Mahashivratri 2022 In Shubh Yogas, Know Zodiac Wise Abhishek Tips!

With this blog today, let us find everything about Puja Vidhi and other things to be done on the day of Mahashivratri. Mahashivratri, the greatest of Hindu festivals, brings great enthusiasm and devotion among Shiva devotees. On the Krishna Chaturdashi Tithi of Phalgun month as per the Hindu Panchang, this festival of Lord Shiva is celebrated with great reverence. This year, this festival will be celebrated on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

On this day, Lord Shiva fulfills all the wishes of his devotees. It comes to effect by performing Lord Shiva’s Abhishek, fasting, donation, Darshan, and Kirtan Bhajans. In this Mahashivratri Special blog today, we will talk about the rituals of this day as well as know the complete information about Abhishek according to one’s zodiac sign.

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Mahashivratri 2022: Muhurat

Nishith Kaal Puja Muhurat: 24:08:27 to 24:58:08

Duration: 0 hours 49 minutes

Maha Shivaratri Parana Muhurat: After 06:46:55 on 2nd March

Note: The above given Muhurat is valid for New Delhi only. Click here to know the auspicious time of this day according to your city.

Coincidence of Panch Grahi, Parigha & Shiva Yoga on Mahashivratri

Mahashivratri is considered very auspicious and holy in itself, but this year to increase the importance of this day manifold, a Mahasanyog or coincidence of Panchagarh-Parigha and Shiva Yoga is being formed on this day. It is believed that if Mahadev is worshiped in these auspicious Yogas, then it is particularly beneficial and fruitful.

Panch Grahi Yoga: On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Saturn are present in Capricorn and creating Panch Grahi Yoga.

Kedar Yoga : Kedar Yoga is considered to be the most auspicious one for the worship of Lord Shiva.

Parigha Yoga: On the day of Mahashivratri, Parigh Yoga is going to last till 11.18 in the afternoon.

Shiv Yoga: 11:18 am to 08.21 am (March 02-2022)

If one plans to defeat enemies, or any new work is started in these Yogas, then it definitely gives success to the person.

Why is the festival of Mahashivratri Celebrated?

There are three legends associated with this festival. Let us find them out! 

According to the first episode, it is said that Mata Parvati ji did severe penance on this day and performed special worship of Lord Shiva with the permission of Narad ji to get Shiv Ji as her husband. After this, on this day, Lord Shiva was pleased and gave a boon and married Mother Parvati on this day.

According to the second episode, it is said that on this day Lord Shiva had taken divine incarnation in the form of Shiva Linga and Brahma Ji worshipped Shiva in the form of Linga. Ever since then, this fasting festival has been celebrated.

According to the third episode, it is said that, on this day itself, Lord Shiva protected the creatures of all the worlds by drinking the poison that came out of the ocean to save the world. For this reason, this festival is said to have been celebrated.

It is such a belief about this fast of Mahashivratri that, those who are not getting married, they must observe this fast, by pacifying all the obstacles, one can get married eventually. 

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Mahashivratri Puja Vidhi

  • First and foremost, wear clean clothes after taking a bath in the morning. 
  • Then go to a Shiva temple and first cleanse the idol of Lord Shiva.
  • After this, collect the materials like Roli, vermilion, rice, flowers, Janeu, clothes, incense sticks, sapta dhanya (seven types of paddy), Belpatra, fig flowers, Datura flowers, etc. and mix all of them along with cow’s ghee, milk to make the Panchamrit. 
  • After this, duly follow the Puja procedures.
  • Devote all the items to Shiv Ji by chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya‘ 108 times.
  • Keep in mind that worship of Shiv Ji should be done in the night time only.
  • By doing Jagran on this day, a person gets better results.
  • Do Kirtan of Lord Shiva on this day.

Include These Items During Mahashivratri Pooja

Akshat: In the worship of Lord Shiva, Akshat can be used to appease Lord Shiva as well as Chandradev. 

Honey: By including honey in the worship of Mahadev, a person gets rid of diseases.

Pure Desi Ghee: By including pure Desi Ghee in the worship of Mahadev, one attains a healthy life and the obstacles coming in the growth of the offspring are also removed.

Sugarcane Juice: By including sugarcane juice in the worship of Lord Shiva, poverty is removed and happiness and prosperity increase.

Cannabis and Datura: Bhang and Datura are very dear to Mahadev, so by including it in the worship of Shivaratri, you can get the happiness of Lord Shiva.

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Mahadev’s Abhishek/Anointment As Per Zodiac Sign

In the upcoming section of this blog, we will give away details of signwise tips which you can implement during the Abhishek of Lord Mahadev. Let’s find out now!

Aries: The most important Puja tip for the people of Aries is that on this day, you should anoint Lord Shiva by mixing milk and sugar in the Gangajal. Keep a ghee lamp lit and donate red things.

Taurus: If the people of the Taurus zodiac perform the Abhishek of Lord Shiva by mixing curd in cow’s milk, then all their wishes will surely be fulfilled. And donate white things on this day.

Gemini: On Mahashivratri, people of Gemini zodiac should anoint Lord Shiva with sugarcane juice mixed with Datura and offer Durva grass and flower garland on Ganesha. Donate green clothes as by doing this all your troubles will end.

Cancer: The people of Cancer zodiac should offer rice and white flowers to perform the Abhishek of Lord Shiva by mixing cow’s milk and sugar candy, sugar. all your problems by doing this will be resolved. Donate white clothes and clothes on this day.

Leo: On the day of Mahashivratri, people of Leo zodiac anoint Lord Shiva by mixing cow’s milk and red sandalwood powder in Gangajal, then they get all kinds of happiness and peace. Donate lentils on this day.

Virgo: For the people of Virgo, offer 108 Bel leaves by chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay‘ and anoint Mahadev by mixing Durva grass and sugar in Gangajal. On this day, feed green grass to the cow and donate green clothes. By doing this, mental stress will be removed and happiness and peace will be provided in the family.

Libra: People of Libra zodiac should perform the Abhishek of Lord Shiva by mixing desi ghee and rose water in cow’s milk. Offer butter, sugar candy, and white clothes to Shiva. Donate white things on the day of Mahashivratri, you will get rid of diseases and health will be good.

Scorpio: On the day of Mahashivratri, the people of Scorpio should anoint Lord Shiva by mixing honey in the Ganges water and anoint him with vermilion and jasmine oil. Apart from this, if you donate lentils on this day, then you will get all the happiness like a vehicle, housing, permanent property, happiness. Along with this, your body also remains healthy by these adopting these measures

Sagittarius: On the day of Mahashivratri, people of Sagittarius should anoint Lord Shiva by mixing sugar in cow’s milk and offer 108 bilva leaves, figure flowers, and yellow flower garlands to Lord Shiva. If you donate gram dal and yellow food on this day, then your education will be good, your intellect will be good, and you will get good results in terms of your child’s side.

Capricorn: On the day of Mahashivratra, people of Capricorn should anoint Lord Shiva by mixing red sandalwood powder in sesame oil and offer it to Mahadev by filling water from a copper vessel. On this day, if you donate black sesame and urad dal, then all the defects of Shani will be pacified and you will get wealth, vehicle and wealth in life. Along with this, diseases will also be destroyed.

Aquarius: On the day of Mahashivratri, the people of Aquarius should perform the Abhishek of Lord Shiva by mixing saffron mixed water and cow’s milk and bathe Mahadev with Panchamrit. Offer 108 bel leaves saying ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, then it will bring peace to the evil results done by Shani and your destiny will be good.

Pisces: On the day of Mahashivratri, people of Pisces sign should perform the Abhishek of Lord Shiva by mixing saffron, turmeric and sugar in the Ganges water. Donate yellow clothes and things. In this way, any obstacle coming in the way of marriage, honor, children’s side will end.

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