Kokila Fast: Know Why This Fast Is Performed, Rituals & Mythological Legend

In Hinduism, several fasts and events are observed, that help us appease the Gods and Goddesses and seek their blessings for a prosperous life. Planetary movements, auspicious dashas and periods also contribute to such outcomes and help us lead a life full of comfort. On this note, in case you are facing any trouble and wish to seek astrological guidance, you can click here now! Now let us know about Kokila Vrat.

Numerous fasts and festivals are celebrated in Hinduism. Kokila Vrat or Fast is one of them and observed on the date of Purnima or Full Moon during the month of Ashadha as per the Hindu Panchang that falls on 4 July, Saturday.

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Kokila Vrat Muhurat

  • Kokila Fast Shubh Muhurat: From 19:22 Till 21:24 
  • Kokila Fast Duration: 2 Hours 1 Minute
  • Purnima Begins: 11:33, 04 July 2020
  • Purnima Ends: 10:13, 05 July 2020

This fast can be observed by both married women and unmarried girls. Where married women fast on this day for the longevity of their husbands, unmarried girls observe this fast to attain the desired life partner. Apart from this, people who observe this fast also attain desired outcomes.

If nay fast or ritual is performed with a true and devoted heart, the outcome always remains favourable and one becomes capable of eliminating the doshas and their influences from the kundli. However, in case you have Kaal Sarp Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Sade Sati etc. in your kundli, then precise and comprehensive Brihat Kundli is your savour!

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Kokila Fast: Significance

  • As per one belief about this fast, anyone who observes this fast gets his/her desires and wishes fulfilled.
  • If unmarried girls observe this fast, they are likely to get a desirable life partner.
  • Married women keep this fast for the longevity of their husbands.
  • Not only this, but it is also believed that the beauty of native fasting on this day increases since he/she has to bathe with special herbs during this fast.

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Kokila Vrat Story

According to the scriptures, the observance of Kokila fast was started by Mata Parvati. Mata Parvati observed this fast in order to attain Lord Shiva as her better half. It is believed that Mata Parvati wandered in Nandanvan for nearly ten years as a Koyal or Cuckoo bird. After being freed from this curse, Maa Parvati devotedly worshipped the Cuckoo bird, which pleased Lord Shiva. Due to this, he fulfilled her wish and accepted Mata Parvati as his wife.

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Kokila Fast: Puja Rituals To Follow

  • On this day, anyone observing this fast must wake up in the Brahma Muhurta and take a bath after completing his/her daily tasks.
  • After that, the idol of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati should be installed and worshipped in the temple.
  • On this day, Bhajan Kirtan must be performed.
  • You must include items such as Water, Flowers, Bel Patra or Leaves, Durva, Incense Sticks, Diyas or Lamp etc. during the Kokila Vrat Puja.
  • On this day, nothing must be consumed in case you are fasting. After the sunset, offer your prayers and consume fruits. The Kokila Vrat fast begins on Ashada Purnima and ends on Shravan Purnima.

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Kokila Vrat: Mythological Legend

A special fact about this fast is that it signifies that not only humans but Gods can also suffer the wrath of the curses. According to the mythological legend, once Sati, the daughter of King Daksha, went against her father’s wishes and married Lord Shiva, which upsetted King Daksha and made him angry. 

King Daksha did not like the way Lord Shiva lived, because of which he did not want to get his daughter married to him. However, Sati insisted and married Mahadev, due to which King Daksha broke all the ties with his daughter. After this, once King Daksha organized a Mahayagya in his palace and invited all the Gods, their families and his daughters as well. However, he didn’t invite Sati and her husband Lord Shiva.

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As soon as Maa Sati came to know about this yagna, she went to her father’s palace/ however, not being able to endure the insults hurled at her spouse Lord Shiva, she jumped into the fire of Maha Yagna. 

When Lord Shiva came to know about this, he created Veerabhadra to destroy the yagna. After this, even though Lord Shiva destroyed the Yajna conducted by King Daksha, he cursed Mata Sati to be born as a Koyal or Kokila bird and wander in the Nandanvan for ten thousand years since he couldn’t forgive her and her stubbornness to join the Prajapati’s yagna.

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