Lunar Eclipse 2023: Lunar Eclipse Brings About Major Changes Worldwide!

Lunar Eclipse, 2023: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. This is the 1st major Lunar Eclipse of the year 2023 which is set to occur on the 28th & the 29th of October, 2023 at lasting from 01:06 AM to 02:24 AM. Let’s find out what impacts Lunar Eclipse, 2023 will have on the country and worldwide.

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This blog by AstroSage on lunar eclipses will tell how many total lunar eclipses will occur in 2023. Will the moon be completely or partially eclipsed? In addition to this, we will provide you with in-depth details on each lunar eclipse, such as the day, date, time frame, and location of each eclipse visibility. What does the lunar eclipse imply in terms of religion? What are its impacts and what does it represent for the Sutak period? What particular safety precautions expectant women should take, what activities they should participate in or avoid during the eclipse, etc. You have access to all the information in this essay, so read it to fully comprehend it. 

What Is A Lunar Eclipse? 

Both a natural phenomenon and a religious event, an eclipse is well known. According to Vedic astrology, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon is harmed by the shadow planet Ketu. Lunar eclipses happen when Ketu and the Moon are aligned. In these circumstances, the Moon experiences total affliction. According to science, a lunar eclipse is an observable natural phenomena that can be observed with the unaided eye. 

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Religion, on the other hand, views this natural occurrence negatively since it coincides with a time when the faster-moving planet Moon is plagued by Ketu’s shadow planet’s unique impacts. Under such circumstances, the natives’ minds and brains are impacted, the Moon’s position in the horoscope weakens, and as a result, the natives may experience difficulties in their lives. The Moon is said to rule the human body, which is thought to be 70% water. Therefore, if the Moon is shadowed, the natives may experience certain physical issues as a result. 

Eclipses occasionally occur as a result of the peculiar conditions that are occasionally formed while the Earth and Moon continue to orbit one another. A Lunar Eclipse is a natural occurrence that occurs when the Earth passes in front of the Sun and the Moon, causing the Sun’s light to fall on the Earth and fully enveloping the Moon in the Earth’s shadow. Depending on the type, the lunar eclipse might last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Total, partial, and penumbral lunar eclipses are the three different forms of lunar eclipses. Due to the Sun, Earth, and the distance between them, all of this occurs for a longer or shorter period of time.

What Type Of Lunar Eclipse Will This Be?

Partial lunar eclipses, as their name suggests, happen when the Sun, Earth, and Moon aren’t quite lined up. As a result, only a portion of the Moon enters Earth’s umbral shadow and turns red.  A partial lunar eclipse is when a portion of the Moon passes through the Earth’s umbral shadow. When the Sun covers the Moon with Earth’s shadow, a lunar eclipse occurs.  The Sun, Moon, and Earth must all be in the same plane of orbit for this to occur, with the Earth physically between them.  Only under a full moon and when the Moon travels entirely or partially through Earth’s shadow can there be a lunar eclipse.  

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Visibility Of This Partial Lunar Eclipse

First Lunar Eclipse 2023 – Khandgras Lunar Eclipse
TithiDay And DateLunar Eclipse Beginning TimeLunar Eclipse Ending TimeVisibility In Areas
Ashwin Maas Shukla Paksha PurnimaSaturday/ Sunday 28/29 October 2023After Midnight 1:05 a.mAfter Midnight 2:24 a.mIndia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Mongolia, China, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Turkey, Algeria, Germany, Poland, Nigeria, South Africa, Italy, Ukraine, France, Norway, Britain, Spain, Sweden, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Eastern Part Of Brazil

Note*: The timing of the Lunar Eclipse in 2023 is listed in the table above in Indian time. India will be able to see this Lunar Eclipse, which means that it will also have a religious impact there and that its Sutak period will be effective.

Lunar Eclipse 2023: Sutak Period

If we talk about Sanatan Dharma, we learn the facts about the Lunar Eclipse’s Sutak period according to it. The time frame known as the “Sutak period” spans from the moment of the lunar eclipse’s touch roughly three Prahar, or nine hours before it starts—to the moment of its Moksha, or finality. Since it is forbidden during this time, no auspicious task is carried out at the moment. The practice of idol worship, touching a god’s statue, visiting a temple, and participating in auspicious events like marriage and Mundan are all forbidden at this time. 

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Lunar Eclipse, 2023: Worldwide Impacts

  • The Lunar Eclipse in October will occur on the Shukla Paksha. 
  • As this lunar eclipse will fall in the Ashwin month there could be an occurrence of natural disasters. In nations like China and Iran, India, etc those in the medical industry may face difficulties.
  • People working in sectors dealing with fire, guns, gas, etc. might experience some troubles or a violent accident during the Lunar Eclipse in Aries in 2023. 
  • In India, states like Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, some regions of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, etc might face similar accidents as explained above.
  • Doctors, healers and the individuals engaged in business might experience a slowdown in their profession as a result of this Lunar Eclipse’s placement in Ashwini Nakshatra.
  • The Lunar Eclipse in October falls on a Saturday, ruled by Saturn, therefore, the  cabinet members may face troubles in getting their work done or may face opposition from the masses. Many areas of the nation may see a spike in theft, which will benefit those who work with copper, rice, castor, black pepper, mustard, etc. 
  • This eclipse will end very soon and for approximately 1 hour 16 minutes this eclipse will be in the shape of Khandagras, and for around 4 hours 23 minutes, it will cast a shadow.
  • This eclipse’s Sutak period will begin at 2:50 in the afternoon on October 28 and end at 2:24 AM late night on the 29th of October. 
  • Since this Lunar Eclipse 2023 will fall in Aries and Ashwini Nakshatra, those born under this sign and in this constellation will be most affected.
  • Jupiter and Rahu will be in a conjunction when the eclipse occurs and planets like Saturn, Mars and the Sun will aspect them, making it potentially unlucky from an astrological perspective. Due to this, there may be a great deal of rain and famine-like conditions in some ares across the globe.
  • India, on the other hand may have to face conflicts or an adverse situation from foreign lands or foreign countries.
  • The Lunar Eclipse 2023 will be powerful and will show a profound impact on people and events alike. People with the Aries zodiac sign or those born under the Ashwini Nakshatra would need to pay extra attention in this case because the eclipse’s side effects could be bothersome.

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