Astro Special: Lord Rama Baby Names- Choose The Perfect Name For Your Child!

Lord Rama is one of the human avatars of Lord Vishnu who is celebrated across India. His life journey is no less than an inspiration for any man or human being. Every parent wishes to have a son like Lord Rama. 

It is said that the personality of a person is heavily influenced by their name, so if you want to have qualities like Lord Rama in your son, then you can name your child after his various names. 

Today, through this blog, we are going to tell you about some names of Lord Rama for children, from which you can choose any name of your choice for your son. 

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Lord Rama Names For Your Son 

Adheesh or Aadhish

If you want to name your son with the letter ‘A’, then you can pick the name Adheesh. The meaning of this name is “One who is intelligent.” This also means deep knowledge. This name would be the best for someone who is very thoughtful and intelligent. The name Adheesh also reflects the qualities of insight and sage-like wisdom. 


If you are looking for a name with the letter “Ch,” then you can think of one of the names of Lord Rama, Chinmay. This name means the one who has complete knowledge. This name combines comprehensive understanding and knowledge.  Giving this name to your child can make them curious in nature or someone who is eager to learn. 

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The meaning of the name Adiv is delicate, sensitive, a feeling of gentleness, and sympathy. If you give this name to your child then he will inherit kindness and calmness right from a young age. These two were the traits of Lord Rama. This name also reflects spontaneous and thoughtful behavior. 

Anikrit And Bhuvan 

Anikrit is also a pretty name for your beautiful son. This is a relatively less popular name. This is one of the names for Lord Rama and its meaning is high caste son. On the other hand, Bhuvan is also a good name as well. The meaning of this name is world or universe. This name also represents the vastness and nature of existence. 

Daksha And Ekash

Both of these names are alike and extremely beautiful. The meaning of the name Daksh is talented or skillful. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma’s son was named Daksh. 

Now, Ekash represents a person with a unique vision. This name reflects strong determination and commitment toward one’s goals and duties. 


The parents who want a soulful name beginning with the letter ‘H,’ then they can think of Hitansh which means a well-wisher, kind, prosperous, and the one who cares about others’ happiness. This name reflects the feeling of care and empathy. Lord Rama, himself had kindness and security for all kinds of living beings. 

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Ivan means a unique ruler. This name reflects a leader with notable skills. If you want to establish unique leadership skills in your child then you can name him Ivan. Lord Shiva is also known as Ivan.


There was a time when the name Jitendra was loved by all. The meaning of this name is the one who has won over Lord Indra. This name is associated with self-control and mastering your senses. 


The meaning of the name, Kiyaan, is the blessing of God. This name is a symbol of spirituality and godly blessing. The names like Kiyaan are loved by several people nowadays. You can also pick this name for your child. 


This name is directly related to Lord Rama. Manvik forms from the combination of Man and Vik wherein the latter part means to make progress or win. In this way, the meaning of the name Manvik is the one who has a victorious and  a progressive mind or heart. 

Praneet or Pranit 

If you are looking for a name for your child with the letter ‘P,’ then you can choose Praneet. This name represents calmness and control. Both of these qualities were there in Lord Rama. By giving this name to your son, you can bring the qualities like calmness and stability to your child. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How powerful is the name Ram?

Ram is the most powerful entity in the world. It has enough power to turn the impossible into possible. 

What is Ram’s full name? 

Ram’s full name is Ramchandra or Ram Lalla. He was also known as Raghava, Dasarathi, and Raghu. 

What is the real name of Shri Ram? 

The real name of Shri Ram is Dasrath Raghav.

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