Lal Kitab Remedies For Year 2023 To Make It Mind Blowing!

The beginning of the new year is only a few days away and everyone is quite excited to know what this upcoming year holds for them. Everyone hopes that the year 2023 will be filled with happiness, prosperity, and joy. But don’t forget, worries and difficulties are a part of life. 

As always, AstroSage is here to serve its readers and has created yet another helpful blog that will assist you in coping with your problems and stress in life. If you want your next year to be really auspicious and successful, solve all types of difficulties,  improve the inflow of money,  spend the entire year cheerfully and to gain success in every work, etc then, read this special blog by AstroSage: Lal Kitab Remedies For 2023. This blog will teach you one of the best cures that can make you wealthy and healthy in 2023 and you will lead a happy and peaceful life.

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Significant Role Of Lal Kitab In Astrology

Lal Kitab, which basically means “A Red Book,” is believed to be a collection of five volumes on Hindu astrology and Palmistry that were produced in the Urdu language in the 19th century and it is based on the Samudrika Shastra. Lal Kitab, a branch of Vedic astrology, is considered to be special because it describes how specific planetary positions in a person’s horoscope reflect in the lines of their palm. As a result, it is often referred to as Astro-palmistry.

According to myth, the Lal Kitab branch of astrology was created by Ravana. The King of Lanka lost his authority due to his arrogance and this fight, and he also lost his Lal Kitab. But the same book then reappeared in Arabia in a place called Aaad. It was first translated into Persian, then into Urdu. It is frequently seen as a component of Islam and Arab culture due to its beginnings in the Persian language (to modern man). It might have been known as the Red Book of Persia. 

Hindu astrologers, however, argue that this is false because this style of astrology is extremely similar to Vedic Jyotish, in that it uses the same names for the nine planets and follows their positions. In reality, because of its roots, a new branch of Lal Kitab remedies has been developed. These remedies are simple yet extremely helpful for planetary afflictions in a person’s natal chart or horoscope.

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Lal Kitab Remedies For The Year 2023

Lal Kitab, one of the most significant astrology books, contains descriptions of numerous remedies. To use these remedies, you don’t need to consult any experts or think in any way. You can perform it whenever you like on the Muhurat and Tithi specified in the Lal Kitab. So let’s take a look at the following Lal Kitab 2023 remedies: 

  • Remedy To Make All The Planets Favorable To You

Every year, you must plant at least two trees. These should be mango, Peepal, Banyan, Neem, Shami, or Bilva trees. These trees don’t have to be planted near your home. All people must be able to benefit from these trees, hence they must be planted in a public park, a temple, or another location. A person will never experience poverty or misfortune if he plants two of these trees each year in public spaces and waters them on a regular basis. The unfavorable impacts of all the planets are countered by this remedy.

  • Remedy To Bring Happiness, Peace And Prosperity In The House

You must perform this remedy once per month. You must collect at least 10 rupees from each member of the household, whether old and young, in order to perform this remedy. You could feed a beggar who is disabled with the money you’ve raised. You can use this money if you’d want to buy grains for the birds, which you can feed them daily little by little. Any form of domestic conflict or argument is eliminated by this remedy. All the members of the house will benefit from this remedy.

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  • Remedy To Make Rahu-Ketu Auspicious

Rahu and Ketu have always been regarded as the two planets with the most influence in astrology. These two planets begin to have an adverse effect on whichever planets they form an alliance with. This is the reason why faults in Rahu and Ketu in the majority of horoscopes cause troubles for people. In this case, you should purchase a black and white blanket and donate to a needy person on Saturday. If not possible, you can donate a dual-colored sheet on Saturday. All the Doshas that Rahu and Ketu cause are eliminated with this one-time remedy. Along with this, other planets begin to produce their favorable effects.

  • Remedy To Keep Yourself Healthy And Fit

On Tuesday and Saturday, you must offer Chowla blended with jasmine oil and vermilion to Hanumanji at least twice a year. You will receive Lord Hanuman’s blessings and be protected from all problems for the entire year if you do this. Even serious diseases will progressively improve after using this remedy. Additionally, all forms of Mangal Dosh will vanish. In running water, flow Rewadis, Batashe, honey, or vermilion. It is preferable if you complete this task on Tuesday.

Apart from this, when you go to bed at night, put a copper pot filled with water on your pillow. When you wake up in the morning, throw the pot outside or put it in a kikar tree. Do this for at least 11 and up to 43 days. All illnesses, both physical and mental, will be cured by doing this. Also, repeat this twice a year. It will keep your health strong and fix the lunar flaw at the same time.

  • Remedy To Remove (Saturn) Shani Dosha 

You should feed at least 10 blind people. In addition, make sure you feed any disabled person, monks, or girls on time at least twice a year. By doing this, all Saturn flaws will be eliminated, and Shani’s favor will last the entire year. Keep feeding the animals and birds and providing them with plenty of water if you are unable to complete this task. According to myth, whoever feeds bread or green feed to 100 cows or dogs in a single day while collecting an equivalent sum of money from each member of his family will find relief from all of his problems. 

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