This Mahalaya, know the importance of Bundelkhand’s Mahbuliya Puja

During Mahalaya or Pitru Paksha, followers of Hinduism pay reverence to their ancestors. During this time, Shraddha Karma is performed by the elders of the house and Tarpan is also offered to the departed souls. When the occasion of Mahalaya continues for a time period in India,  the Tarpan rituals are generally commemorated  by the elder ones of the house, but in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Mahabulia is a unique tradition that is followed by children.

Just like the people of the other states of India, natives of Bundelkhand also observe the necessary Puja rituals and Shradh Karm during Mahalaya. But an additional custom is also observed by the inhabitants of Bundelkhand. Under this special ritual, small girls are worshipped which is known as Mahubuliya Puja and afterwards, life lessons  are given to the upcoming generation. 

This ritual is celebrated during the occasion of Mahalaya, in the Vindhya region of Mahubuliya and children all over this place wait for this event’s arrival eagerly. On this day, children perform songs and dances and Mahabal is decorated vibrantly and colored flower petals and leaves are pasted on it. On the day of Pitra Visrajan all the necessary rituals are observed and it is  finally immersed in the water by children. The same children stand on the road and make offerings of soaked gram dal and lai to the passers-by.

Mahubuliya Puja Vidhi 

Readers should know that Mahubuliya Puja during the time of Mahalaya is performed every day by different households. During this Puja, elderly women also accept the offerings along with the small children. They teach the children how to commemorate this Puja successfully. 

Apart from this, elderly women also impart knowledge to children about folk rituals and rites during this Mahalaya special practice. It is considered to be very special in Bundeli folk life and the importance of daughters is especially conveyed through this custom. However, no specific information has yet been received about when and how this practice originated. In todays’ era of modernity, this tradition of Bundelkhand  remains in its declining phase. Only a handful of people are holding on to it and making unending attempts to keep this tradition alive. 

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