Perform These Zodiac-Wise Remedies On Last Purnima Of 2022: Also Note Purnima 2023 Dates!

The year is ending as we have entered into the last month of 2022. On December 8, we are celebrating and observing the last Purnima Vrat of this year, i.e. Margashirsha Purnima Vrat. The next Purnima Tithi will fall in 2023 on 6 January. So, it is natural that the devotees would want to celebrate the last Purnima of 2022 with devotion, dedication, zeal and enthusiasm. In this special blog by AstroSage, we are providing you with the necessary information regarding Margashirsha Purnima Vrat, some effective zodiac-wise remedies that must be performed on this day, along with a complete list of all Purnima 2023 dates!

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For your information, this blog has been curated by the esteemed astrologers of AstroSage. Let’s begin by finding out more about Margashirsha Purnima Vrat.

Margashirsha Purnima Vrat 2022: Significance

Margashirsha Purnima falls on the Purnima Tithi (full moon) in the Hindu month of Margashirsha, which is the ninth month as per the Hindu calendar. This day is dedicated to Chandra Dev (the Moon). In our scriptures, this month has been given the name of ‘Masonam Margashirshoham‘, which means there is no other month that is more auspicious than this one. In Shrimad Bhadwad Gita, Lord Krishna has said that among all months, he is the auspicious month of Margashirsha.

On this day, the devotees worship Lord Vishnu wholeheartedly, and bathe in Holy Rivers of Banaras, Haridwar, Prayagraj, Mathura, etc. There is also a special significance of making donations on this day. Dattatreya Jayanti is also celebrated on the pious day of this Purnima. Let us tell you that Lord Dattatrya is the Trimurti Avatar (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh).

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Let’s check out the date and time of Margashirsha Purnima Vrat 2022.

Margashirsha Purnima 2022: Date & Time

Poornima Tithi Begins at 08:03:58 on December 7, 2022

Poornima Tithi Ends at 09:40:13 on December 8, 2022

Note: This timing is applicable for New Delhi. To know the timing as per your city, click here.

Formation Of 2 Auspicious Yogas On This Day…

Margashirsha Purnima will be celebrated in 2 pious yogas this year. The first yoga is Siddha Yoga and the second will be Sadhya Yoga.

Siddha Yoga: This yoga will be formed on 7 December and will last till 8 December at 2:52 AM. During this yoga, if a person chants the name and Mantras of the God, he receives good outcomes. Also, any task commenced on this day is completed successfully.

Sadhya Yoga: It will be formed on 8 December at 2:53 AM, and will last until the next day, till 3:10 AM, on 9 December. This yoga makes a person feel dedicated towards their work and helps them complete their tasks wholeheartedly.

Many devotees observe a fast on Purnima Tithi and there is a special method of performing the Puja for this day. We’ll elaborate more on it further.

Margashirsha Purnima Vrat 2022: Puja Vidhi

  • If you are observing a fast on this day, then you must wake up early, preferably during the Brahma Muhurat, and take the vow of fasting before taking the bath.
  • It is considered auspicious to take bath in Holy Rivers on this day. However, if it is not possible, you can add Tulsi leaves in your bathing water at home, and take a bath.
  • Then offer Arghya to the Sun.
  • Now, you must wear clean and tidy clothes and perform the Puja.
  • Like we have mentioned before, doing donation and charity work on this day gives you fruitful outcomes. So after the Puja, you must donate some useful things to the poor and needy people.
  • You must also offer Arghya to the Moon at night. 
  • You can also recite this Mantra on Margashirsha Purnima to appease Maa Laxmi and have her blessings- 

oṃ śrī hrīṃ śrīṃ kamale kamalālaye prasīda

śrīṃ hrīṃ śrīṃ oṃ mahālakṣmayai namaḥ।।

Now it’s time to reveal the Purnima Dates in 2023, so let’s go!

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Purnima Dates In 2023: A Complete List

In 2023, the first Purnima will fall on 6 January, which will be Paush Purnima, and the last will fall on 26 December 2023, which will be Margashirsha Purnima.

AstroSage has curated an entire list of Purnima Tithis in 2023. You can check out this list here- Purnima 2023 Calendar.

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Margashirsha Purnima 2022: Zodiac-Wise Remedies 

Aries: Aries natives must worship Laxmi-Narayan on this day. After this, donate red-colored clothes and jaggery to the poor and needy people. This will enhance your financial condition.

Taurus: For the Taurus natives who want to get rid of problems caused by enemies, chant the names of 12 forms of Lord Vishnu and offer a yellow flower to him each time you take one of his 12 names (Achyuta, Ananta, Damodar, Keshava, Narayana, Sridhara, Govinda, Madhava, Hrishikesh, Trivikaram, Padmanabha and Madhusudan). In the evening, flow these flowers in the flowing water.

Gemini: Gemini natives must recite the Geeta Path on this day as it will open doors to new opportunities for you. Also, all the things you have been desiring for a long time will be fulfilled and you will get rid of stress.

Cancer: To get rid of poverty, the Cancer natives can offer Akshat to Maa Laxmi 11 times on this day, one at a time, while reciting this Mantra- “ūṃ śrīṃ hrīṃ śrīṃ kamale kamalālaye prasīda prasīda śrīṃ hrīṃ śrīṃ mahālakṣmyai nama:”

Leo: Leo natives can offer Red Chandan to Maa Bhagwati and then apply the same Chandan to their forehead. This will help you get your stuck money back.

Virgo: These natives must offer Vejayanti Mala to Lord Krishna on this day to bring peace and harmony to their lives.

Libra: On the day of Margashirsha Purnima, you must mix a little water with turmeric and make Swastik symbols on both sides of the main door. This will help you in the completion of all your tasks.

Scorpio: To make your financial life better, the Scorpio natives must perform the abhishek of Lord Krishna with Dakshinavarti Conch Shell while reciting this Mantra 108 times- ‘ūṃ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya’ 

Sagittarius: Sagittarius natives must feed wheat to the birds on this day to overcome obstacles coming in career and business.

Capricorn: Capricorn natives can donate grains and blankets to the poor and needy on this day to improve their financial condition.

Aquarius: The Aquarius natives must recite the following Mantra- “ū~ somāya namaḥ” 11 times while sitting in the moonlight, and offer Arghya to the moon with milk. 

Pisces: These natives must offer coconut while worshiping Lord Hari as it is dear to Lord Vishnu. This will help bring harmony in your family life.

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