These Zodiacs Will Be Lucky During Mercury Transit In Capricorn!

Those natives who possess the skills of prosperity and representation always receive success and glory in their lives. The planet Mercury is the representative of such aptitude; the decision-making skills of such natives are exemplary, and in their respective life they never get stuck on any path or way.  

In this spectacular blog, we will discover all the things related to the Mercury Transit in Capricorn; with this, we will also understand in detail what potent remedies each zodiac can follow. Generally, the planet Mercury is in a straight motion, and it stays for 24 days in a zodiac sign. This goes without saying that with every transit we face their outcomes, and with that we see differences taking place in our lives. So, without further delay, let’s read about the effects that the Mercury Transit in Capricorn will be having on all zodiac signs!

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Mercury Transit In Capricorn: Date And Time

The planet Mercury will Transit in the zodiac sign of Capricorn on 28th December 2022, Wednesday at 04:05 am. The tenth zodiac sign of the zodiac cycle, Capricorn, will see the effects of this transit, and with that, all other zodiac signs will surely come across changes as well. You must be excited in order to know its effects! So, without delay, let’s know which natives will receive benefits and prosperity, and which are those natives that need to be vigilant and careful!

Mercury Transit In Capricorn: Luck For These Signs 

Now let’s take a look at the four lucky zodiac signs which will receive auspicious results during the Mercury Transit In Capricorn on 28th December, 2022.


The natives of Aries are in for a prosperous ride as the transit of Mercury will be favorable for them. You will be successful in showing your competency and efficiency in your work field. Apart from this, you also might come across immense positive changes in your communication skills. The natives that are working in the fields such as mass communication, accountancy, and finance, might come across numerous benefits during this time…….Click here to read more


Due to the favorable effects that will be received by this Mercury transit, the natives of Taurus are likely to get positive results, especially those natives who are working in the fields related to coaching and mentoring. During this time, the natives might be more interested in religion and spirituality; they will also receive constructive support from their fathers……….Click here to read more


From the aspect of business, this Mercury transit will be favorable for the natives of Cancer. If the natives are doing business with their partners then this period might be positively substantial for you. You will have time to spend with your life mate throughout this period. During this time, you might also have a chance to travel overseas.……….Click here to read more 


For the natives of Virgo, the favorable effect of this transit is likely to fall mostly upon their career and its related field. Those natives who have completed their professional courses in their respective fields and looking for a job opportunity might come across such chances, during this period. Apart from this, the marital lives of the natives might become better and more progressive..……….Click here to read more 

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Mercury Transit In Capricorn: These Signs Be Aware


For the natives of Gemini, this transit might come with difficulties; so during this time, the natives must stay careful. During such times, the natives must be extra vigilant while taking care of their mother’s health. The natives come across skin-related problems, so they must be attentive and alert.……….Click here to read more 


The financial world of the natives of Leo might get shaken up by this Mercury transit. During such times, your financial conditions might come across challenges. The natives of Leo might have to face an increase in their expenses. During these times, it will be beneficial if the natives stay extra cautious and mindful during the exchanges regarding their finances….….Click here to read more 

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Strengthen Mercury With These Effective Remedies

The natives receive immense and various benefits when the planet Mercury is placed in a strong position in their horoscope. With its favorable effects, the natives receive sharpness in their brains, progressive businesses, and good communications prowess. Similarly, if the planet Mercury is in a weakened state in the horoscopes of natives, such people come across skin-related problems and lack concentration, in their studies. Due to the low level of concentration many problems can take place. In astrology and its noble scriptures, there are many remedies stated by which you can increase the dominance of the planet Mercury in your horoscope. So let’s take a look at such remedies by which you can thoroughly enjoy the favorable effects of the planet Mercury! 

  • In order to strengthen the planet Mercury in your horoscope, one should observe a fast on Wednesday. 
  • The planet Mercury is associated with Lord Vishnu, so, to increase its dominance, one should worship Lord Vishnu with complete rituals. 
  • If possible then on Wednesday, eat the things that are made up from Moong Dal without using salt. 
  • Recite this Mantra daily for 108 times; oṃ buṃ budhāya namaḥ:II
  • On Wednesday, try to wear green or red colored clothes. 
  • Before eating, put some leaves of Tulsi in Gangajal and then consume that. 

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