Love Marriage Yoga In The Horoscope: Insights & Remedies

Love Marriage Yogas: Love marriage is the most discussed and prevalent marriage method in today’s time. It feels easier and more comfortable to go through life by marrying someone we know or with whom we have developed a deep relationship, which is safer than marrying a stranger. 

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That’s why the question comes in the mind of many people that will our love marriage be possible? Many times the love relationship starts breaking even before marriage, even then this common curiosity arises. Will we get our lover or girlfriend back? And it is also seen that even when everything is going well in love relations, this curiosity arises that whether this marriage will be able to last properly in our life or not? You can get answers to all these important questions through astrology.

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Yoga Of Love Marriage In Horoscope

So let’s understand how the Yoga of love marriage is formed inside your birth chart. If you want to understand the possibility of your love marriage in the personal horoscope, then you should analyze the ascendant house, fifth house, seventh house and ninth house in your birth chart.

If the lord of the Ascendant house is malefic, that is, Mars, Sun or Saturn. And if it is located in the fifth house, then the chances of love marriage are formed. Even if the lord of the fifth house gets situated in the seventh house or ninth house, even then there are possibilities of love marriage.

Similarly, if the lord of the seventh house is situated in the fifth house or in the ninth house, then also the chances of love marriage are formed. If there is a combination of the ninth house and the fifth house in any house in the birth chart, then there is a possibility of a successful love marriage. It has been seen many times that even if Mars, Saturn or Sun is situated in the fifth house in their own sign, the person remains eager to have a love marriage.

The position of the malefic planet in the fifth house makes the person intellectually strong and domineering. Hence, a person is the master of his will. As a result, he wants to get his marriage done as per his wish. When passion is related to the seventh house, it also shows the love between husband and wife. Even in this situation, it is possible to have love in the past.

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Success In Love Marriage

Now here, let us try to understand whether the horoscope of the person you are in love with has the sum of love marriage or not. For this Yoga mentioned above, all those Yogas should be seen.

And it should also be seen whether their Ascendant matches with your Ascendant, seventh house, fifth house, ninth house or twelfth house or not. If their Ascendant lord or your Ascendant lord is related in any way to the houses mentioned above in each other’s horoscope. Then, the sum of marriage between you is more firmly established. And the success rate of love marriage also increases here.

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Weakness In Love Marriage Yoga

In many circumstances, love marriage does not take place despite the presence of love marriage in the birth chart or it does not succeed. Those Yogas are understood.

If the fifth house in the horoscope is situated between Sun and Mars, there are chances of failure of love marriage or suffering in them. It means that in the horoscope, Sun and Mars should be situated in the fourth house. And Sun-Mars should be situated in the sixth house. This situation brings the fifth house into Paap Kartari Yoga and due to this the Yoga of love marriage gets dissolved or in trouble.

Similarly, in the seventh house also, if a benefic planet is in its own right. Even then there is a problem in doing a love marriage. The lord of the fifth house being situated in the eighth house or the lord of the seventh house being situated in the eighth house, this also prevents love marriages from happening.

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Remedies For Successful Love Marriage

In this way, when obstacles arise in love marriage due to which a situation of tension could be created between the two. In such a situation, planetary obstacles should be pacified as a remedy and worship of God should be given priority.

One should never go towards hypnosis, subjugation and tantric experiments. These experiments have immediate effect but in future increase mutual disputes and create hatred towards each other. In Vedic remedies, planetary peace should be done according to the current planetary position and those planets which are located as obstacles in love marriage should be completely pacified by Vedic law. This again establishes mutual coordination and harmony. And love marriage becomes completely successful.

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