Life Path Number Decodes Your Life and Fate

What is my Life Path Number? Everyone wishes to know the number that can bring them luck and fortune. The creation is made up of cosmic energy, every number and alphabet vibrates to its zest. These numbers give a direction and movement through the journey of Life. It shows a path towards the meaning of existence and a Soul’s Destiny. Following the correct influence brings success and achievements to one’s Life.

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How To Know Your Life Path Number?

The date of birth has a special influence on the personality and traits of an individual. The Life path number is calculated with that special date on which a person is born. The sum total of date of birth reduced to one digit is your Life Path number. That is, add the date of birth + month of birth + year of birth, the total number derived is the Life Path Number. For example, the life path number of a native born on 02/12/2020 will be 9 (2+1+2+2+2). This is how you can know your exclusive Life Path Number.

Know your Life Path Number As Per Numerology

What Does Your Life Path Number Represent?

Life Path Number 1

You will be strong and an influential person. You have high aspirations in life and wish to achieve the world. You are good at commanding people and delegating responsibilities. Taking orders is not your cup of tea. You have good entrepreneur skills and will eventually do better in business in the later stages of your life. You will earn a good name and respect in society after 35 years of age. Your journey is about bringing being fair and pursuing things with honesty and dedication. Following these attributes religiously will assist you in achieving great heights. Worshipping Lord Sun and offering prayers to him will be beneficial for you.

Life Path Number 2

You are an emotional being, however, you become practical when things befall upon you at the work front. Your aspiration is having healthy relationships in life, which brings loads of pressure on your mind. You are most of the time stuck up between choices in your life and find it difficult to make your decisions. You will be good to stay near water bodies, as it will match your wavelength and induce more creativity and peace of mind. Getting into any kind of trading or dealing with dairy-related products will bring favourable results for you. You will also succeed as diplomats in your life.

Life Path Number 3

A true knowledge perceiver, those with life path number 3 like getting into hunch of everything. You are an explorer and adventurer. Nothing stops you from achieving your desires. Your optimism will lead you to great heights in the later stages of your life. Your sole goal is to gain immense knowledge in order to win over every situation and challenges of life’s journey. You will be good at the place of justice is a judge or lawyer. The administration and teaching industry will also bring success to you. Being involved in religious acts and places of spirituality will bring immense pleasure and satisfaction to your soul.

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Life Path Number 4

A deep thinker finds it difficult to trust people. You are passionate about earning loads of wealth and materialistic possessions. Your journey is to gain a variety of things and become a successful entrepreneur. You tend to get lost in your own thoughts and world of illusion at times. Your great intellectual skills will serve you well, however you need to protect your interests from the influential people and energies, since you tend to get carried away. You will do wonders as a researcher and stock breaking. The aeronautics and engineering industries will also suffice your interests and bring achievements to you.

Life Path Number 5

A true multitasker is always chirpy and energetic. You aim to lead your life logically and calculatively. Your satisfaction lies in concluding things with your analytical skills. You believe in learning a couple of things at one particular time and trying your luck in them. You believe that communication is a key to success and does not leave any occasion to convince people around you for your ideas and strategies. Working in the finance sector will bring prosperity to those with life path number 5. You will do wonders if associated with the travelling industry or freelancing as orators and writers. You will also make good ambassadors and interpreters. 

Life Path Number 6

The seeker of comforts and gratification, you aim to find the best of both worlds. Your journey is to find the utmost beautiful things and carve your life with adornments and pleasures. You wish to be rolled up with possessions and admiring things around you. This aspiration always pushes you to find smoother and finer ways to work out your plans. The creative side of you is never tired of bringing enhancement in your living standards. The field of designing and styling will bring great satisfaction to you. Also, working with garments and jewellery will give you happiness and contentment.

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Life Path Number 7

You believe in introspection and finding the true meaning of life. Your motto is to make life productive and knowing the reason for existence. Your intuitive inclination keeps growing with the passage of time. You like to keep things to yourself and are a good observer. You are shrewd when it comes to delivering your entrepreneur skills. You will be good working at archeological sites. Also, working as a therapist or social worker will provide some satisfaction to your soul. You will be good at dealing into medicines, working with the chemical industry and as an IT professional.

Life Path Number 8

A true hard worker and a strong believer of karma. Your soul satisfaction lies in performing deeds and balancing karmas. You have a mature soul and understanding of life’s struggles and challenges. You will be highly responsible and disciplined in the later stages of your life. You find it difficult to express yourself and all the more tough to trust people, as you feel that they will not be able to understand you to the core. The agricultural industry will suit your laborious working skills. Also dealing into coal, mines, petrol and natural gases will bring you success. Helping the labour class will also bring auspicious results for you.

Life Path Number 9

High in passion and energy, you are quite bold and dynamic to deal with any situation. Helping people through their journey is your sole inspiration and you can cross bridges to do the same. At times short in temperament, you wish to achieve things within a wink of an eye. You with life path number 9 will be good working around the fireplace or the fire stations. Your vigour will suffice with the serving jobs as working in the police, army or military. You will also make very good surgeons and doctors and will achieve great heights in your profession after 35 years of age.

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