Know Why the Festival Lohri is Celebrated & it’s Associated Legends!

The festival of Lohri is celebrated as the New Year of the farmers. Usually, this festival is celebrated in Punjab and Haryana but with the passage of time, people across the country have started celebrating it with great pomp and show. The festival of Lohri is known by different names in different parts of the country. So, let us know when it is going to be celebrated this year. Along with this, know its significance and history associated.   

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When will Lohri be Celebrated in 2021? 

Lohri this year will be celebrated on January 13, 2021

Lohri Sankranti Moment : 8 : 29 AM in the morning of 14 January, 2021 

Why is the Festival of Lohri Celebrated?

The festival of Lohri is celebrated during harvesting in Punjab. The farmers’ income is generated after harvesting and this brings happiness in their house. In order to celebrate this happiness, the festival of Lohri is celebrated. On this day, people light a fire and put jaggery, Gajak, sesame, etc. in it. In addition to this, many popular stories are also associated with the festival of Lohri and they are even heard today.  

The Story behind Celebrating Lohri 

People have been celebrating this beautiful festival over a few years. If we see things from a scientific point of view, the festival of Lohri falls during the Paush month as per Hindu Panchang and after this, temperature begins to rise and this is the beginning time of new crop plantations.   

How do we Celebrate Lohri? 

On the day of Lohri, people revolve around the bonfire, dance, sing and spread happiness. They put jaggery, sesame, Rewari, Gajak etc. in the fire and distribute the same among others. Besides this, popcorn, sesame Ladoos, peanut chikki are also distributed among others.  

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Beliefs Associated with Lohri

Many reasons have been given in History behind celebrating the festival of Lohri. The festival is usually connected with Vikram Samvat and Makar Sankranti as per Hindu Panchang. There is a tradition of celebrating this festival after the end of winter season. Also, this festival is celebrated as the New Year of the farmers.     

Astrological Beliefs Related to this Festival

As per astrology, the festival of Lohri is celebrated with the purpose that our coming generations will learn from their elders to follow their customs and traditions. Besides this, a purpose related to health is also associated with the celebration that the beginning of the year is very cold and in this regard, the body gets heat by burning a fire. At the same time, items like jaggery, sesame, Gajak, peanuts provide essential nutrients to our body.   

The word Lohri is made up of three words. L means wood, O means Upale and D means Rewari. These three words convey the actual meaning of the word Lohri. People wear new clothes, sing songs and dance on this very day. Also, they worship god together.  

Traditions Associated with the Day of Lohri

On this day, people of punjabi community do prayers in the presence of fire. After this, they revolve around it and put several things in the same. They wish their relatives, friends and neighbours. Besides this, flying kites is considered to be highly auspicious in Punjab and Haryana. Those who come to your place, should be offered with sweets, peanuts etc. People make Sarson Ka Saag, corn chapati (Makki Ki Roti) and Kheer on occasion of this festival.   

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Legends Pertaining to Lohri

It is said that Lord Vishnu incarnated himself as Lord Krishna in Dwapara Yuga. It was the same time when maternal Kansa tried to kill child Krishna differently on a daily basis. Once, Kansa sent the demoness named Lohita to Gokul to kill child Krishna when everybody was celebrating the festival of Makar Sankranti. When she tried to kill child Krishna, the latter killed her with the playful activities and since her name was Lohita, the festival of Lohri is celebrated after her name.  

In addition to this, the day of Lohri is celebrated in the form of Lal Lohri in Sindhi society. This festival of Lohri is dedicated to Agni Dev. Therefore, on this day, people offer beaten paddy, sesame, peanut etc to fire. Besides this, it is also believed that the daughter of king Daksha named Sati put herself in the fire owing to the mistreatment by her husband. Thus, the tradition of celebrating this day as Lohri started. As the Sun is considered to be the greatest benefactor of energy and therefore, the Sun and the Agni (fire) are worshipped on this very day.   

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Story Concerning Dulla Bhatti for Lohri 

The story of Dulla Bhatti comes to our mind whenever we talk about the festival of Lohri or we hear the story concerning the same. In this pretext, the question arises in our mind about Dulla Bhatti. Dulla Bhatti was a brave warrior during the reign of Akbar in Mughal period in Punjab. It is believed that he would protect the girls of Punjab. At that time, the rich merchants used to sell the girls of Sandal. When Dulla Bhatti came to know about this, he arranged the marriage of those girls with Hindu boys and freed them from the clutches of merchants. After this, he was awarded with the title of Nayak and every year, his story is heard and narrated to children.        

Once, Dulla Bhatti came to know about two poor and beautiful sisters, Sundari and Mundari. The land owners kidnapped both these sisters and their uncle could not be able to protect them. When Dulla Bhatti came to know about this, he went to the forest on the day of Lohri, arranged the marriage of both these sisters and performed their Kanyadaan. However, when it came to dowry or gift giving, Dulla Bhatti had nothing with him. In this context, he offered jaggery and some other items and bade them farewell. He served as a warrior for the service of the needy, his nation and community. In this pretext, he is considered to be an epitome of fearlessness, struggle, truth and faith. His stories are still heard and recited on the day of Lohri so that our coming generation would take the inspiration from his bravery and lead their life fearlessly.    

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