Know The Significance, Date, & Muhurta Of Last Saphala Ekadashi Of 2022!

In accordance with Hindu Panchang, there are two Ekadashi dates that occur in a single month. In keeping with this, there are a total of twenty-four Ekadashi that are celebrated in a year. Every Ekadashi has its own significance and according to religious beliefs, the one who observes the fast of Ekadashi with proper rituals and engages in proper worship method; is bound to receive prosperity and happiness from all sides. According to the Hindu Calendar, the month that comes after Margashirsha (Agahan) is Paush. The fast of Saphala Ekadashi is observed in the month of Paush, on the Ekadashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha. The fast of Saphala Ekadashi is considered the most virtuous and exalted among all the fasts that are observed. This Ekadashi is going to be the last Ekadashi of the year 2022. 

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According to the Shastras, the one who worships Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Ekadashi, receives immense blessings and all their wishes come true; the worshiper also receives emancipation from all their sins. Worshiping with proper and complete rituals on this day gets the worshiper liberation from all the hardships and miseries. So, through this blog AstroSage will inform you about the date, auspicious beginning, and all the other finer points related to Saphala Ekadashi 2022

Saphala Ekadashi 2022: Date And Time

According to the Hindu Panchang, the fast of Saphala Ekadashi is kept in the month of Paush, on the Ekadashi Tithi of Krishna Paksh. This year the auspicious day will occur on 19 December 2022, Monday. 

Auspicious Time (Muhurat)

Ekadashi Starting Date: From 19th December 2022, Monday at 03:35.

Ekadashi Ending Date: To 20th December 2022, Tuesday at 02:35. 

Saphala Ekadashi Parana Time 

Parana Time: 20th December 2022, Tuesday from 07:08 to 09:12. 

Duration: 2 Hours 3 Minutes. 

Importance Of Saphala Ekadashi 

In the Shastras, a very significant and higher status is given to Saphala Ekadashi. On this day, the one who worships Lord Vishnu gets blessed with immense virtues, prosperity, and good luck. With this, the worshiper who worships Lord Vishnu and observes the fast on this day, with all his/her heart, goes to Vishnu Lok after his/her death. The worshiperto the Hindu Puranas, Lord Shri Krishna responded to Yudhishthira by saying that he finds fasting on Ekadashi to be more satisfying than conducting the largest Puja ceremonies and Yagya.

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Fast Of Saphala Ekadashi 2022: The Ancient Lore

According to the religious scriptures, there lived a King Mahishmat who ruled the city known as Champavati. The King was blessed with five sons, and his eldest son named Luke was a non-religious and morally gray person. He always used to slander Gods and Goddesses and had a fetish for non-vegetarian food and alcoholic beverages. The King got tired of his insincere attitude and named him Lumbak and threw him out of his kingdom. 

He was disturbed by his father’s attitude towards him and went to live in the forest. After some time the night of Dashmi (which occurred in the month of Paush on Krishna Paksh) came, and that night it was very cold. Due to the cold environment, Lumbak wasn’t able to sleep, and he started feeling ill because of it. The next morning, on the day of Ekadashi, he fainted, and once he felt the Sun’s rays on him, he woke up. 

After drinking some water, he felt fine, and then went to retrieve the fruits. In the evening he came to his place and put all his fruits on the roots of a Peepal Tree. He sat there and started cursing his luck in life. After that he offered those fruits to Lord Vishnu and religiously offered his prayers as well. That day it was Saphala Ekadashi. 

Somehow Lumbak spent his day and at night he again was not able to sleep because of the cold weather. Throughout the whole night, Lumbak worshiped Lord Vishnu, without knowing that he had observed and completed the fast of Saphala Ekadashi. The effect of the fast radiated its positivity and Lumbak started living his life religiously. After some time the King Mahishmat got to know about his son and asked him to return to the kingdom. 

After his return, Lumbak was crowned the King of Champavati city by his father King Mahishmat who endowed him with all the roles and responsibilities. The King Mahishmat himself went into the jungle to practice penance. After some time, Lumbak became a father of a boy, and he was named Manogya. When Manogya became an adult, King Lumbak handed all the roles a gets endowed with prosperity and happiness in their life as well. According nd responsibilities of a king to him and he himself went to the forest to do penance. So, this is how Saphala Ekadashi makes every wish come true and puts one on the path of righteousness and prosperity. 

Saphala Ekadashi: Remedies 

All the wishes and desires come true when one does these remedies on the day of Saphala Ekadashi. So let’s take a look and know about all the remarkable remedies one can do on this pious day!

  • On the day of Saphala Ekadashi if you light a lamp using Ghee and recite this Mantra: oṃ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya namaḥ and do 11 circumambulations (parikrama) of Shri Tulsi then all your past and present financial problems will vanish. 
  • If you light a lamp in front of Lord Vishnu on this day and recite the hymns of the 11th chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita facing East; then all your finances that are stuck will be released and you will receive progress in that. 
  • Light a lamp with nine faces in front of Lord Vishnu on the day of Saphala Ekadashi and with this also light a Akhand lamp. By doing this all the challenges that you are facing in your job will disperse. 

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Saphala Ekadashi 2022: Rules Of Fast To Keep In Mind

  • After observing the fast on the day of Ekadashi, one should do worship of Lord Vishnu at night. 
  • The fast of Ekadashi should never be broken before Hari Vasar is over. 
  • Before the end of Dwadashi, one must complete the fast of Ekadashi. 
  • If Dwadashi Tithi is coming to an end before the sunrise, then in this kind of situation, one can end the fast after sunrise. 
  • On the day of Dwadashi Tithi, do worship with all proper rituals. Your fast should only be broken after you feed a Brahmin. 
  • Donate useful things to needy and underprivileged people on this pious day.
  • On this day the service of cows holds great importance. 

Saphala Ekadashi 2022: Method Of Worship

  • The person who is observing the Ekadashi fast should get up early in the morning and after completing the routine, should perform Aarti of Lord Vishnu. The worshiper should also do the Abhishek of Lord Vishnu with Gangajal, Milk, and Curd. 
  • During the Puja, one should offer incense sticks, coconut, Betel Nut (Supaari), (Gooseberry) Amla, pomegranate, clove, and Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu. You must not forget to offer Tulsi leaves as the plant is beloved of Lord Vishnu. 
  • On this day donating lamps and doing worship at night hold great significance. 
  • The Bhog of Lord Vishnu must be done with sweets and yellow fruits. 
  • Along with worshiping Lord Vishnu also do the worship of Goddess Lakshmi. 

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