Discover What First Lunar Eclipse of 2020 Brings For You!

The New Year 2020 brings with itself the first and impactful celestial event of the year. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is expected to occur on January 10, which will be visible in India as well. On this note, let’s shed some light and see how it will affect your life and will the Sutak Kaal be observed.

The lunar eclipse is an important event in both astronomy as well as astrology. In 2020, the first Lunar Eclipse is penumbral and will fall on 10–11 January. This lunar eclipse will be visible in Asia, Africa, Europe and some parts of Australia and majorly impact the lives of natives.

First Lunar Eclipse of 2020: Timings

Date Eclipse Begins Eclipse Ends Visibility Type
10-11 January 22:37 02:42 India, Asia, Africa, Europe and some areas of Australia Penumbral

Will Sutak Period Be Effective During This Lunar Eclipse?

The Sutak period begins shortly before the lunar eclipse. However, some astrology scholars believe that Sutak Kaal during this Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occuring on 10-11 January 2020 will not be observed. Also, there are contradictory statements supporting the observance. On this note, we are providing you with the necessary information about Sutak Kaal and do’s and don’ts to follow during this period.

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What Is Sutak Kaal?

The first lunar eclipse of the year 2020 will be penumbral in nature. The Sutak period begins shortly before the eclipse. Sutak begins 12 hours before the solar eclipse, and 9 hours before the lunar eclipse. This period is considered inauspicious and starting any important or auspicious task or project is prohibited. It is believed that the work done during this period does not result as desired.

Do’s During Sutak Kaal

  • You should worship your Ishta Devta during the Sutak Kaal.
  • Mantras related to the Moon and Sun must be chanted during the Lunar and Solar eclipse respectively.
  • If you wish to make spiritual progress, then perform yoga-meditation during the eclipse.

Don’ts During Sutak Kaal

  • You should avoid consuming food or any other edible item during the Sutak period that begins before the eclipse.
  • Along with it, you should not cook anything during or after the period of eclipse.
  • During this time, avoid using the bathroom.
  • Avoid touching the idols of God during the eclipse.
  • No new or important task must be performed during Sutak Kaal.
  • Astrologers suggest that pregnant women must avoid looking or even going out when the eclipse takes place as it can harm their unborn child.

What Is An Eclipse?

From a scientific point of view, an eclipse is an astronomical event in which a celestial body comes between two planetary bodies. Eclipse are further categorised into two types, Solar and Lunar Eclipse.

  • Solar Eclipse: When a Solar Eclipse occurs, the Moon gets posited between the Earth and the Sun.
  • Lunar Eclipse: During the Lunar Eclipse, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon.

However, in Vedic Astrology, the celestial phenomenon Eclipse, also known as “Grahan”, is an inauspicious event caused by two major shadow planets Rahu and Ketu in a kundli. it is said that the Eclipse incurs malefic effects on the lives of natives and impact major aspects. However, performing some remedies and chanting some mantras help the natives to nullify the malefic effects.

Install Rahu Yantra To Curb Malefic Effects Of Rahu

Stay tuned to know what mantras will help you overcome its negative effects, and how it will impact all 12 zodiac signs!


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