The transit of planets has a great impact on a person’s life. In such a situation, when a total of six planets are going to change signs in the month of April, then imagine the impact they can have on our lives.

Jupiter is the most awaited planet among the 6 planets transiting in April 2021, which is about to change its zodiac sign and move into Aquarius. This will be the phase before Jupiter’s retrograde. Talk to Acharya Raman ji on phone or chat to know what impact these transits will have on your life.

Along with Jupiter. Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars are also going to change their signs. The date wise transit list is given below: 

1 April Mercury transit to Pisces

6 April Jupiter transit to Aquarius

10th April venus changes to Aries

14th April Mars changes to Gemini

14th April Sun changes to Aries

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Talking about the horoscope of India, it is going through the Mahadasha of the moon till 16-07-2025 and the current Antara is of Saturn till May 2021. This major change in all the planets is going to affect the nation for sure. In mundane astrology the transit of Jupiter is always considered very important along with other planets. 

The change of Jupiter to the 10th house will bring an end to the infamous kisan Andolan/farmer’s protest where we are seeing more of the opposition leaders rather than the real farmers. There will be some strong steps taken by the government and the steps will be for the good of the people of the country. The name and fame of India is going to shine in this period. FDI is going to increase and the nation’s reserves are going to increase in this time.

There can be a rise in militant activities and the army will give proper reply. Friendly countries will show support to India and there can be good beginnings. Sun and Venus will be in the 12th house for a while. There can be news of death of some imminent personality or some defamation may happen to some important women. There can be serious allegations on the ruling party members of the state or the country. 

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Coming to nativities, the following people are going to benefit most in order of degree of wellness:

  1. Aquarius is the sign which is going to be most benefited by these transits. There will be new beginnings in life, there will be new sources of income, peace in married life will prevail, If looking for a divorce then it is going to happen peacefully. There will be peace in the heart. Patience will be on the rise. 
  2. Sagittarius natives who are into arts and entertainment will see a new rise in their career and their efforts are going to be appreciated. They will find a new guru/mentor in their life. There will be charities done by them. Marriages will last and the differences will not be able to tarnish the relationship between partners. Your efforts will bring good financial results. People in the media will also gain a lot in this time. 
  3. Gemini natives will enjoy this time a lot. There will be extramarital affairs, new love will come in life, friends will be very supportive, there will be creation of wealth in this time. Younger siblings will be very helpful. You will be supportive towards one and all.
  4. Aries natives are going to have a merry time. There will be steep career progression and life will be full of fun and music. You will be romantic and will be listening to many kinds of music. Sense of humor will become very good which usually also is very sharp. Marriage may take place for many this year. 

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