Lunar Eclipse 2023: Shash Rajyoga & 3 More Yogas Bless 3 Zodiacs!

Lunar Eclipse 2023: In the realm of Vedic astrology, the concept of “Rajyogas” holds a place of immense significance. These celestial configurations are believed to bestow power, prosperity, and success upon individuals. “Raj” means “royal,” and “Yoga” signifies a combination or union. Rajyogas, therefore, are combinations of planets that have the potential to elevate an individual to a position of authority, wealth, and influence. 

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This year, with the Lunar Eclipse 2023 falling on October 28th, there will be a rare combination forming four auspicious Rajyogas! These four Rajyogas in turn will bless three lucky zodiac signs during the Lunar Eclipse 2023. In this blog by AstroSage, we will learn about the four rajyogas in detail. Along with this, we will also get a detailed prediction for the three lucky zodiac signs that will blessed on the night of the Lunar Eclipse 2023!

So without any further ado, let us start with our blog!

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Lunar Eclipse 2023 As per Vedic Astrology

Lunar eclipses have always captivated human beings with their celestial spectacle and profound significance. In Vedic astrology, these celestial events hold a special place, as they are believed to influence the destinies of individuals and the world at large. The impact of a lunar eclipse on an individual depends on their natal chart. If the eclipse aligns with a significant point in one’s chart, it can trigger transformative changes in life. 

This year, there will be four rajyogas forming along with the lunar eclipse 2023, namely– Shash Rajyoga, Ravi Rajyoga, Budhaditya Rajyoga, and Siddhi Rajyoga. Now, let us learn about these yogas and their impacts.

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Four Auspicious Rajyogas Forming With The Lunar Eclipse 2023

Shash Rajyoga

Shash Rajyoga is a celestial combination that promises royal success and power to those fortunate enough to possess it in their birth charts. Shash Rajyoga, specifically, is formed when four significant planets—Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus—conjoin or aspect each other in specific houses.

Shash Rajyoga’s effects are often most prominent when they occur in the Kendra or Trikona houses of the birth chart. The 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses are considered powerful Kendra houses, while the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses represent the auspicious Trikona houses.

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Ravi Rajyoga

Ravi Rajyoga, a potent astrological configuration, is one such phenomenon that promises tremendous success and recognition. This auspicious yoga is born when the Sun, the ruler of power, aligns harmoniously with other significant planets in the birth chart. At its core, Ravi Rajyoga signifies the union of the Sun with auspicious planets such as Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, typically occurring in the Kendra or Trikona houses. 

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Budhaditya Rajyoga

Budhaditya Rajyoga, a powerful astrological phenomenon, brings together the radiant Sun (Aditya) and the intellectual Mercury (Budha) in a harmonious alignment. This potent combination is known to bestow immense success, intelligence, and communication skills upon those who possess it in their birth charts.

When these two planets form a conjunction, often occurring in the Kendra (angular) or Trikona (trine) houses, they create a formidable alliance that enhances an individual’s leadership qualities, decision-making skills, and eloquence.

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Siddhi Rajyoga

Siddhi Rajyog is formed when auspicious planets, often including Jupiter, conjoin or aspect one another in specific houses of the birth chart. Siddhi Rajyoga is closely associated with the pursuit of spiritual and material accomplishments. The term “Siddhi” translates to perfection or attainment, and this yoga is believed to bestow special abilities, wisdom, and prosperity upon those who possess it. 

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Lucky Zodiac Signs During Lunar Eclipse 2023


The Lunar Eclipse 2023 has the potential to benefit everyone. It’s a time when your fortunes may turn for the better. There are prospects for profit and overall economic progress if you are in business. You can also expect an improvement in your health. Your bond with your parents will also strengthen, resulting in improved family satisfaction. Furthermore, you should expect unexpected financial benefits during this period, as well as a harmonious relationship with your life partner and their steadfast support.

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The Lunar Eclipse 2023 has the potential to improve your career and business chances. This eclipse is scheduled to occur in the tenth house of your transit chart, implying that professionals at all levels can expect growth, consequently increasing their influence. Furthermore, you may gain from government programs, and your personal goals are likely to be met. Your family life will be characterized by harmony, as well as lower home expenses and new earning opportunities. Furthermore, this period has the potential to provide significant financial rewards for business owners, including the opportunity to acquire new orders and develop their businesses.

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The Lunar Eclipse 2023 has the potential to be beneficial to you. During this time, your luck may improve, and you may gain respect and esteem. It may also provide an opportunity for you to conquer concerns and gain from a journey. Your boldness and strength will grow, allowing you to overcome obstacles. Your earnings are projected to rise significantly, and your wishes may come true. Furthermore, now is a good moment to start new projects. If you are suffering from health problems, you may be able to find help. Moreover, during this time, you may see benefits in investing, gaming, and lotteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. Is lunar eclipse 2023 visible in India?

Ans. Yes, the lunar eclipse will be visible in India on October 28th.

Ques2. Are lunar eclipses safe to watch?

Ans. Yes, unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses are safe to watch with the naked eyes.

Ques3. What should you avoid during a lunar eclipse?

Ans. Avoid eating non-vegetarian foods like chicken, pork, fish, mutton etc.

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