Last Lunar Eclipse On Nov 19, 2021, Know The Zodiacwise Impact!

Lunar Eclipse is a celestial phenomenon that occurs every year and has always been a subject of curiosity for human beings. Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse are the events that are closely observed. The last lunar eclipse of the year is going to occur on November 19, 2021. Lunar Eclipse has a comprehensive impact on our life because Moon is the significator of the water element and our body contains almost 70% water. So, the Moon has a special impact on our life. As Moon is the source of the emergence of tides in the sea similarly it is the very cause of emotions in human life. If there are certain questions in your mind, you can ask a question from our renowned astrologers.        

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Second & Last Lunar Eclipse Of 2021

This eclipse will occur on November 19, 2021, and as per the Hindu Panchang, it will take place on Purnima Tithi in Kartik month during Shukla Paksha. Kartik month is held in great esteem, and Kartik Purnima is considered to be highly auspicious in Hinduism. In such circumstances, the occurrence of a lunar eclipse is a special event. Although this eclipse is going to be a partial one, in some places, it will be visible as a penumbral lunar eclipse    

Where will the Partial Lunar Eclipse (November 19, 2021) be Visible? 

If we talk of the Hindu Panchang, this eclipse is going to occur in Taurus and as per the astrology, it remains in an exalted position in this sign. Along with this, this eclipse will also take place in Kritika Nakshatra whose ruling lord is the Sun and Moon is his friend and the ruling lord of Taurus is Venus. 

This partial eclipse will be visible in its full form in Western Europe, West Africa, North America, South America, Australia, UK, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, China, and some parts of Asia. Besides this, it can also be observed in the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Talking about the visibility of this eclipse in India, it will be visible during its last leg in Eastern Border Regions of India such as the Eastern Border of Arunachal Pradesh, Tezu, Changbinati, etc. while in some places, it will take the shape of a shadow eclipse and will not be visible from the naked eyes. 

Timings of Partial Lunar Eclipse 2021

Partial Lunar Eclipse: From 11:32 hours till 17:33 hours, on November 19, 2021. (IST)

As per the total duration of the last eclipse of this year, the partial lunar eclipse will remain for about 3 and a half hours while the duration of the penumbral lunar eclipse will be almost 6 hours. Hence, this lunar eclipse will take place when the Moon will transit in its exalted sign i.e. Taurus.

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Total, Partial & Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

On the basis of astronomy, the earth revolves around the Sun while the Moon rotates around the earth. At times, the condition arises when the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth come in a straight line i.e. the Earth between the two of them, and thus, some part of the rays of the Sun are obstructed by the Earth and the light does not fall directly on the Moon which then appears to be black, hazy and sometimes, blurred. Such a situation is referred to as a lunar eclipse.   

When the rays of the Sun are clouded by the Earth entirely and no light falls on the Moon, then the Moon remains totally invisible and this situation is known as a total lunar eclipse or Khagras Lunar Eclipse

When some rays of the Sun are entirely blocked by the Earth, some part of the Moon remains invisible while some stays illuminated. This phenomenon is said to be a partial lunar eclipse or Khandagras Lunar Eclipse and the eclipse occurring on November 19 is the same one.   

Besides the above scenarios, there is also a condition when the Moon enters the shadow of the earth but slips away from it i.e. it stays actually away from the earth so the surface of the Moon appears to be blurred. It is so blurred that it can not be seen with the naked eye and the dullness clouds the Moon. This event is named a penumbral lunar eclipse.  

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Sutak Kaal

There is a special period before the occurrence of any eclipse which is known as Sutak Kaal, and some tasks during this period are not advised to perform during the eclipse. In case of a lunar eclipse, this Kaal commences 9 hours prior to the occurrence and ends with the end of the eclipse. The eclipse is bound by a principle that the Sutak Kaal persists where the eclipse is visible.   

In simple words, wherever the partial lunar eclipse will be visible, the Sutak Kaal will be adhered to. Where there is a penumbral lunar eclipse, neither the Sutak Kaal will be observed nor the eclipse will be considered. As per the scriptures, when a total lunar eclipse or partial lunar eclipse occurs, only then it is given the status of the eclipse and the Sutak Kaal is recognised. But the penumbral lunar eclipse is not considered an eclipse and thus, there is no Sutak Kaal. On this very day, all types of auspicious activities related to Kartik Purnima such as donations, rituals, Mantras, etc. can be undertaken. If you are willing to get detailed information regarding yourself, AstroSage Brihat Kundli can prove to be a boon for you.      

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Signwise Impact of the Last Lunar Eclipse On Nov 19, 2021

During the eclipse, the Moon will be impacted adversely. The occurrence of the lunar eclipse will be in the Taurus zodiac sign and Kritika Nakshatra. It means that people born in the Taurus zodiac sign and under the Kritika Nakshatra will remain in the special influence of the eclipse, and the natives of other zodiac signs will also get both favourable and unfavourable results. Let’s now understand the impact of this very lunar eclipse on your zodiac sign.    


Aries people may have to face ups and downs so far financial aspect is concerned and family relations will be affected as well. The warmness in their relationship may not be observed and people may think that the natives have no regard for them. They may be under mental stress and the expenditure will go up. Take due care of diet and consume a lot of water to avoid any problem. Change of season may add to your problems.  


Due to the occurrence of the eclipse in this zodiac sign, the natives may come under maximum pressure. They should take care of their health and mental stress may go up. Along with this, water-borne diseases, cough-related problems can cause troubles. There can be certain hindrances in work and health problems can hamper your ability. They may also come across certain challenges while driving. Acting upon someone’s instructions can put them in great trouble.      


This partial lunar eclipse can not be much favourable for the Gemini natives in the context of finance. Expenses may go up and health problems may knock at the door. Some special and important tasks may get stuck for some time because of the inability of mind and ill health. Arrest expenditure and work on daily routine.      


Cancer natives will have a favourable time. Success in the profession will be forthcoming and financial position will stregthen. Planning will be rewarding and they will get rid of mental stress. There are possibilities of increase in income. Although the relations with friends will be normal, some bickering may exist.   


Leo people will remain engaged at their workplace. They may be promoted and some other assignments may be given. Income will bloom and the mind will remain satisfied and peaceful. Cordial atmosphere will prevail in the family. Some problems concerning their mother’s health may arise. Some efforts in work can shower immense blessings.  

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Long journeys will be stressful, and mentally, the natives may feel weak. They may also lose peace of mind. Avoid long trips to avoid mental stress. Over expenses may also affect their relationship with father and the period may not be healthy on the monetary front.     


The period will be a bit unhealthy. Health problems may surround people bearing the Libra zodiac sign and some mental disturbances may crop up. Purposeless travelling will lead to stress and expenses can shoot up. Ups and downs will be seen in the relationship with in-laws. All of a sudden, there will be chances of financial losses followed by monetary gains. Some misconceptions may cause tension in the family and there will be a sense of unhappiness. Be careful of health.          


This eclipse can bring mixed results to the natives with the Scorpio zodiac sign. Tension can mount in married life and it can disturb the atmosphere of the family. There will be some misunderstanding between the partners and some wrong decisions can be taken out of sheer emotions. Pulls and pushes can be seen in the business and there can be certain obstacles in running the business. Business partnership can also be affected and reputation may go down. Due care will have to be taken in respect of health.     


The time will bring progress in jobs and business and the plans will meet success. Those who are looking for jobs may also succeed and they may dominate their opponents. Clearing debts will be on a positive note. Prevailing illness will also be cured and they will have a sigh of relief. There may be some spurt in expenses.    


There may be some differences with the siblings which may bother the natives. They will not be able to understand the viewpoint of their children and thus, some challenges can be confronted. Students will not be in a position to concentrate on their studies and consequently, the result will be off the mark. Bickereings may come up in the love relationships and relationships can be at the lower edge. Much labour will have to be done for monetary upliftment.  


Material pleasures may not be upto the expectations. Affection towards mother will be seen but her health may create some problems still, the natives will remain affectionate to her. Ups and downs can be experienced in the family. Dominance will be there at the workplace. Some obstacles appear because of mental stress.   


People of this zodiac sign will have a pleasant time. They will achieve progress because of their individual efforts. Fortune will be on their side and income will increase. They will be victorious because of their efficiency and dedication. Courage will boost and the relationship between the brothers and sisters will be cordial. They may also have a small trip.    

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