Maha Daridra Yoga: Alert! Sun In Cancer; Negative For 3 Zodiacs

Maha Darida Yoga: As per Vedic Astrology, there is specific importance on the movement of planets across different zodiacs & houses. It results in the formation of different auspicious and inauspicious yogas that affect the lives of natives on the planet. The latest information is that Sun God has entered the Cancer zodiac creating the Maha Daridra Yoga. It has negative impacts on all the zodiacs, but 3 zodiacs need to be especially careful. The AstroSage blog provides details of zodiacs facing negative effects and also other related details. 

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Time Period of Maha Daridra Yoga 

Sun has already positioned itself in the Cancer zodiac and will be in the sign till 17 August 2023. It forms the Maha Daridra Yoga that can result in loss of monetary funds and a rise in poverty levels. 

‘Daridra’ simply means ‘poor’ and yoga leads to bad luck in the financial sector. The Yoga is formed when the lord of the 11th house will be located on any of the evil houses, i.e. 6th or 12th house. The major effects of the Maha Daridra Yoga result in financial crunches and the natives face trouble to fulfill their daily expenses. Remedies like worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu assist to overcome the troubles. Get in touch with renowned astrologers to know more details about your horoscope. 

3 Zodiacs Getting The Negative Effects of Maha Daridra Yoga 


The time or period will be struggling for the Gemini zodiac. Mercury is the lord of the zodiac sign and the natives should take special care of their health. There will also be troubles in your career and the persons will feel neglected at their workplace. Your long-awaited promotion will also stretch due to the yoga and the focus should be on the completion of projects timely. There can also be misunderstanding with your partner and the chances of fights are also prominent. Businessmen should also avoid committing to any kind of new deal as it can result in monetary losses. 

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The Virgo natives need to be careful in the timeline as the Maha Daridra Yoga will reduce the profit levels. The bad position of the lord of the fourth house will ensure the rise of diseases within the family. There can also be troubles related to the wife’s health and thus take the right measures for recovery. You can also experience a loss of investments and thus leading to wealth loss. Stay aware of the period and avoid making any kind of big deal within the timeline. But, businessmen can make a profit in this period with the right kind of movements.  


The Maha Daridra Yoga is very inauspicious for the Sagittarius people and the chances of road accidents rise. Drive or travel in a protected way during the time. The lord of career & marriage is residing with Sun in the house of death. It will result in a negative impact on your professional career and also different troubles in the marriage. Avoid joining a new job or committing to different business deals. Take care of your father’s health and provide the right medication to the family people. Disturbances with your partner will be very common and spend quality time with your spouse overcoming different misunderstandings. 

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Q1. How good or bad is Daridra Yoga?

Ans. It is one of the auspicious yogas that brings different types of challenges to the financial life of the natives. 

Q2. Is the Sun providing good results for the Cancer zodiac?

Ans. Natives with Sun in the Cancer sign will provide mixed results and create a specific environment for all the zodiacs. 

Q3. How to overcome Daridra Yoga?

Ans. To overcome poverty troubles recite Kanak Dhara Stotra and also the reading of the eleventh chapter can solve the troubles. 

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