Love & Romance Report: Your Exclusive Love Guru For Valentine Week

“Love and Romance” is a topic that intrigues everybody. A deep desire for a soulmate, the perfect partner who will be there for you in your success and failures, the person who is willing to accept you with all your failures and shortcomings. Is that person born, then where to find that person and how, when will the fire ignite between both of us and what are the chances of finding stability in a relationship if you find the “One”.

This is where Love & Romance Report comes in handy, as it not only tells us of the personality of the partner that we are inclined to from the start, but where to exactly focus all your energy and most importantly, how to conduct yourself in terms of behavior, which is a very important thing when we enter into a relationship. This helps us to ensure a steady and smooth flow in terms of relationships, which we basically ignore as most of us are only eager to start one, not to sustain. 

Take for example my report. My family astrologer predicted while in my teens only that

  • I will not that be great in initiating the love matters, forget sustaining it,
  • I will get married in late 30s, 
  • My would-be wife will be in the teaching profession, i.e. a teacher,
  • I will meet her through relatives or social circle, 
  • She will be beautiful, a little dominating and crave for a little attention. 


I simply laughed as anybody would do in the teenage when your hormones hit you hard, and for me, who was (I am not exaggerating) handsome than any average teenager out there, thinking of finding love anytime soon and getting married at the right Indian age was my mid 20s. 

But, as I now look down the road, everything has come out to be as true as my family astrologer predicted. I could not initiate any love/romantic proposal though I had feelings, had my marriage in the late 30s; precisely as I entered my 36th year, and with the teacher who is working in the Central Government. 

Though it has all come true and we can say that it was destined to happen, but there was no particular explanation regarding the events that would really help me understand, as to what were the behavioral tendencies that shaped me in such a manner, were there any planetary combinations that created such scenarios or would have helped me a lot in terms of working on myself, shaping my personal life or even sustaining and maintaining my current relationship. 

This is where “ Love and Romance Report” comes into light, because not only it will tell you the events pertaining to your personal life but also what you need to do in terms of working on your personality or behavior that would help you with your relationships in regards to sustaining and maintaining it as well.

In terms of this report, not only the events were correct, but according to the planetary positions, I got to know that I was hesitant, shy in nature, someone who does not like failures, have a fear of losing and rejection, and anxious regarding the outcome. These traits held me back from making the decision and became the reasons because of which I could not enter into relationships despite having feelings or used to develop assumptions and presumptions in my mind that, in the end, affected my personal life.

Love and Romance Report


Also, this report calculated the position of Venus in my Kundli and told me that my high expectations and desires for a perfect partner kept me long away from the opportunities in terms of proposal that I got in my past. 

Having known these aspects earlier, it would have definitely helped me in terms of accepting myself and enabled me to work on these shortcomings. However, it’s better late than never! Now that I resonate with the things mentioned above in the report, I have started working on myself that helps me in my current relationship. 

-Yogesh Darira


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