Love and Romance Report – An Instant Solution For your Love Problems!

Valentine’s week has officially begun. Today is the 7th of February, also known as Rose Day. This day formally announces the beginning of Valentine’s week. Some of you have probably made the necessary arrangements to make the day quite a special one for your beloved, while some others are probably hesitating to express your feelings to your intended.

As we all know, love is one of the prerequisites to lead a happy and satisfactory life. Each and every one of us desire for a lovemate, with whom we can share the thicks and thins of life. However, there are also some unlucky ones who fail to gain the companionship of a loved one. Many times we step back because of our inability to express our love or the fear of rejection. But have you wondered what a blessing it would be if we can know the major happenings of our love life in advance. Won’t it be magical to know if our intended will reciprocate positively or not? So, put a full stop all of your worries as on this special occasion, we have brought to you a special report which will definitely answer all your questions about your love life. AstroSage is here with the most effective love report to solve each and every kind of problem related to your love life. It goes by the name of Valentine’s Love and Romance report which requires you to submit all the necessary details like name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth to arrive into conclusions about your love life.

Let us take a look at the information which can be availed from this Love and Romance Report and some of its key features are mentioned below.

  • An appropriate day for you to propose to your partner this Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine week and valentine year forecast
  • The Impact of Venus transit on your love life.
  • Analysis of love and marriage prospects after your Kundli.
  • An analysis of your love life on the basis of Vedic astrology, Numerology and Lal Kitab.
  • Suggestions and Remedies to make your love life successful.

Love and Romance Report


As it has been mentioned before, the month of love has already begun. In such a situation, it is an absolute necessity to talk about the Valentine love and romance report on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. An extraordinary feature of this report is an brought to you by us contains all the necessary information about the auspicious days and time of the love week approaching soon. You will get to know what is the appropriate time to propose your partner and which time period should be avoided for the same. Along with this, you will also be notified about the necessary remedies you should be undertaking from Rose Day until Valentine’s Day.

The Impact of Venus Transit on your Love Life : As it is known to all that Venus is the significator of love and romance, which is why the position of Venus should be necessarily taken into account while making astrological predictions about one’s love life. This special Valentines Love and Romance report generates predictions after considering the respective positions of Venus in your particular Kundli or birth chart.

This report will also notify you about the upcoming occurrences of Valentine’s week and what’s special in store for you. Not only this, the love and romance report also contains the predictions for Valentine’s Day, which stretches until next year. In this report, information about love percentages concerning many parameters are given away, which also includes the compatibility between you and your partner.

The House of Love in your Kundli : The fifth house of kundli or birth chart is known as the house of love. The special love and romance report gives away information about which planets are currently residing in your fifth house. With this report, you can find out if any malefic planet is taking a nest in your face house which poses threats to your love life.

The House of Marriage in your Kundli : If we are discussing love, then marriage is the next big thing to talk about. In such a situation, AstroSage’s special love and romance report can be taken into account to know how strong are the marriage prospects in your Kundli. You can also find out the probable hurdles you can come across while getting married.

Your Personality : This Special Report will also notify you intricate details about your personality. At what age will you fall in love? Information like this can be collected from this report.

Characteristics and Flaws According to your Moon Sign : Each and every human being is registered under a Moon Sign, which is taken into account to get details about your characteristics and flaws. This love and romance report can be put to use to know your vices and virtues. Which of your flaws are standing in the way of your love life so that you can bring your love life back to the right track by undertaking the right measures.

Love and Romance Report


The planet Venus has transited on the third of February and it is known to all that the transit of Venus has a direct impact on one’s love life. In such a situation, details about this particular transit’s impact on your love life has also been mentioned here.

Your Life Partner’s Personality : I am sure each and every one of us have many questions about our life partner. What will he/she be like?  Will he/she be worthy of our love even or not? Acknowledging the dilemma of many folks with regards to this, AstroSage has come up with this special report, which contains the necessary answers to all of your questions.

Apart from this, this report also contains some very important information like, Numerological assessment of your love life, which contains numerology predictions about your love life, favorable and unfavorable aspects for your love life.

Last but not the least, we are also giving away some suggestions to make your love life more radiant and beautiful at the end of this report. So, what are you waiting for? Just share your birth details with us and get this exclusive love and romance report in return. So, get it now and make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

A happy and satisfied Sonali says, “All this while, the very mention of astrology made me believe that it is quite a sensitive and complicated field. But I got to know about the Love and Romance Report and used it myself, I got to know some unknown yet crucial things about my love life. I thank AstroSage with all my heart and mind for making me believe that astrology can do wonders”


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