Lohri 2024: Know Zodiac-Wise Remedies For Happiness & Prosperity!

Lohri 2024: In this special AstroSage blog, we are providing details of Lohri 2024 to the readers. Also, it includes information about the festival, date, worship method, and special remedies for the day. Other than that, we are discussing things that should be offered to Fire God as per zodiac signs. We would like to tell you that the Sikh community is celebrating the Lohri event with full enthusiasm across the country. So, let us move ahead and learn about Lohri 2024 and the celebration to be done this year. 

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India is a diverse country, where people of all religions live together and celebrate their festivals with full pomp & enthusiasm. With the start of the new year, there is a flurry of festivals, and Lohri is one among them. Similar to Makar Sankranti, Lohri is one of the major festivals of North India. In Punjab and Haryana, Lohri is celebrated with great pomp. This festival is celebrated a day before the Makar Sankranti. On the occasion of Lohri, a fire is lit up with wood & cow dung outside the houses or in an open place and people circle around the fire to mark the celebrations. So, let us first know about the date and Muhurat of Lohri 2024. 

Lohri 2024: Date And Time 

Each year Lohri is celebrated on 13 January, but Makar Sankranti falls on 15 January 2024. The Lohri celebrations are done on the eve of Makar Sankranti i.e. a day before. In such a situation, the Lohri 2024 celebrations will be held on 14 January 2024, Sunday. The auspicious time of Lohri 2024 Puja is on 14 January and at 08:57 pm. 

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How Is Lohri Celebrated And What Is The Tradition?

It is considered that the day of Lohri marks the end of the winter session. The celebrations are done to mark the harvest of the Rabi crop in the Punjab region. There is the tradition of going from door to door and singing songs, on the festival day. Children are going door to door and they are given items like jaggery, peanuts, sesame seeds, and Gajak. On this day, wood is collected from each house and in the evening, it is burnt in open spaces around the houses. During the Puja ceremony, things like jaggery, sesame, and Makka are offered as Bhog and then distributed among all in the form of Prasad. During this period, people play drums and DJ outside their houses and dance to Punjabi songs. The festival is also very special for the newly married couples. Let us know why it is so. 

Why Is Lohri Special For Newly Weds?

As mentioned above, the Lohri festival is very special for the newlyweds. There is a mythological story behind it. As per the story, when King Daksha insulted Lord Shiva & Mother Sati, then Goddess Sati committed self-immolation, which angered Lord Shiva and he beheaded King Daksha. But at the behest of Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva gave him a goat’s head in place of King Daksha’s head. 

After that, when goddess Sati took rebirth as Mother Parvati, King Daksha sent a gift to Mother Parvati’s in-laws on the occasion of Lohri and apologized for the mistake. From then till today, on this special day, gifts are being sent from the in-law’s house of newly married couples. Also, on this day, the married couples are dressing up nicely. Men are wearing new clothes and women are doing makeup. 

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The Story Of Lohri 

On the day of Lohri, the story of Dulla Bhatti is always heard. It is believed that the Lohri celebrations are incomplete without hearing the story. Let us tell the readers that Dulla Bhatti was a warrior of the medieval period in India, who resided during the Mughal King Akbar’s period and in the Punjab region. 

As per the mythological stories, during the Mughal period and in the reign of Akbar, there used to be Dulla Bhatti in the Punjab region. It is believed that Dulla Bhatti protected the girls of Punjab when they were being sent to the rich businessmen in Sandar Bar. One specific day, Dulla Bhatti rescued the girls from the rich businessmen and got them married. This is the reason why, on every year’s Lohri festival, the story of Dulla Bhatti teaches people to protect women and thus raise their voices against wrong things. 

The Importance Of Lohri Festival 

The Lohri festival has special significance in the states like Punjab and Haryana and it also holds a vital place in the lives of farmers because on this day, the harvest of old crops is done and the sugarcane crop is sown. On this special day, farmers come together and thank God for the crops. From this day, many farmers are starting the new financial year and there is the religious belief that worshiping Lord Agni on the Lohri day will play a significant role in the lives of natives. The worshiping of Lord Agni results in happiness, prosperity, and peace in the house of people. It is also the best way to get rid of all sorrows in your life. 

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Meaning Of Lohri 

On the last day of the Pausha month, there is the tradition of burning Lohri at night. After that, there will be a lot of changes in the weather. The night of Lohri is considered the longest night and after this, the days start getting longer gradually. Also, the weather starts improving and the weather starts improving i.e. the cold nights start declining. This is the reason why it is known as a seasonal festival. To know the meaning of Lohri, ‘L’ means wood, ‘oh’ means Goha i.e. burning of dry Uplas, and ‘ri’ means Revdi. Thus, on this specific day, things like peanuts, sesame, jaggery, and Gajak are eaten. There also lies the tradition of eating Chidwe and corn by burning it in the Lohri fire. 

Easy Remedies For the Lohri Day

  • The belief is that the Bhog offered to Lord Shankar on Lohri should be served to poor girls. This will result in never a shortage of grains in your house. 
  • On this special day, tie wheat in a red cloth and donate it to the poor Brahmin. This will strengthen your overall financial condition. 
  • On the day of Lohri, in the western direction of your house, light a mustard lamp oil by positioning Mahadev’s picture with a black cloth. Along with it, offer different things to Goddess Parvati like Dhoop Batti, Sindur, Belpatra, and others for worship. 
  • On this holy day, worship Lord Shiva following all the correct rituals. After that, offerings of different materials like jaggery, Revdi, Jagah, and peanuts should be made. One needs to light a mustard lamp and chant the mantra ‘Om Sati Shambhavi Shivpriya Swaha’ 108 times. 
  • On the Lohri day, cook Khichdi of black Urad dal and feed it to a black or white cow. Doing this ritual will help maintain affection among the members of your family. 

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Things To Be Put In Fire According To Zodiac Sign In Lohri 2024 

In Lohri, there is a special significance of fire. On this day, offerings made in the fire as per the zodiac signs are considered very auspicious. This results in good luck and prosperity in the lives of people. Let us look at different things that need to be sacrificed in fire as per zodiac signs. 


On the auspicious occasion of Lohri, Aries people need to take two cloves, sesame seeds, and jaggery in their right hand, rotate it through your head, and then throw it in the fire. After that, join hands in front of the Fire God and pray for your happiness & the family.


The Taurus natives should take whole rice and Misri in their right hand and throw it in fire, during this period. After that, offer prayers to the Fire God for prosperity and happiness. 


On the day of Lohri 2024, the Gemini natives need to offer, whole moong dal to the fire. This will result in getting rid of different troubles at the workplace. 

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The Cancer natives need to offer a handful of rice and Kheel Batashe to the Fire God. The natives can achieve stability in their financial condition through it. 


In the fire, the Leo natives need to offer Jaggery along with whole wheat in the fire with the right hand. It is believed that such remedies will help achieve peace and happiness in the lives of people and also get rid of different troubles. 


On this holy day, the Virgo natives need to offer a handful of peanuts, sal cloves, and Kheel Batashe to the Fire God. Doing this will result in the good health of natives and also get relief from different diseases. 


On Lohri 2024, the Libra natives need to take a handful of Jowar, two cloves, and two Batashas in the right hand and throw it in the fire. It will help maintain the unity in the family and love between husband & wife will increase. 

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The Scorpio natives need to take a handful of peanuts, Rewari, and four cloves in the right hand on Lohri 2024 and offer it to the Fire God. Get relief from all kinds of troubles in your life by praying to Agnidev. 


The Sagittarius natives on Lohri 2024 should take gram dal, a lump of turmeric, two cloves, and Batasha in the right hand and offer it to the Fire God. This will please Goddess Lakshmi and she takes special care of the devotees. 


The Capricorn natives on Lohri 2024 should take a handful of black mustard, two cloves, and a nutmeg in the right hand and throw it in the fire. Doing this will result in a lot of business progression and the business operations will flourish. 


The people of Aquarius natives on Lohri 2024 should take a handful of black gram, two gloves, and seven Batashes on the right hand and throw them in the fire. The relationship with brothers and sisters will get strengthened and experience a rise in respect levels everywhere. 


The Pisces zodiac on Lohri 2024 needs to take a handful of yellow mustard, three saffron leaves, five Gaanth Sabut Turmeric, and a handful of Revadi on the right hand and offer it to the Fire God with the family. This will result in victory over opponents and enemies. 

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