will form the Mercury-Venus conjunction. According to astrology, the Mercury-Venus conjunction forms Laxmi Narayan Yoga and this Yoga is considered extremely auspicious.

Both Mercury and Venus are naturally pious planets. Both are pure and Satvik planets. The Laxmi Narayan Yoga formed with the Mercury-Venus conjunction increases the splendor in a person. So, it is possible for the natives related to business to earn good profits during this time.

Auspicious For These Signs

June will be extremely beneficial for Taurus, Leo, and Sagittarius zodiac signs. There will be chances of financial gains during this period, they will succeed at the workplace, natives looking for a new job will also receive good news, and businessmen will attain profits through new deals. Also, there will be progress in your relationships and your love relations will strengthen.

All in all, June will be a memorable month for these three zodiac signs.

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What Big Changes Will The Nation-World (Health, Business, Economic Condition) Witness?

Due to Mercury Direct, business activities will improve and work will accelerate. People will benefit because of their intelligence, and the dominance of intelligent people will increase in politics. The biggest effect of Mercury Direct could be on business. There will be progress in business and money will flow smoothly.

Due to the effect of Saturn retrograde, the work area can be affected. During this time, people may have to put in extra efforts for their livelihood. Apart from this, retrograde Saturn can also become the reason for trouble in new businesses. Saturn retrograde can also be the reason for mass movements, political changes etc.

In politics, due to the effect of Sun transit, the opposition can criticize some policies of the government. At the same time, the ruling party can gain popularity through its policies, strategy, and decisions. Talking about the economy, during this period there will be growth in the agriculture sector. Also, investments can be made in real estate, weapons, and military equipment during this period. Since the Sun is also associated with health, during the Sun Transit, people can get the right strength to fight the current fourth wave of coronavirus.

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In astrology, Venus is associated with the spiritual realm, beauty, love, and material pleasures. In such a situation, a lot of improvement can be seen in love relations, marital life, marital happiness, sex life during the transit of Venus. Apart from this, due to the effect of Venus transit, a lot of impact will be seen on the weather and climate. Also, people related to the fields of art and culture, film industry, business, luxury goods, justice and politics might also get auspicious results during the transit period.

Lastly, if we talk about the transit of Mars, then in astrology, Mars has been considered as the causative planet of land, army, might, energy etc. In such a situation, due to the effect of this transit, a war-like situation can be created around this transit because in astrology, Mars has been considered as the factor of war. This state of war can be seen anywhere in the country or the world. Besides this, due to the effect of this transit, there can be a possibility of change in the image of India. Along with this, there may be an increase in the valor of the country’s army during this period, due to which many countries will have to change their views towards India.

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