Lovers Tarot: Meaning, Symbolism For Love And Health

Lovers Tarot, as the name depicts is the card of love and deep relationship. Know how to read the Lovers Tarot Card and its meaning. Find it how it helps you decode your love life.

One of the Major Arcana cards, Lovers Card draws the energy of Venus and shows the enchanting romance. The card portrays a beautiful garden with trees bearing fruits and flowers. An angel with widespread wings showering blessings to a nude couple from the clouds. There is a mountain between the couple, which shows the strength and stability of their relationship. The male is mesmerized by the female and is totally into her as he strongly looks into her eyes. On the contrary, the woman is overwhelmed by getting to be with her lover that she looks at the Goddess figure with eyes full of gratitude for the universe’s blessings in the form of her lover.  As for the sense of fertility, the tree behind the woman is loaded with flowers and a snake. The tree behind the man is blooming with flowers. 

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The Lovers Tarot Meaning

The aesthetic meaning of the Tarot card derives from the references of Genesis Bible about the first couple Adam and Eve. The matter of fact that Adam was the first-ever human created from the Dust and thereafter Eve created from his rib as his companion. They stayed in Heaven and enjoyed the tranquillity of the ambience. They both had innocent love and companionship,  but were never covered with shame, indulgence or embarrassed from their nakedness.

They were truly guilty fewer beings until the serpent convinced Eve to eat fruit from the forbidden tree and she shared it with Adam. Therefore there is a snake around the fruit tree behind  Eve. Finally, they were banished from the Garden of Eden with a curse of hard work and pain. This started the journey of humans on the Earth. The moral lies in the fact that due to the temptation towards a fruit led them to lead an ordinary life and struggle for survival. They would have otherwise stayed in the heavenly sphere just enjoying the togetherness and rejoicing in the comforts of serenity. They would have lived forever without fear, doubt, hesitation or insecurities and would have been joyful, eating all the delicacies served by the beautiful yet magical garden of Eden. 

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How To Read The Lovers Card?

Its symbolic meaning lies in the fact that humans are created out of dust and that is the true reason, when it is mentioned by sages that everyone merges back to that dust. There was only one Man created and everyone else merged from that one. In lieu of the same, masculism and feminism is two parts of one human being. The feminist side is more delicate and attractive, also it gets into influence easy. The masculine side follows the feminism side without any doubts or second thoughts.

All the pain and pleasures are fruits of the deeds. As per the Universe when deeds are unbiased and obedient then immortal bliss is attained. On the contrary, when the verses are offensive then the curse of pain and struggles befalls upon the individuals. As per the biblical reference, the snake represents greed, materialism and egotism, once it stings anyone they start making mistakes and fall in the lap of sins. 

The Lovers Card Appearance

the Lovers Tarot Card shows the beautiful connection between the two individuals. It is a twin flame card where they appear to be two beings, but the love and intimacy between them integrate them to one. It appears like the soulmates, who were meant for each other are merging in the unification of love and romance. The bright optimistic card resonates to the energy of the purest form of love and relationship between two individuals.

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As per the Lovers Tarot Reading, it also portrays the fact that they are mirror images of each other and comes what may they will work like a faithful team or a power couple. They are meant to be together by the creation itself. They are like that first ever created couple, who had to be with each other in all goods and bads. They were made in Heaven and are just on the Earth to abide by their deeds and merge back to one eternally. The purest form of love and compatibility is reflected with the appearance of this karmic card.

The Lovers Card in Tarot Spread 

It is one of the strongest cards to appear in any spread. Being one of the most positive cards of Major Arcana denotes that the said task was meant to be that particular way due to the Universal energy. It also resonates with the fact that the connection between the people is purely by Nature and it had to be this way moving ahead. Also in terms of Monetary aspects, it shows the fact that the hard work will be paid in a beautiful way with loads of blessings, grace, gestures and abundance. The true essence of this card is prosperity and fertility, therefore it is similar to the planet Venus, which is the adornment of beauty, love and pleasure on the Earth.

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