Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Planets Have Revealed The Winning Party!

This time, will it actually surpass 400? Is the Modi government actually reforming? Or is this just a slogan? How will the results of the Lok Sabha elections be obtained this time? Our blog at AstroSage will provide you with all of this information. All right, let’s talk about this.

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As everyone is aware, the BJP party has adopted the slogan “Abki Baar, 400 Paar”. Can this actually be accomplished? What does the astrological forecast say? What do conditions and transits of planets mean in this instance? Let us know.

What Do the Planets Say? 

India’s horoscope, after gaining independence, is Taurus ascendant. It has been accepted  that under Venus ascendant and Jupiter navamsa, the nation will gain independence. People all throughout the nation get emotional when they see the Pisces Navamsa. Not only that, but at that time the Moon, the psychological component, was also in its own sign, Cancer. The sign of Cancer is one that is emotionally focused. Because of this, emotional concerns have always dominated elections and decision-making processes in our nation above national interests and advancement.

It’s possible that while development is the parties’ initial goal, the public does not support them when they present their case to the public on development-related topics. Leaders must therefore build their plans on emotional problems. You are aware that in this nation, people tend not to give much weight to facts. If someone is crying or yelling loudly, people definitely hear him. Let’s use an example to better understand this. You must have observed that our nation airs a lot of heartfelt television shows and films. The TRP for violent and abusive shows is similarly high. For this reason, drama needs to be incorporated into reality shows while producing educational movies or television programs.

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Well, let’s get back on topic. The issue is that whoever appeals to the emotions of the people will come to power in this nation. It follows that, for you and the majority of your countrymen, the only person who can continue to pique your emotional interest will be close to your heart and mind.

In reference to the current elections, India is under the influence of the Antardasha of Venus in the Mahadasha of the Moon. Our experience has shown us that elections conducted during the Venus dasha period have strengthened the opposition and weakened the ruling party. These signs suggest that the ruling party’s strength might be declining rather than rising, meaning that it might be weaker now than it was in 2019. This is especially true for the BJP and NDA.

This implies that there might be less NDA seats this time around as opposed to 353 in 2019. For the BJP seats, we would like to make a similar statement. Thus, there might be fewer BJP seats this time around than there were in 2019 (303). Conditions apply in this situation. Let’s talk about transit now.

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Planetary Position During 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

During this election, the zodiac sign of Jupiter has changed in the middle of the election. Additionally, this suggests instability. The ruling party had an advantage when Jupiter was in Aries at the start of the elections, but on May 1, 2024, Jupiter moved from Aries to Taurus, which put the party in a vulnerable position. Jupiter Transit In Taurus is said by many famous astrologers to be the planet responsible for power transitions. 

We are hoping that because of the auspicious beginning, there won’t likely be a transition of power because astrology places greater emphasis in the beginning. The current ruling alliance may still hold onto power, but the government, the government head, and their initiatives may become less significant because to the unfavorable Jupiter transit. The public’s perception of them may be less favorable. We are discussing a decrease in the number of seats held by the government in power due to these causes.

This indicates that BJP and its allied parties would have received a larger percentage of the vote in the election that took place prior to May 1, 2024. In the elections that took place after May 1, 2024, their percentage of votes would have decreased simultaneously. In the remaining phases, their percentage of the vote can drop. Nevertheless, they will find a way to set up a government. To build the government, they might need to enlist the aid of other individuals or groups, though. It might also require them to launch new initiatives to drive out their present alliances. Considering that the supporters may also make some more requests and demands. Their declining influence can help Congress and other opposition parties. It should be clear to you by now that the BJP does not seem to be able to live up to its slogan, “Abki Baar, 400 Paar.”

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BJP Horoscope

Mercury is in the Moon in BJP’s personal horoscope, which is causing him to feel unidentified fear or anxiety. Can you see why the nation’s dominant party could be concerned or fearful of what? This concern, of course, may be over failing to meet one’s objective. The central leaders’ remarks and speeches demonstrate its impact. In this election, local or regional leaders and governments are likely to have more influence than the Center. We may better appreciate this by using the example of Uttar Pradesh, where a BJP administration can win a decent seat in the Lok Sabha and the Center’s weakness will not have much of an effect on the candidates running in that state. 

But let’s also be realistic that anything may happen in the political world. In such a situation, the BJP may also lose in Uttar Pradesh if any local BJP official engages in sabotage or fails to do the necessary effort to ensure the victory of his party’s candidate. The BJP will gain in areas without BJP governments if local leaders work earnestly to help their candidate win. Remember that we haven’t accused anyone; this was only an example. And the impact on each party will remain the same. We merely used the name of the BJP as an example. People in the ruling party lower the effort graph and become overconfident as logic and policy require. This implies that the local unit will be more successful than the Center’s wave in any elections held or scheduled for after May 1, 2024. It is common knowledge that the Center has been able to use even inexperienced local leaders earlier to win elections.

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Let’s discuss the overview of everything. In summary, it is possible to predict that the NDA will occur again because of the positive first phase of voting; if not, the period following May 1, 2024, will be anti-incumbency, with a greater emphasis on local units’ power. The ruling party’s seats might occasionally display it. That’s the reason they can require more members. While the ruling party’s number of seats is declining in North India, the BJP may see a rise in its share of the vote in several South Indian states and even open an account in those where it does not have any seats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Will BJP win according to Astrology?

Answer 1. Astrology indicates that the likelihood of the BJP forming the government in the Lok Sabha elections in 2024 is very high.

Question 2. When will the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 result be declared?

Answer 2. The result of Lok Sabha Election 2024 will be declared on 4 June, 2024.

Question 3. What is the zodiac sign of Narendra Modi?

Answer 3. Scorpio Zodiac Sign.


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