Confused About Janmashtami ‘22 Date? Celebrate Janmashtami In These Special Yogas!

According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Krishna was born on the Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha in Bhadrapada month, during the Rohini Nakshatra. So, every year in the month of Bhadon, on the 8th day of Krishna Paksha, Krishna Janmashtami or Krishna Janmotsav is celebrated. In the year 2022, this spiritual festival of Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 18 August or 19 August.

This day is very special, important, and full of happiness for the devotees of Krishna. On this day, every person pleases Lord Shri Krishna by doing Puja and other rituals to attain his blessings. So, with the help of this special blog by AstroSage, we will tell you what remedies can help you in attaining Lord Shri Krishna’s blessings in your life.

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Moreover, we will tell you some interesting facts related to Janmashtami this year, information about auspicious yoga formation on this day, which things should be there in Puja on this day along with the other key details such as do’s & dont’s on this day. So, to know answers related to such questions read this blog till the end. First of all, when will the auspicious day of Janmashtami fall, and what will be the auspicious muhurat?

Janmashtami 2022: Tithi & Auspicious Muhurat

18 (Vaishnav Believers) & 19 Aug ( Smartha Believers) 2022 (Thursday- Friday)

Janmashtami Muhurat (19 August -2022)

Nishith Puja Muhurat: From 24:03:00 to 24:46:42 

Time Duration: 0 Hour 43 Minutes

Janmashtami Parana Muhurat: After 05:52:03, on 20 August 

Special Information: The above Muhutatas have been provided according to smarth mat. Keep in mind that people who believe in the Vaishnava and Smartha community celebrate with different rules.

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These Auspicious Yogas To Be Formed On Janmashtami

On 18th August, Thursday, there is an auspicious coincidence of the formation of Vriddhi Yoga. Apart from this, if we talk about Abhijeet Muhurat on Janmashtami, it will begin from 12:05 pm on 18 August till 12:56 pm. Along with this, the Vriddhi Yoga will begin from 8:56 pm on 17th August and will remain till 8:41 pm on 18th August. Dhruva Yoga will begin from 8:41 pm on 18th August and will continue till 8:59 pm on 19th August.

It means that this year, the Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 2 days 18 and 19, and on both days there will be coincident auspicious yogas.

Significance Of These Mantras In Krishna Janmashtami Puja

There is a huge significance of Shri Krishna Janmashtami in the Hindu religion. On this day, people worship lord Shri Krishna to attain his blessings in their lives. Also, many people observe fast on this day. On this day the Puja begins at night.

Not only this, it is said that for those natives who have a weak moon in their horoscope, for such natives the Krishna Janmashtami fast is no less than a blessing. Apart from this, for procreation also this fast is very effective and fruitful. So, let’s move ahead and understand with which mantras you can make Krishna Janmashtami Puja more auspicious and get good results in your life. 

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Shuddhi Mantra: 

“‘ॐ अपवित्रः पवित्रोवा सर्वावस्थां गतोअपि वा। यः स्मरेत पुण्डरीकाक्षं स बाह्याभ्यन्तरः शुचिः।।”

“‘oṃ apavitraḥ pavitrovā sarvāvasthāṃ gatoapi vā। yaḥ smareta puṇḍarīkākṣaṃ sa bāhyābhyantaraḥ śuciḥ।।”

Snan Mantra

“गंगा, सरस्वती, रेवा, पयोष्णी, नर्मदाजलैः। स्नापितोअसि मया देव तथा शांति कुरुष्व मे।।” 

“gaṃgā, sarasvatī, revā, payoṣṇī, narmadājalaiḥ। snāpitoasi mayā deva tathā śāṃti kuruṣva me।।”

Panchamrit Snan

 “पंचामृतं मयाआनीतं पयोदधि घृतं मधु। शर्करा च समायुक्तं स्नानार्थं प्रतिगृह्यताम्।।”

 “paṃcāmṛtaṃ mayāānītaṃ payodadhi ghṛtaṃ madhu। śarkarā ca samāyuktaṃ snānārthaṃ pratigṛhyatām।।”

Mantra For Offering Clothes To Lord Shri Krishna 

“शीतवातोष्णसन्त्राणं लज्जाया रक्षणं परम्। देहालअंगकरणं वस्त्रमतः शान्तिं प्रयच्छ मे।” 

“śītavātoṣṇasantrāṇaṃ lajjāyā rakṣaṇaṃ param। dehālaaṃgakaraṇaṃ vastramataḥ śāntiṃ prayaccha me।” 

Offer Naivedya To The Lord 

“इदं नाना विधि नैवेद्यानि ओम नमो भगवते वासुदेवं, देवकीसुतं समर्पयामि।”

“idaṃ nānā vidhi naivedyāni oma namo bhagavate vāsudevaṃ, devakīsutaṃ samarpayāmi।”

Offer Water To The Lord 

“इदं आचमनम् ओम नमो भगवते वासुदेवं, देवकीसुतं समर्पयामि।”

“idaṃ ācamanam oma namo bhagavate vāsudevaṃ, devakīsutaṃ samarpayāmi।”

Include These Things in Janmashtami Puja, Else Puja Will Be Incomplete

There is a special significance in including some special ingredients in any Puja. It is said that if the particular puja is performed without these ingredients then usually the Puja stays incomplete and hence not fruitful. So on the auspicious celebration of Krishna Janmashtami don’t do any such mistakes, lets understand what special ingredients should be included in the rituals and Janmashtami Puja:

  • Do include the flute in Puja on this day because it is not only the favorite thing of Shri Krishna but it also symbolizes simplicity and sweetness.
  • Apart from this, on this day a cow idol of cow along with Lord Krishna.
  • Include Tulsi I in the bhog which you are going to offer Lord Shi Krishna.
  • On this day, one should include peacock feathers. It symbolizes happiness, fascination, and magnificence.
  • Apart from this, on this auspicious day include butter, and sugar (Mishri), as both butter and Sugar are the favorites of Laddu Gopal.
  • The Janmashtami day is dedicated to the child form of Shri Krishna, so include a small baby cradle or swing for babies.
  • Shri Krishna always wears vaijayanti mala and that’s why don’t forget to make him wear a Vaijyanti garland to him in the Puja for Krishna Janmashtami.
  • Apart from this bell, a picture of Radha Krishna, shells, and yellow glittery clothes should be included in the rituals or puja.

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Offering These Things Will Please Shri Krishna On Janmashtami Will Bring Auspicious Results!

Lord Shri Krishna is considered to be the 8th avatar of Narayana. It is said that if Lord Shri Krishna gets impressed then that person gets wealth, happiness- prosperity in life. So to attain the blessings of Shri Krishna on Janmashtami, what are the things that you can offer Shri Krishna to attain his blessings?

  • Aries: The natives of this sign, make Lord Krishna wear read clothes and offer butter and sugar.
  • Taurus: Natives should adorn the Shri Krishna with silver and offer butter to him.
  • Gemini: Make Shri Krishna wear Lehriya (Georgette) clothes and offer curd.
  • Cancer: Make Lord Krishna wear white clothes and offer milk and Kesar (saffron)
  • Leo: Make Lord Krishna wear pink-colored clothes and offer butter and sugar.
  • Virgo: The natives of this sign make Shri Krishna wear green-colored clothes and offer Mawa Burfi.
  • Libra: Make Lord Krishna wear pink or saffron-colored clothes and offer butter and sugar.
  • Scorpio: Make Shri Krishna wear red clothes and offer him mawa, butter, or Ghee.
  • Sagittarius: Make Lord Krishna wear yellow clothes and offer him yellow-colored sweets.
  • Capricorn: These natives should offer orange-colored clothes and sugar as bhog.
  • Aquarius: Make Lord Krishna wear Blue colored clothes and offer Balushahi.
  • Pisces: Make Shri Krishna wear Pitambari and offer Kesar and Mawa.

Do You Know? Why Is Shri Krishna Offered Chappan Bhog?

In the Hindu religion, there has been a ritual to offer bhog to deities for a long time. There is a different bhog for different lords. So, if we talk about Lord Shri Krishna then he is offered Chappan Bhog. Now why is Chappan Bhog offered to Lord Shri Krishna? Come, let us understand the reason behind this, on the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. It is said that according to mythological beliefs, mother Yashodha used to feed Lord Krishna 8times a day in childhood. Once upon a time, all people of the village were organizing events to please Indra Deva. Then Lord Krishna asked Nand Baba, why this event is being organized. To this Nanda Dev explained to him that this event is being organized to please Lord Indra and he will then shower rain if he is pleased so that our crops stay in good condition.

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To this Lord Krishna asked, Indra Dev’s task is to bring rain, and we worship him. Why don’t we worship Govardhan mountain from which we get fruits and vegetables? And our pets and animals also get fodder and feed from that. Every person was agreeing with what the kid was saying, then everybody started worshiping Govardhan mountain in spite of worshiping Indra Dev.

Indra Dev felt very bad about this and in anger, he made heavy rain. It is said that to save the poor people of Gokul from the wrath of Indra Dev’s heavy rainfall, Lord Krishna carried the Govardhan mountain on his finger for 7 days without eating anything. Finally when the rain stopped and everybody came out of the mountain then they noticed that Kahna did not have anything for 7 days.

Then mother Yashodha made 56 different types of preparations as per 8 preparations for 7 days and since then this auspicious and interesting ritual of 56 bhog or Chappan bhog started.

Keep In Mind These Things While Offering Bhog To Laddu Gopal 

Not only on the day of Krishna Janmashtami but usually one should offer bhog 4 times to Laddu Gopal. However, to offer bhog there are some rules to be followed. Which are these rules? Do follow these rules on Krishna Janmashtami to attain the blessings of Lord Krishna.

  • Offer the 1st bhog of Laddu Gopal as soon as you wake up in the morning. Generally, you can offer this bhog between 6 to 7 am. During this time, wake up Laddu Gopal by clapping in a gentle manner and then offer milk to him, which you can use later.
  • Offer the 2nd bhog after making him bath. During this time make him wear clean clothes and apply tilak to them. In this bhog, you can offer butter, sugar and laddoos to Krishna or if you want, you can also offer fruits to him during this time. 
  • The 3rd bhog of the day to Laddu Gopal is in the Afternoon. During this, you can offer them any solid food items. However, keep in mind that onion-garlic is not to be used in the food of this bhog even by mistake. 
  • The 4th and the last bhog is offered in the evening. In this, you can offer mawa to Lord Shri Krishna and then at night you can offer food that you have prepared at home to the Laddu Gopal

Do’s &Don’ts On Krishna Janmashtami

In the end, let’s understand the do’s and don’ts on Krishna Janmashtami.

  • Make sure you offer Panchamrit in Puja while worshiping on this day.
  • Include Tulsi leaves in bhog.
  • Do make Lord Krishna wear new clothes.
  • Always use clean utensils during Puja. Take special care that non-vegetarian food has never been cooked in these utensils.
  • On the day of Krishna Janmashtami, cover the Tulsi plant with red chunri and light a ghee diya.
  • The Puja of this day should be done at night.
  • Do not make anyone unhappy or misbehave with anyone on this day.
  • Do not cut trees or plants nor even pluck them.
  • Help poor or needy people.
  • Worship Mahalakshmi on Krishna Janmashtami.

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