Lathmar Holi Special : Know Why is it Celebrated?

Lathmar Holi : Know Where its Traditional and Ancient Roots Lie? 

Indeed Holi is the most colorful and majestic festival to be included in the Hindu religion and culture. And, Lathmar Holi of Barsana happens to be another beautiful representation of this festival of colours.

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As the name suggests, Lathis (stick) are used along with colours to add more joyousness to the festivities. In this Holi special blog, we will provide you with some special highlights of this festival played in the city of Lord Krishna.

This year, Holika Dahan will be celebrated on the 9th of March and on the very next day, i.e. Tuesday, 10th March, natives from all over the country will get engaged in the festivities of Holi. Considering the various diversity of our country, each and every state add its special flavors to the celebrations of Holi. Despite everything, the Holi of Barsana manage to stand out in the crowd as it has to offer some bizarre yet culturally beautiful experiences.

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The Lathmar Holi of Barsana attracts a large number of visitors. Some travel from within the country, whereas the others are foreigners. It has been said that Lathmar Holi happens to be one of the most ancient traditions prevalent in the city of Sri Krishna. What makes it different from the rest is its antique and cultural roots which have not yet disappeared from the streets of Barsana.

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What is Lathmar Holi? 

Each and every year, the Navami Tithi of Shukla Paksha which arrives in the month of Phalgun is celebrated as Lathmar Holi. A different yet joyous vibe takes over Mathura when it hosts the celebrations of Holi. On this occasion, women beat their husbands with Lathis (sticks) out of fun and the men also counteract and take a shield in order to safeguard themselves.

Lathmar Holi Speciality 

It is believed that the roots of Lat Mar Holi lie in the time of Radha and Krishna. As far as history is concerned, then it is said that Lord Krishna used to play Holi along with his friends and apply Holi on Radha and her friends. it used to be a time when Radha would beat Krishna and his friends with sticks. So, this is how the celebration of Lathmar Holi came into existence.

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Nandgaon is the place where Lord Krishna was born and its natives take great interest in taking this tradition forward. There is a Mandir(temple) situated in Barsana(which is actually the birthplace of Radha)and the men of Nandgaon try to hoist the flag in this particular Mandir. In this duration, women dress themselves up beautifully and try to stop the men from hosting the flag by beating them in a jovial manner.

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If the men cannot stop the women from doing so, they try to distract them by applying Abir and Gulaal (colours) on them. If a man manages to escape from the women and reach the temple then he gets to hoist the flag ultimately, but the men who are caught by the women have to wear women’s clothes and make a dance performance in front of everyone. This becomes the highlight of the day and quite a view to spectate.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous Holi Week!!

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