Remedies To Be Performed Post Lunar Eclipse

Moon is an auspicious planet. It is the ruling lord of liquid substances present in the body. As Science confirms that 70% of the body contains liquid, it is but natural that the transit, position, and eclipse of the Moon would have a direct impact on our mind and body. Besides this, Moon and Sun are the two planets that are visible to us and administer the climatic conditions and it is believed that there is an unexpected increase in bacteria and viruses during the geographical changes. In this regard, some steps should be taken after the Lunar Eclipse. 

Acharya Mragaank

This version of Acharya Mragaank is relevant in the light of the Lunar Eclipse. According to him, the month of May will witness the Lunar Eclipse, so this version becomes extremely significant in the same context.

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The year 2021 has proved disastrous till now on the pretext of health. We are continuously losing near and dear ones and situations are getting tougher with the emergence of other variants. As per the latest statement of WHO, Corona Virus has come in contact with air and is affecting others at a large scale. In this regard, the statement of Acharya Mragaank holds special ground that Lunar Eclipse has a great impact on the climate, which further leads to the immeasurable rise of viruses and bacteria. It is evident that the impact will also be observed on the ongoing Corona Pandemic.   

In this blog, we will share some important remedies which will help you lessen the ill effects of the Lunar Eclipse but before that, we would like to throw light on the first Lunar Eclipse of the year 2021. 

Lunar Eclipse 2021

The first Lunar Eclipse of the year 2021 is going to occur on May 26, Wednesday. Along with this, Budh Purnima is also falling on this very day. This Eclipse will commence from 02:17 PM and will last upto 07:19 PM. However, this eclipse will be visible in India as Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and therefore, its Sutak Kaal will not be considered. 

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Tips To Be Followed After Lunar Eclipse

Cleanliness of the House

It is believed that the negative impact prevails in the house even after the end of the eclipse and therefore, it is advised to clean the house before starting any new work. After cleanliness, light incense sticks to make the surroundings pious.  

Sprinkle Gangajal

After Lunar Eclipse, it is said that everything that surrounds us becomes inauspicious and therefore, the importance of Gangajal enhances, and it is advised to sprinkle the same all around the house.  

Bathing and Meditation

One must take a bath after the end of the Lunar Eclipse. However, taking a bath in a holy river is considered to be more fruitful. It is believed that it helps in getting rid of the negative effects of the Lunar Eclipse. It is also very important to meditate after taking a bath. 

Meditate Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva saved the life of the Moon and that is why the Moon does not harm those natives who meditate on Lord Shiva’s name. In this regard, worshipping Lord Shiva reduces the ill effects of the Lunar Eclipse.

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Worship Lord Hanuman

Bajrangbali is known for eradicating all sorts of problems in life. The worship of Lord Hanuman diminishes the bad effects of the Lunar Eclipse. In such a scenario, offer Lal Chola to Lord Hanuman.   


Donation holds high significance in Sanatan Dharma. We must make donations after Lunar Eclipse to drive away its negative impact. White colour is the main choice of the Moon so, we must donate things having white colour such as camphor, ghee, curd, etc. Those natives who are under the ill effect of Saturn must donate black sesame and mustard oil to pacify Lord Saturn. While making donations, they must remember their ancestors. Also, offer food to the needy. 

Worship Mother Cow

Mother cow is highly respected and revered in Sanatan Dharma. It is believed that almost 33 deities reside in mother cow and therefore, she has been given the status of mother. In this regard, you are suggested to feed mother cow with chapatis. 


Cooked food should be eaten before the Eclipse and if it is not consumed as a whole, then add Tulsi leaves in the remaining one and if possible, it should be donated to the needy.

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