Lalita Panchami Special: Puja Vidhi To Please Lalita Devi, The Incarnation of Maa Parvati!

As per Hindu Panchang, Lalita Panchami is celebrated on Panchami Tithi of Shukla Paksha during Ashwin month. This year, this festival will be celebrated on October 21, Wednesday. On the day of Lalita Panchami, the worship of Lalita Devi, the incarnation of Maa Parvati, is performed. The fifth day of Shardiya Navratri is devoted to Maa Lalita and she is also known as Tripura Sundari. This festival is also known as Upang Lalita Panchami Vrat and Lalita Jayanti. This day, the devotees worship Maa Lalita with due rituals by observing the fast. This festival is celebrated in Gujarat, Maharashtra along with other states of India. Let us know more things associated with this day.

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Significance of Lalita Panchami Vrat

Maa Parvati is considered to be the epitome of power and therefore, Maa Parvati is venerated as Lalita Devi in the form of Shakti. This day, it is believed that one is blessed with true blessings if Maa Lalita Vrat is observed with absolute devotion. Also, she blesses the natives with happiness, peace and prosperity forever.

It is believed that one gets free from all kinds of sufferings only by sighting (Darshan) Maa Lalita, Tripura Sundari. This fast is considered to be a showerer of all pleasure and strength. As per Puranas, this fast must be observed by those women who are having sons. It is said about the birth of Maa Lalita that she was born from the ashes of Kamadeva’s body to kill the demon, Bhaanda. 

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With the fame of Maa Lalita, the devotees line up in the temple on the day of Lalita Panchami. On this day, fates are arranged at certain places. Lakhs of people who follow Hinduism celebrate this festival with great pomp and show.

Rituals To Venerate Maa Lalita 

One who observes the fast on Lalita Panchami, must perform the worship of Maa Lalita with the following rituals:

  • First of all, take a bath on the day of Lalita Panchami. 
  • Then, bring sand from the river bank in any bamboo basket or pot. Create the idol of Maa Lalita from this sand and if not possible, you can also place a photo of Maa.
  • Worship Maa Lalita with due rituals.
  • After worship, offer  Pushpanjali (garland of flowers) twenty eight times while reciting the below Mantra while keeping flowers and rice in hand.

मंत्र – ललिते ललिते देवि सौख्यसौभाग्यदायिनी।

या सौभाग्यसमुत्पन्ना तस्यै देव्यै नमो नमः॥ /

mantra – lalite lalite devi saukhyasaubhāgyadāyinī।

yā saubhāgyasamutpannā tasyai devyai namo namaḥ॥

  • Perform Hawan at home and serve fifteen Brahmins and fifteen small girls (Kanyas) with food.
  • Must recite the Path of Lalita Sahastranam and Lalita Trisati on the day of Lalita Panchami.
  • Observe the fast during the day and perform Jagran at night.
  • Immerse the idol/photo of Maa Lalita on the very next day.

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Must Hear this Legend of Maa Lalita

Maa Lalita is worshipped on the day of Lalita Panchami. The observer of fast must hear the legend of Maa Lalita on this very day. Once, everyone stood up in the honour of King Daksha Prajapati but Lord Shiva did not move an inch. King Daksha did not like the behaviour of Lord Shiva, the husband of his daughter Sati, and considered it as an insult. Daksha organised a Yagya at his place and invited all deities. But, to take revenge for the insult, the king did not invite Lord Shiva.

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When Maa Sati came to know about this, she went directly to attend the Yagya without any invitation. The king spoke highly ill of Lord Shiva during the Yagya. When Sati heard all the harsh words uttered for her husband, she could not bear the insult and sacrificed her life by jumping into Yagya Vedi.

When Lord Shiva came to know about this sacrifice, he reached there instantly. He lifted the dead body of his wife on his shoulder and started wandering here and there in anger and sorrow. When Lord Vishnu saw this condition of Lord Shiva then he pierced the body of Maa Sati with his Chakra. She imbibed Lord Shiva in her heart and hence, she was known as Maa Lalita. 

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