Love Yoga in Kundli : Here’s All You Need to Know!

Prem Yoga or love prospects exist in the Kundli of many natives. It is a fact universally acknowledged that it is an auspicious yoga which brings out love in your life and makes it colourful.

You fall in love with everything around you and find yourself in a different world. It is a different feeling and when you feel loved, you glow differently. Sometimes one forgets all other pursuits of life and starts thinking only about his/her love. Love is a tender feeling but can it be found by all or does everyone’s love succeed? So to know the answer, read this article today. We are providing you information about the prem yoga formed in one’s horoscope.

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It is the dream of every person to have someone in his/her life who is exclusive. One who thinks only of him/her, tries to know about him/her and keep the person happy. When the person is in trouble, support him/her and when there is a happy moment, give him a lot of love, that is, everyone is looking for that kind of love in their life. If someone’s search is completed very quickly, then someone does not get success in love even after making a lot of efforts and ultimately it is life. 

So after all, what are the situations in which you can be with the love of your life. This can be studied with the help of one’s horoscope. 

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From the point of view of astrology, there are many such yogas, in which a person feels special attraction towards the opposite sex and this is the attraction which God has provided. Because of this, two people are drawn towards each other and then gradually accepting each other’s goods and bads, they become each other forever and ever. For them, the lack of each other also becomes a strength and they do not even want to listen and understand anything about anyone else because they are so much into each other. The love yogas formed in the horoscope bind them in this love loop and make each other admirers.

Especially every person has this desire that he/she should get love in life and as soon as there is an environment of compatibility in his life, love starts in his life and gradually the same love blossoms and sprouts. Later, it starts to develop and then it expands. The person who was unknown till yesterday, suddenly becomes the most special one. This is the specialty of love. If someone gets this love suddenly, then it takes time for someone to understand that he has fallen in love. Sometimes by each other’s words, sometimes by each other’s gestures, sometimes by spending good and long time with each other and sometimes by suddenly meeting during a trip, you can feel attracted towards someone.

However, there is a big difference between attraction and love. Where attraction or for that matter, infatuation can happen only for a short time or even for some particular reason, but then love is a calm feeling of the heart, which falls on the person and no matter how many shortcomings in that person but that person becomes special for you. In the life of some people, this love comes very quickly and some get it after trying, but even after lakhs of efforts of some people, there remains dullness in their life and no matter how much they try, the seeds of love fail to blossom. They feel that they are not their own and because of this their self-confidence also starts to falter.

Within Vedic astrology, special planetary yogas and their positions provide the fruits of love in a person’s life and some special conditions destroy the sprout of love, due to which some people get love in life and some always face failures. Let us know what are those Yogas. Let us move ahead and read further. 

Prem Yoga in Kundali

If we talk about the horoscope and want to understand the love yoga formed in the horoscope, then first of all it is necessary to know which planet is that, which is most important for this, then here we would like to tell that the “Planet of love” is Venus in the horoscope. Venus being in a good position tells the sign of a successful love and if the planet Venus is situated in the right position in your horoscope, then you can definitely get love in life.

The Moon enhances your imagination and makes you feel in need of a partner in life. It controls your mind, which is very important for love, so having a good position of the Moon with Venus is also necessary for love relationships and a person can be successful in giving direction to his love life.

The planet Mars is the planet that provides energy and we need energy to do any work in life. When you like someone, it is essential for you to speak your heart out to them. Mars gives you this courage. Otherwise, there is no use of such love which remains unrequited. Hence, the planet Mars also has a great contribution.

The fifth House of the Birth Chart tells our attitude and our tendencies. This is also the sense of our intellect and conscience, so from here we get information about our love relationships. If your love house i.e. fifth house is under the influence of auspicious planets then the sea of love flows in your life and you will definitely get a chance to take a dip in that ocean, but if the lord of fifth house and fifth house is in weak condition or is suffering or if the malefic planets have more influence on them, then many times love does not come in the life of the person and many times it goes away even after coming and their love becomes fruitless. It all depends on the planetary conditions.

Thus it can be said that if Venus, Moon, Mars and the fifth house and also the fifth house’s ruling lord are creating a good and auspicious position in the horoscope, then during the Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantar dasha of these planets, love will emancipate in the person’s life. Someone special will knock in his life, who will very soon become his world and he will love her so much that the person will feel a lot of affection and will think of spending his life with her forever. On this basis, Prem Yoga is formed in the horoscope.

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When will you get the Love of your Life? 

As it has been mentioned above, when the Dashas related to Venus, Moon and Mars come in a favorable position in the horoscope then love comes into the life of the person. It is because of these planets that love flourishes and you start loving someone from your heart. If we talk about Vedic astrology, then in astrology, the planet Venus along with the Moon has been considered as a female cognizant, while Mars has been given the name of a male planet. If Venus and Mars are situated together in the horoscope or are situated in each other’s constellation/Nakshatra or are making any kind of relation with each other, then when the Dashas of these planets come in the horoscope then the person is in love and they have no relationship. The relationship starts and the person starts taking a dip in the ocean of love.

When Venus is favorable, a person also feels attracted towards his partner and due to being with Mars, he feels very good in enjoyment, luxury and pleasure etc. If the owner of the fifth house is also in a good position, then the person falls in love in this Dasha and Antardasha, and if the fifth house is related to the seventh house, then the person can stay in that relationship for a long time and when the time comes, the person will be in love. By getting married, he can also take a pledge to live with her for the rest of his life. If the planet Venus is in the fifth house or has its aspect on the fifth house, then the person has good chances of getting love in life. Apart from this, even if Venus and Moon are in conjunction with each other or if there is a change of zodiac between them or there is a relationship, even then their Dasha is going to generate tender feelings of love and carry them forward.

Having a good relationship between the owners of the fifth house and the eleventh house in the horoscope is a sign of success in love life and when their conditions come, love returns to the person’s life. In this way, these planets influence the life of the native in his dasha – antardasha and flow the Ganges of love in his life.

Love Yoga : Unsuccessful Pursuits?

Heartbreak is the saddest event in the present times. Once you get sick, it can be treated, but if your heart is broken, it hurts for a long time. That injury may not be visible but it can break you deep inside and you can also withdraw from all the necessities of living life and sometimes even go into depression, so no one wants your heart broken or someone to deceive you, but astrology also reveals that there are some special situations, which if present in the horoscope of a person can also get cheated in love life and their heart can be broken too.

Due to such planetary positions, problems arise in love life and the person wanders around in trouble and his condition becomes like Romeo. At times, he starts thinking that it must be my fault that it happened because of which the reality is also different from this. 

Many times the person in front of him cheats, but the planets of the horoscope tell whether your love will be successful or not or your heart will be broken or not. Just as the condition of Venus and Mars is considered to increase love and attraction in life, but if the effect of Saturn comes on it or the position of Ketu planet is created, then problems arise in the love life of the person. Fights break out between them, even the relationship breaks down.

Apart from this, the position of Venus and Moon in the Kundli also creates Prem Yoga, but if Shani Dev is situated with them or if Saturn is aspected by them, then it also corrupts the Prem Yoga because Moon’s union with Saturn. Vish creates yoga and the position of Saturn with Venus indicates separation from the partner. When such a situation occurs, the person faces estrangement with his favorite partner and small things gradually grow up and lose his/her partner and loses love from his/her life.

Love Marriage Prospects in Kundli 

Under astrology, it is known whether the marriage of a person will be a love marriage or a traditional marriage. The mutual conjunction of planets gives a clear indication of this. Which planetary positions are running in your marriageable age, they also indicate whether you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Whenever we love someone, there is a desire in our mind that this person should become our life partner and because of this, many times their words are accepted by their family members but sometimes they face a lot of opposition. Due to which sometimes they lose their confidence and sometimes they become successful.

If we talk in astrological terms, then some special positions of the planets clearly point towards love marriage in the horoscope. The seventh house of the horoscope is also considered the house of long lasting partnership and marriage. If there is a mutual relationship between the fifth house and the seventh house of the horoscope, then it is easy for a person to do a love marriage. Apart from this, if the lord of the fifth house is situated in the seventh house or if the lord of the seventh house is situated in the fifth house then it can be possible to have a love marriage.

The presence of Rahu and Venus together in the horoscope, especially in the fifth, eleventh or seventh house is a clear sign of love marriage. According to some beliefs, the placement of Mars and Venus in the ascendant or seventh can also give birth to love marriage.

If the fifth house and the seventh house of the horoscope are very well maintained, that is, they are not affected by any malefic planet or inauspicious planet and there is a position of planets like Venus and Moon on these houses and Mars is acting as a catalyst in it. Love marriage definitely happens.

Venus and Moon sitting together or giving sight to each other or being in transit from each other also becomes the reason for love marriage.

Apart from this, due to Venus being the main factor of love, if the planet Venus is related to its ascendant house, fifth house, seventh house or eleventh house in the horoscope of the person, then the person is full of love and moving towards love marriage. it happens.

If the fifth house of the horoscope is related to the ninth house, then the possibility of love marriage increases and it is believed that due to the love loan outstanding of the previous birth between these two persons, they would have been born as lovers in the present life. And after marrying each other in love they become each other’s forever and ever.

Thus we can say that the effect of Venus, Moon and Mars on the ascendant house, fifth house, seventh house and eleventh house of the horoscope leads the person in the direction of love marriage.

At present, due to the position of Rahu and Venus, many love marriages are seen taking place. This also happens because all the three Nakshatras of Rahu come under the Kama/passion triangle and being situated with Venus makes the person ready to do anything for the sake of love.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars increases love after attraction. While Mars gives energy, Venus promotes the feeling of love. In this way, the person and the caste get tied in mutual physical attraction to each other and move towards love marriage.

If the lord of the ascendant house of the horoscope i.e. ascendant is related to the fifth house and the lord of the fifth house is related to the seventh house, then there is a good possibility of love marriage and it also lasts for a long time. Love marriage can be possible even if the conjunction of Venus and Mars is in the sign of Venus.

If the planet Venus and Moon are situated in each other’s house by being the fifth lord and seventh lord and make a relationship with the ascendant, then even if the house of the ascendant and the triangle is related, the person gets married.

If the lord of the seventh house in the birth chart is more powerful than the lord of the ascendant house and is situated in the Navamsa of an auspicious planet, then the person whom he/she marries in love is a person of a higher family than himself.

If it is situated in a debilitated zodiac in Navamsa Kundli, then it is also seen that a person marries in a lower family than his family.

If the seventh lord and the fifth lord are situated in each other’s Nakshtras in the horoscope, then the yoga of love marriage can also be formed.

If the lord of the fifth house and seventh house is conjunct in the fifth house, eleventh house, ascendant house or seventh house, then it also strengthens love relations and creates a situation of love marriage. In this situation, the love marriage of the native lasts for a long time.

If Venus is aspecting the fifth house or if there is a vision of Venus on the Moon, then such love starts secretly and then gradually progresses.

The fifth house is the house of love and feelings, while the eleventh house is the house of ambition and their fulfillment. If Panchmesh and Ekadesh are combined together in a horoscope, then strong love yoga is formed.

If Rahu is related to the fifth or seventh house or it is combined with Venus, then it creates the situation of love marriage. Such a marriage can be an inter-caste marriage.

If Mars is situated with Venus in the fifth or seventh house, then it helps in converting love into marriage, but after marriage, there is a problem in supporting it for a long time.

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 Reasons for Failure of Prem Yoga in Kundli

Witnessing Love and then and its failure is the most painful thing to experience. Apart from this, many times you get married to the person you love, but later there is a problem in being with them, then you suffer more. Let us know what are the situations in which there are obstacles in your love and love can fail.

If there is a yoga of love marriage in the horoscope but the planet Venus is under the influence of inauspicious planets or if it is situated in Paap Kartari yoga, then there are problems in getting love marriage or even after getting married one has to face problems in running the marriage.

If any of the above-mentioned love marriage yoga is formed in the horoscope but the seventh house is in Paap Kartari yoga or with the aspect or relation of inauspicious planets, then there are a lot of problems in love marriage and marriage takes place very late. Even after getting married, the native has to make a lot of efforts to run that marriage.

If the lord of the fifth house in the horoscope of the person goes to the eighth house and goes to the debilitated zodiac, then the person gets cheated or problem in love relations due to the deeds of his previous birth and love marriage is not possible. Even if love marriage becomes possible due to other yogas in the horoscope, then the person does not get happiness from the life partner.

In the horoscope of a person, the planet Venus, that is, the causative planet of love, is in the sixth house, in the eighth house or in the twelfth house from the ascendant house of the horoscope, then there are possibilities of love but love marriage is not possible. Even if there is love for some reason, then even after love marriage, problems remain.

If Venus of exalted zodiac is situated in the seventh house of the horoscope or Rahu is situated with Venus, then the person gets married but after that his marriage fails due to extramarital affairs.

If the lord of the fifth house and the lord of the seventh house sit in the sixth house, the eighth house or the twelfth house in the horoscope of a person and they are under the influence of sinful planets and there is no good relation with any auspicious planet, then love life would be hampered. Is. That is, there may be a breakdown in love relationships and they may have to sacrifice their love in life.

If the malefic planets are placed in a strong position in the eleventh house of the horoscope, that is, in the house of attainment and ambitions, then there are problems in getting married and lovers are not able to meet forever.

Apart from this, if on seeing/studying the horoscopes of the boy and the girl, if Venus of the other is located with Rahu in one’s horoscope, then there are chances of getting divorced.

Remedies to Strengthen Your Love Life

  • Girls should observe the Mangala Gauri fast to get their desired life partner.
  • Worshiping Radha Krishna also strengthens love relationships.
  • Apart from this, by showing your horoscope to a learned astrologer, you can also make your love life strong by observing the remedies given by them.
  • If love yoga is weak in your horoscope or you are facing problems in getting love marriage or if you do not get along with the people you love, then you should take some special measures, which will increase love between you and you will love love. Be successful in getting married too.
  • Strengthen the position of the planet Venus in your horoscope. For this, knowing that Venus is an auspicious or inauspicious planet for the horoscope, its donation can be carried out and Mantra can be chanted.
  • You can also wear a rose quartz stone ring, bracelet or pendant to increase love in life.
  • Knowing the lord of the fifth house of your horoscope and strengthening it can also give you success in love relationships.
  • Your love marriage can be possible by giving strength to the fifth house as well as the seventh house lord.
  • On Mondays, form an alliance of Mata Paravati and Lord Shiva with Kalave.

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