“5 Most Powerful Yogas” Forming After 59 Years- These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit!

Raja Yoga is significant in astrology because Raja Yoga has the ability to make any person a king. Due to the influence of Raja Yogas present in the horoscope, a person progresses in life and reaches the peak of prosperity. According to Vedic astrology, whenever a person’s horoscope is prepared, the planets and houses present in it provide information about different situations. Due to this union of planets and houses, certain types of yogas are formed in the horoscope.

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Sometimes the yogas formed in the horoscope are very painful, and sometimes these yogas formed in the horoscope give very auspicious results. This yoga puts a person on the path of progressive growth in life. All such auspicious yogas, present in our horoscope and providing us with success, happiness, prosperity, and progress in life, are called Raja Yoga in astrology. The more Raja Yogas are present in a person’s horoscope, the more progress he attains in life.

5 Most Powerful Yogas” Forming After 59 Years

According to Vedic astrology, whenever a planet is transiting or retrograde, or due to transit or retrograde, one planet forms a conjunction with another planet, and special yogas are formed, which has a direct impact on human life as well as on the country and the world. On the coming 24th of September, i.e., Saturday, a similar yoga is being formed after 59 years. On Saturday, September 24, the planet Venus will transit in Virgo, where Jupiter and Saturn are already in the retrograde phase. At the same time, Mercury is also exalted and sitting in a retrograde position, creating various raj yoga such as two types of Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga, Budhaditya Rajyoga, Bhadra Rajyoga, and Hansa Panch Rajyoga.

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Stay with us till the end to know what will affect the lives of the people of which zodiac signs due to the formation of these yogas, for whom the doors of success in business and career will open.

Venus Transit Timing

Venus will transit in Virgo on 24th September 2022, Saturday night at 8:51 pm, when it will move out of Leo, and Mercury will transit in Virgo. In such a situation, the effect of this transit of Venus in the debilitated sign Virgo will be seen in all the zodiac signs.

In astrology, the planet Venus has been considered the causative element of love, life partner, sensual thoughts, and material pleasures. The planet Venus is called an auspicious planet, and its auspicious effect helps any person attain all worldly pleasures. If Venus is in a strong position in a person’s horoscope, then the person gets love and material comforts in his life. But if the effect of Venus is inauspicious in the person’s horoscope, he has to suffer from sanskar, failure, separation in the family, and sorrow in his life.

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Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga

Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga is a strong Raja Yoga according to Vedic astrology, making a person capable. Through his actions, a person leaves behind all kinds of challenges in life and moves on the path to success. As the name suggests, the debilitation of a planet in the horoscope is the first essential condition for Neech Bhang Rajyog. Neech Bhang Rajyoga is formed when a debilitated planet is situated in the horoscope in its debilitated state.

Hansa Panch Rajyoga

Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga is formed due to the unique position of Jupiter. This yoga present in the horoscope is supposed to increase all kinds of happiness in a person’s life. Due to its effect, the person is counted among the dignitaries and learned people of the society, due to which his social status is strengthened, and he gets respect from the people.

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These 5 Signs Will Attain Wealth & Success


  • On 24 September, the ruling lord of Taurus, Venus, will be present in its debilitated sign till 18 October.
  • Neecha Bhanga Yoga will be formed which will create high possibilities of incurring wealth.
  • Jupiter is also situated in the house of benefits, this is why it will be a good period for the businesspeople.
  • Saturn is present in your house of fate. So the business people associated with steel and petrol will attain success.
  • Navpancham and Samsaptak yogas will give all round success.


  • In the transit horoscope of the Gemini natives, Hansa Panch Mahapurush yoga is forming.
  • Wealth will be attained in career and business.
  • Financial condition will strengthen from life partner’s side as well; yogas will be formed for attaining immense wealth.
  • People associated with education and political fields might get an increase in reputation.
  • 3 auspicious planets together in the Kendra will bring positive outcomes in job and business.

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  • Your ruling lord Mercury is present in an exalted state.
  • The presence of the benefactor of business and communication will bestow Virgo natives with immense wealth.
  • The lord of fate and prosperity, Venus, will transit on 24 September and form Neecha Bhanga Yoga.
  • You will be favored by luck and all your stalled work will be completed.
  • Chances of job change and promotion are high.


  • In the transit horoscope of Sagittarius natives, Hansa Panch Mahapurush, Neecha Bhanga, and Bhadra Yoga are forming.
  • This period will be extremely beneficial for business people.
  • You may start a new deal that will benefit you.
  • You might go on fruitful trips related to business.
  • Chances of job change and promotion are high.


  • In Pisces natives’ transit horoscope, Saturn is present in the fate’s place and is having an auspicious vision over it.
  • So, this period will be favorable for you to perform all kinds of work.
  • Due to the formation of Neecha Bhanga and Bhadra Rajyoga, you will be favored by luck.
  • You will attain wealth in career and business.
  • Your relationship with your spouse or lover will strengthen.

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