Special Impact Of Upcoming Lunar Eclipse On Pregnant Women- Know Religious & Scientific Aspect

Lunar Eclipse is going to occur shortly i.e. on November 19, 2021. You must have heard that whenever the Eclipse occurs, two things are to be kept in mind. Out of the two, all the cooked food must be protected by putting Tulsi leaves and secondly, pregnant women must be taken care of. 

The reason behind all this is that the food is affected by all the ill effects prevailing in the atmosphere due to the eclipse. Either we should consume the food before the eclipse or put Tulsi leaves in it. Putting Tulsi leaves prevents the food from being affected by the impurities of the atmosphere. Talking about pregnant women, some special rituals have been laid down to mitigate the negative impact of the lunar eclipse. We will also know why its effects on pregnant women are highly observed.    

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In this blog, we shall discuss all the aspects of this Eclipse in detail. Also, know what is the connection between the eclipse and pregnant women. Along with this, we shall elaborate on how the pregnant women of the house have to be taken care of and what they should not do during this coming lunar eclipse.  

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Lunar Eclipse 2021 (The Last One Of This Year): When, Where, & How

Type of EclipseVisibilityDate, Timings, and Duration
Partial Lunar Eclipse India, America, Northern Europe, East Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Ocean region.November 19, 2021, i.e. Friday
(Eclipse will begin from 11:32 hours and last till 17:33 hours)

Duration: 06 Hours and 1 Minute

Lunar Eclipse As Per Vedic Astrology

The Sun and the Moon are considered as the life-giving source to humans and the existence of life can’t be imagined on earth without them. According to Vedic Astrology, eclipses are caused when the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu swallow (grad) the Sun and the Moon. As per the Vedic belief, eclipses are not considered auspicious especially for pregnant women.

The lunar eclipse is somewhere more impactful for pregnant women because the Moon is the benefactor of mother, nourishment, food, milk, water and if it is under the negative impact, it causes adverse effects. Therefore, during the time of the lunar eclipse, pregnant women need to be extra alert and conscious for the well-being of the child and their own health because they fully represent the Moon and life-giving source to her child.

On this very basis, we are enlightening you with the impact of the Lunar Eclipse on pregnant women and the rituals to be followed. If adopted such principles, they can prove to be extremely beneficial. Before going further, let’s know some interesting things concerning the Lunar Eclipse.     

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Impact of Lunar Eclipse Occurring Shortly on Pregnant Women: Religious & Scientific Aspect 

If anything is said or stated without any basis or a fact, it is extremely difficult to rely on it while if logic gets attached to something or there is a reason behind it, it becomes easier to go with the saying. On this very basis, let’s move forward and learn why pregnant women are scared of the eclipse and you will also get to know its religious and scientific background.   

Astronomically, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon are exactly or very closely aligned with earth in between the Sun and the Moon, and because of which the Moon is in the shadow of the earth. It happens only on the night of a full moon, known as Purnima.

Religious Aspect: As per beliefs, at anyhow, if the rays of the Moon fall on a pregnant woman, there are chances that the child forming in the womb will be born with Doshas in Kundli. 

Scientific Aspect: According to the scientific aspect, Science states that the Moon is very close to the earth during the eclipse and its gravitational force remains very high. In such conditions, there is a great possibility of major changes in the hormones of a pregnant woman. 

However, the Moon is the symbol of fertility and in such situations, the timings of the lunar eclipse are considered to be auspicious and favourable for those who are in the phase of ovulation for pregnancy. 

Because of these two reasons, it is always suggested to pregnant women to stay inside during the eclipse and it has been going on over a long period of time. By doing so, they can protect their child nurturing in their womb. Along with this, pregnant women must avoid using pointed objects such as scissors, knives, sewing, cutting, etc. Any activity concerning such things can impact health adversely.  

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Sutak Kaal During Lunar Eclipse

Prior to any eclipse, there is a time period which is known as Sutak Kaal. It is the time before the eclipse and during this period, all auspicious activities are prohibited. During the Sutak Kaal, the doors of the temples remain shut and in houses, curtains of the temples are dropped. Apart from this, worship is not recommended during the Sutak Kaal.      

Where the Sutak Kaal becomes applicable 9 hours before the occurrence of the lunar eclipse while in case of the solar eclipse, it (Sutak Kaal) commences 12 hours before the occurrence of the eclipse. When the eclipse ends, the Sutak Kaal also gets completed. After this, it is advisable to take a bath. Also, cleanliness must be properly maintained. Then, worship is performed. With this, it is said that all the ill-effects of the eclipse are washed away 

Lunar Eclipse 2021: Precautionary Measures to be Taken by Pregnant Women

Try Not to Go Outdoors during the Eclipse

During the lunar eclipse, it is advised not to go outdoors. It can cause a negative impact on the mental and physical health of the child. According to the beliefs, it is said that pregnant women who are exposed to a lunar eclipse, their expecting child can have some red spots or any sort of mark on their body which can last for a lifetime.

Avoid using Pointed or Sharp Objects

During the entire duration of the lunar eclipse, expecting mothers should not use pointed or sharp objects. Avoid using scissors, knives, or needles.

Don’t Drink or Eat anything during the Eclipse

As mentioned, the Moon is the benefactor of food so it also gets some impurities in it. Therefore, it is advised that pregnant women should not drink or eat anything during the eclipse as it can have a negative impact on their child, and as a remedy, you can add Tulsi leaves to the food articles to prevent them from being impure.

Stay Alert from the Rays of the Eclipse

During the lunar eclipse, don’t get exposed to the rays of the eclipse, cover the windows with thick curtains, newspapers, or cardboards, etc. so that the rays of the eclipse cannot enter your home.

Take a Healing Shower

After the lunar eclipse, it is advised that pregnant women should take baths with rock saltwater. It will demolish all the negative effects of the lunar eclipse.

Keep a Coconut

During the entire duration of the lunar eclipse, if an expecting mother keeps a whole coconut with herself, it will keep her safe from all the negativity around her and absorb it in itself.

Meditate and Worship

During the entire period of the lunar eclipse, pregnant women should keep Tulsi leaves over their tongue and chant Hanuman Chalisa and Durga Chalisa. It will protect the child from the malefic effects of the lunar eclipse.

Donations Recommended

Donations have a specific influence in our Vedic culture. So, it is advised to donate white items like milk and milk products, white sesame seeds, white clothes after the lunar eclipse.

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Remedial Mantras To Be Chanted

It is advised to chant these mantras during eclipse time.

” तमोमय महाभीम सोमसूर्यविमर्दन

हेमताराप्रदानेन मम शांतिप्रदो भव ॥”

“विधुन्तुद नमस्तुभ्यं सिंहिकानन्दनाच्युत

दानेनानेन नागास्य रक्ष मां वेधजादभयात॥”

” tamomaya mahābhīma somasūryavimardana

hematārāpradānena mama śāṃtiprado bhava ॥”

“vidhuntuda namastubhyaṃ siṃhikānandanācyuta

dānenānena nāgāsya rakṣa māṃ vedhajādabhayāta॥”

Other than this, chanting of Shiv Mantra and Santan Gopal Mantra will give peace of mind to the natives.

We hope this article will prove helpful to you in taking care of you and your child’s health and protecting you from the ill effects of the lunar eclipse.

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