Lunar Eclipse in Times of Corona, Read Predictions As Per Zodiac Signs!

The second of the four penumbral lunar eclipses will be witnessed between the night of 5th and 6th June, 2020. Eclipses leave a great impact on the lives of people. Sometimes, they give birth to serious concerns. If you wish to know more about the impact of this eclipse on your life and get accurate solutions, then go ahead and Ask a Question from our astrologers. 

Keeping in mind that each and every planet influences our life, it is quite important to know what their positions are in our respective Kundlis and the after effects. You can get info about the latest happenings in your life through the AstroSage Brihat Kundli, the most detailed Kundli report.

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As it is a Penumbral Eclipse, it will be a little hard to see as the Moon’s light will only faint a little during this duration than its normal. In India, the eclipse will begin from 5 June 2020 11:16 PM and will end on 6 June at 02:34 AM. It will reach its peak or zenith point at 12:55 AM. The eclipse will continue for a total duration of three hours and eighteen minutes. 

The lunar eclipse happens when the earth‘s shadow blocks the light reaching towards the Moon from the Sun or when the Earth comes in between the Moon and the Sun. There are three types of lunar eclipses: Total, Partial and Penumbral. The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse takes place when the Moon enters the outer part of the shadow of earth. In Hindi this phenomenon is known as “Chandra Malinya” and in English, we call it “Penumbral Eclipse”.

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Effect Of Lunar Eclipse 

Even the great Osho says “The meaning of astrology is that we are not separate, belong to that one universe, and are partakers of every event.” That every event that takes place in the universe has a definite impact on the psych and actions of the Human beings living on earth.

So, coming back to the topic of our discussion today, now let us analyse the effects of the Penumbral eclipse on all zodiac signs. 


The lunar eclipse taking place on the 5th of June will impact your eighth house of transformation and uncertainty. This indicates that you may face some unprecedented events like job loss, theft during this duration, which may cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. This may also have a negative bearing on your health. Wanting results too soon also may further add on to mental worries. So, relax and wait for the right moment. As the Moon governs the fourth house for Aries, it indicates that the health of your mother may require special attention.  

Remedy– Recite or listen to Shiv Chalisa during the eclipse. 

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Taurus natives need to work on their relationships with their spouse, as the Lunar eclipse will be directly affecting their seventh house of marital relationships. Also, those of you owning the business in the form of partnerships need to have clear communication with your partner, so that you both are on the same page while making decisions.

As Moon governs the third house of hearing, so, take decisions after discussing with others and paying heed to their suggestions. Spend quality time with siblings and avoid eating too much cold stuff during this period. Your personalised Brihat Horoscope can help you understand the impact of Moon along with other planets on your kundli and suggest effective remedies.

Remedy– Recite the Beej Mantra of Moon during the eclipse. 


The lunar eclipse will move through the sixth house for the Gemini natives. As sixth house rules over routines, natives may face difficulties in completion of their daily tasks some days before or after the Lunar Eclipse. They may also suffer from low immunity during this phase, so taking full responsibility for your health is a must. Also, stay away from indulging in conflicts and arguments. Curbing your expenditure is necessary, otherwise, you will have to take loans or borrow money, which can create stress. You can check your immunity levels now by clicking here.

Remedy –  Offer prayers to Radha and Krishna during the eclipse. 

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During this lunar eclipse, you may feel the lack of creativity due to the negative thought process and anxieties that may creep in as some projects may fail to take up during this phase. Also, for the upliftment of your professional life, you can lay your hands on the CogniAstro Report, AstroSage’s special creation.

You may also feel isolated and not talking with anyone during this phase, which can further enhance the depression and negativity. As Scorpio is a sign related to deep thinking and the eclipse is primarily taking place in this sign, so try to go inside with the help of yoga and meditation, this will help you tremendously. Also, talking with someone you trust will help you. Avoiding T.V, media and spending time with children, pursuing your hobbies and certain creative things will help you gain better results. 

Remedy– Worship the Mantra of Goddess Mahagauri during the eclipse. 


Lunar eclipse will move through your fourth house, which is the house of the childhood and inner self, which indicates that some past traumas might resurface, which might give birth to some grief and sorrow. But, you have to understand that this will be a right chance to recognise and heal them. Also, this time is auspicious to bury differences with family members if there are any. Household repairing works may crop up suddenly, which may lead to some expenses. 

Remedy– Reading or listening to Saundarya Lahiri during the eclipse will bring beneficial results. 

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The Moon governs the income house of Virgo, so the Lunar eclipse will directly affect their income prospects, they will have to work more or produce more efforts in order to maintain flow of funds. Also, the third house, through which it is moving, indicates that you should stay away from making deadlines or promises during this period, as recurrent obstacles may make it difficult for you to follow timelines. Also, this time will prove to be an auspicious phase to connect with siblings and friends to fill gaps and clear misunderstandings. 

Remedy- Chant and meditate while chanting the Mantra “ओम नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय / Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” during the eclipse. 


The Moon governs the tenth house of profession, father and status, which indicates that during this lunar eclipse, you may face dissatisfaction, shallowness in work. This may be because of the work, which is way beyond your abilities or monotonous routine. It may create some differences with your seniors and higher authorities. But, you are advised to stay tactful and diplomatic, otherwise, you may face big problems during this phase. This may also have an effect on your personal life. However, businessmen born under the sign of scales may register sudden profits. Also, the health of your father may remain fragile. 

Remedy–  Recite or listen to “श्री रुद्रम/Shri Rudram” Stotra during the eclipse. 

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The lunar eclipse will move through your sign, which indicates that the impacts are going to be severe during this phase. Taking care of your health is of paramount importance during this period, as you may be prone to some water borne diseases or infections during the period. Also, drive carefully, as accidents and injuries can be foreseen for many. Also, you may suffer from victim complex during this period, which may make you quit things early. So, take full responsibility for your actions if you want to achieve good results. 

Remedy– Meditate while chanting the Moon Mantra during the Eclipse. 

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Sagittarians will see their fame and reputation rise during this period. You are also likely to enjoy bliss and harmony in your relationships with your spouse or beloved. Your courage, spontaneity will help you accomplish great tasks during this phase. Obstacles will be there, but you will be able to overcome them with your sheer willpower. Inflow of the cash will be good, but expenditures will also remain on the higher side. Also, take care of your health, especially eyes. 

Remedy– Recite “Rudrashtakam” stotram in praise of Lord Shiva during this eclipse. 


The natives born under the sign of the sea goat may see a rise in their status and income during this phase. Some of the natives may also come across some opportunities with increment and higher status during this phase. Those who want to start their new business may get some fine opportunities after the eclipse. You will be indulging in a lot of multitasking during this phase. However, relationships with your spouse or beloved may get strained, so spending quality time with them is essential. You can opt for AstroSage Marriage Report and get an astrological approach on how to make your relationship better and lead a blissful married life.

Remedy– Listen or recite Shri Krishna Mantra or stories during the eclipse. 

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The lunar eclipse will move through the tenth house of profession, which indicates that they may face some problems related to their work as during this time enemies and seniors may try to dominate you during this period. Also, this phase indicates that you may not be willing to come out of your comfort zone, which may impact your ability to handle situations and grab opportunities. Also, your gut health may remain low, making you prone to infections. So, be more confident and try to move out of your comfort zone. Also, take a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to improve your gut health. 

Remedy– Chant the Moon Mantra “ओम चंद्राय नम: / Om Chandraya Namah” during the eclipse. 


The natives born under the sign of the fish may witness some positive results from the Lunar eclipse, as it will move through their ninth house of fortune and luck. They may see the luck supporting them in their endeavors and tasks, which will make them accomplish the pending tasks with great ease during this phase. Your interest in spirituality is likely to increase, which may see you taking initiation from a spiritual Guru after the eclipse. You may also come across multiple opportunities to grow, as your ideas will be highly appreciated. However, relationships with children may require immediate attention. 

Remedy– Recite or listen to mantra associated with Goddess Durga during the eclipse. 

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