Krishna Janmashtami 2023 In Rare Yoga: Offer Zodiacwise Bhog To Kanha

Krishna Janmashtami 2023: Krishna Janmashtami 2023, also referred to as the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth, is a grand and vibrant festival widely celebrated in India. Each year, this significant occasion falls on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada. This day is believed to mark the divine incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Lord Krishna during the Dwapara Yuga.

In the current year, the festivities of Krishna Janmashtami 2023 will grace us on September 7, 2023. Through the medium of this distinctive blog, we shall delve into understanding the propitious timings for Krishna Janmashtami, and the favorable cosmic alignments on this year’s Janmashtami. Furthermore, we will fill you in with insights regarding everything auspicious that can invite favorable outcomes on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami 2023. Additionally, we will provide remedies tailored to your zodiac sign.

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Krishna Janmashtami 2023: Date & Time

First, let us find out when to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami 2023. This year, Krishna Janmashtami is set to grace us on September 7, 2023, falling on a Thursday. It’s an opportune day to observe fasting, inviting blessings from Lord Krishna into your life.

Timings For Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Puja

The Midnight Puja Muhurat: Beginning from 23:56:25 to 24:42:09

Duration: 0 hours 45 minutes

Janmashtami Parana Muhurat: After 06:01:46 on September 8th.

Special Information: Legend has it that Lord Shri Krishna’s birth occurred on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha in the Bhadrapada month, coinciding with the rising moon and the presence of the Rohini Nakshatra. This year too, the celebration of Shri Krishna Janmashtami will coincide with the Rohini Nakshatra, a highly auspicious and uncommon cosmic configuration. Astrologers posit that such infrequent alignments manifest after considerable periods. Consequently, this year’s propitious Janmashtami inherently holds a remarkable significance.

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The Significance Of Krishna Janmashtami 2023

During the observance of Krishna Janmashtami 2023, many individuals partake in fasting and worship. It is believed that adhering to a fast on this day not only fulfills all desires but also ushers happiness and prosperity into the household. 

It acts as a remedy against ailments, flaws, and adversaries, and holds particular auspiciousness for those seeking to bear offspring. Hence, if the aspiration is to have children, it is strongly recommended to observe the Krishna Janmashtami fast.

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Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Puja Samagri

There exist specific Puja essentials that are integral to the worship of Lord Shri Krishna, and their absence renders the Laddu Gopal puja incomplete. Let’s explore some of these Puja items:

A cradle for Bal Gopal (Baby Krishna), an idol of Lord Krishna, a miniature flute, a new piece of jewelry, a crown, basil leaves, sandalwood paste, rice grains, butter, saffron, small cardamom, a water-filled Kalash, turmeric, betel leaves, betel nuts, Gangajal, a seat, aromatic substances, coins, white and red cloth, vermillion, coconut, sacred thread, cloves, fragrance, a lamp, either mustard oil or Ghee, a cotton wick, incense sticks, Dhoop sticks, fruits, camphor, and a peacock feather.

Therefore, it is advised to incorporate all these Puja elements into your worship to seek the blessings of Laddu Gopal.

Krishna Janmashtami 2023: Puja Vidhi

On this day, the worship of Lord Krishna in his infant form, known as Laddu Gopal, is performed.

  • To begin, wake up in the morning, take a bath, and make a vow for the fast.
  • Adorn and decorate the idol of Bal Krishna with care and reverence.
  • Set up a cradle for Bal Gopal and gently swing him in it.
  • Perform an auspicious ritualistic bath (Abhishek) using milk and holy water.
  • Subsequently, dress the deity in fresh attire.
  • Place a crown on him and present a miniature flute.
  • Adorn Laddu Gopal with sandalwood paste and a garland of fragrant flowers.
  • For the offering (Bhog), present Tulsi leaves, fruits, fox nuts, butter, and crystallized sugar. Additionally, offer sweets, dried fruits, and a special sweet dish.
  • Finally, light incense and a lamp, perform the aarti for the infant form of Lord Krishna and distribute Prasad to all participants in the worship.

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Auspicious Items To Purchase On Krishna Janmashtami 2023

During the celebration of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, ensure to acquire at least one of these propitious items:

  • An idol of Bal Gopal meticulously crafted from a blend of eight metals (Ashtadhatu). It is firmly believed that the presence of Lord Shri Krishna resides within an Ashtadhatu idol. Procuring such an idol on Krishna Janmashtami is accompanied by profound auspiciousness.
  • A cradle or swing designed for Laddu Gopal. The acquisition of this item also carries great auspiciousness. Furthermore, you can even engage in its worship on the very day of Krishna Janmashtami 2023.
  • Exquisite attire tailored for Laddu Gopal. Should you desire, you can also consider purchasing supplementary items such as a peacock feather, a garland, armlets, and a flute, to complement the attire of Laddu Gopal.
  • A breathtaking painting depicting Lord Krishna and Radha, which serves as an adornment for your living space. Procuring such a painting on Krishna Janmashtami 2023 holds immense significance in terms of auspiciousness.

Acquiring any of these items on Krishna Janmashtami 2023 is believed to ensure the unequivocal blessings of Lord Krishna.

Rules To Follow During Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Fasting

If you’re contemplating partaking in the Janmashtami fast, it’s recommended to acquaint yourself with specific rules and precautions beforehand. Adhering to these instructions guarantees the efficacy of your fasting endeavor.

  • On this day, following an early morning bath, solemnly commit to the fasting pledge.
  • Depending on your capacity, contribute donations of food and clothing.
  • Embrace a Sattvic (wholesome and light) diet.
  • Ensure inadvertent harm is not caused to any living being, human or animal.
  • Refrain from the consumption of tea and coffee.
  • Steer clear of non-vegetarian fare.
  • Consumption of milk and yogurt is permissible.
  • Furthermore, if desired, you can choose a fruit-based diet.

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Zodiac Wise Bhog And Mantras For Krishna Janmashtami 2023

AriesOn this day, offer ghee as a homage to Laddu Gopal.‘Om Kamalanathaya Namah’
TaurusPresent Lord Krishna with an offering of butter.Recite the Krishna Ashtakam
GeminiMake sure to dedicate yogurt as a bhog to Lord Krishna.‘Om Govindaya Namah’
CancerOffer Milk and saffron to Lord Krishna as a BhogRecite the Radhashtakam
LeoOffer butter combined with rock sugar in front of the Baal Gopala.‘om Koti-Surya-Samaprabhaya Namah’
VirgoBestow Laddu Gopal with an offering of butter.‘om Devaki Namdanaya Namah’
LibraExpress your reverence to Lord Krishna by offering traditional clarified butter.‘om Lila-Dharaya Namah’
ScorpioChoose to dedicate either butter or yogurt as an offering to Kanha.‘om Varaha Namah’
SagittariusOffer any yellow item or yellow sweet as a tribute to the young Gopala on this day.‘om Jagadguruve Namah’
CapricornOffer Mishri to Lord Krishna‘om Putana-Jivita Haraya Namah’
AquariusOffer Balushahi in front of Lord Shri Krishna.‘om Dayanidhaya Namah’
PiscesOffer Lord Krishna delicacies such as barfi and saffron.‘om Yashoda – Vatsalaya Namah’

Zodiac-Wise Remedies To Follow On Krishna Janmashtami 2023

Let’s delve deeper now and comprehend the remedies tailored for each zodiac sign, capable of ushering blessings of happiness and prosperity into your life on the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami 2023.


Those born under Aries should contemplate donating wheat according to their capacity and reciting the Vishnu Sahasranama.


Taurus individuals have the option to offer sandalwood paste as a charitable gesture, thereby enhancing joy and prosperity in their lives.


For individuals of the Gemini sign, gifting new clothes to young girls is a recommended remedy.


Natives belonging to Cancer can make a contribution of rice and rice pudding to the less fortunate on this special day.

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Leo individuals are advised to present jaggery and recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra.


Virgo natives can contribute grains to those in need on Krishna Janmashtami.


People with the Libra zodiac can extend their support by donating clothes and fruits to the underprivileged.


Scorpio natives have the opportunity to offer wheat and share sweets with others, if feasible.


Those falling under Sagittarius can visit Krishna temples, offer a flute and peacock feather, and donate fruits to disadvantaged children.


Individuals of the Capricorn sign can engage in the act of donating food and sesame seeds, alongside reciting verses from the Bhagavad Gita.


Those born as Aquarians can choose to present Vaijayanti or yellow flowers to Lord Krishna.


Pisces individuals can make a temple visit and donate religious books on this significant day.

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Dahi Handi Festival Celebration The Day After Krishna Janmashtami 2023

The day following Krishna Janmashtami 2023 marks the vibrant celebration of the Dahi Handi festival. According to the Hindu calendar, this festive occasion aligns with the ninth day of the Krishna Paksha during the Bhadrapada month. It’s rooted in the belief that this observance has its origins dating back to the Dwapara Yuga. This spirited festival predominantly takes place with fervor in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The essence of this day centers around the childhood anecdotes of Lord Shri Krishna, where he would slyly pilfer butter and yogurt from the pots belonging to the Gopis. To thwart these ‘thefts’, the Gopis began suspending their pots of dairy products from the roofs of their houses. In response, Lord Krishna and his comrades ingeniously formed human pyramids to reach these coveted pots, delighting in their contents. 

This very custom gave birth to the exuberant Dahi Handi celebration, characterized by the formation of human pyramids to break pots of yogurt suspended high above. In the year 2023, the Dahi Handi festival is slated for September 7th, 2023, which coincides with a Thursday. Additionally, this festivity is recognized by the moniker “Gopal Kala” in various regions. The tradition of Dahi Handi initiates the jubilant revelry surrounding Lord Krishna’s playful and mischievous demeanor.

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