Who is your Isht Devta? Your Kundli Reveals it All!

The determination of Isht Devta has been a part of our traditions since time immemorial. In the field of astrology, the fifth house of the Kundli is taken into account to get notified about one’s accumulated religion(Sanchit Dharma), deeds, knowledge, Karm/profession, knowledge, education, devotion and Isht Devta. According to the birth chart or Janam Kundli, each person’s Isht Devta is fixed. If you wish to know more about this or any other aspect of your life, then Ask questions to our esteemed astrologers. 

It is a matter of fact that all kinds of divine powers are present in our body in certain determined Chakras from the very beginning. With the help of the Pujas we perform and the reverence we pay to the supreme ones, our bodies imbibe the divine powers present in the Universe and activate the powers already existing in the body and thus, the energy already present in the body becomes very much active and supremely operational. This clears our path to success. 

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We all know about the miracles that astrology is capable of propagating. What if we tell you that with the help of this same branch of knowledge, you can know about the divine powers as well as the Isht Devta of your previous birth. This is the reason that most scholars determine the Isht Devta of natives on the basis of the fifth house and the same few determine their Isht Dev on the basis of the fifth house and the zodiac lord of that house and also the zodiac signs associated with that house. The ninth house is taken into account to determine one’s spirituality, religious inclinations etc. and with the help of this we can know about the divine powers associated with us in the previous birth as well as the Isht Devta along with the Mantra recitation which can bless us with some desirable results. 

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If we get to know about our Isht Devta in advance, then no matter how many malefic planets are situated in our Kundli, their negative effects can be controlled once and for all. 

How Can you Identify your Isht Devta?

“ Who is my Isht Devta?” – This question takes house in the minds of most people who are deeply associated with devotion and spirituality. Most natives remain confused regarding which deity they should pay their reverence to. If a native is a devotee of Shiva, then someone else is a Vishnu or else a Radha Krishna devotee. Some are avid worshippers of Lord Hanuman. There are some who eulogize each and every Deity and Goddess one after the other. As you all know it very well, worshiping one’s Isht Devta provides one with fruitful and desirable results. Through this blog today, we will try to clarify your doubts regarding your Isht Devta. 

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Vivid Ways to Determine Isht Devta!

Scholars do not share the same opinion when it comes to the rituals associated with determining one’s Isht Devta. 

  1. Some people determine their Isht Dev on the basis of the ninth house and the zodiac sign related to that house as well as the zodiac lord. 
  2.  Others determine Isht Dev on the basis of the fifth house and the zodiac related to that house and the owner of the zodiac.
  3. Some scholars determine the Isht Devta on the basis of lagna, lagna lord and the lagna zodiac sign.
  4.  Isht Devta is also selected according to the most ‘Bali’ planets present in the Trine house. 
  5. Also, Isht Devta should be determined on the basis of ‘Atma Karaka’ planets in the Kundli or horoscope. 

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Isht Devta as per Zodiac Signs

Aries-  Natives belonging to Aries should worship Sun God.

Taurus – Taurus dominated natives should worship Lord Vishnu.

Gemini – People belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign should worship Goddess Lakshmi.

Cancer – Cancer signed folks should worship Lord Hanuman.

Leo – Leo zodiacs should worship Lord Ganesh.

Virgo-  Goddess Kali should be worshipped by Virgo natives.

Libra- Libra signed folks should worship Kalabhairava or Shani Dev.

Scorpio-  Lord Kartikeya should be worshipped by Scorpions.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius natives should pay reverence to Lord Hanuman.

Capricorn- Worshiping Durga Mata will be beneficial for Capricorn natives.

Aquarius – The natives belonging to the Aquarius zodiac sign should worship Lord Vishnu or Goddess Saraswati.

Pisces – Last, but not the least, Pisces natives should worship Lord Shiva and spectate the Moon on the day of Full Moon.

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