Know Why Frequent Nail Biting Is Inauspicious?

Such people, who tend to bite their nails, are frequently seen. They can’t give up this habit, regardless of how much they are scolded for it. Since they are unaware of how negatively this habit of theirs can affect their life. Indeed, according to crystal gazing, biting one’s nails is strongly associated with the planet Saturn. Additionally, it is said that people with consistently broken nails also have an unfavorable appearance similar to Shani. AstroSage will provide an in-depth illustration of this. You will also learn the effective ways to stop this bad habit of nail biting.

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Frequent Nail Biting In Astrology

Saturn, the Moon, and Mercury all have astrological effects on the body’s ability to produce hair and nails. According to psychologists, nail-biting is a sign of excessive shyness, nervousness, and an avoidance of social situations. Biting your nails is a bad habit. The remnants of food that you consumed while eating are now in your nails; this rotting and toxic stuff will enter your stomach and cause issues. Your mental health will suffer from this. The nails on our bodies are an external growth that need to be appropriately trimmed from time to time.

In astrology, Saturn is a symbol for human nails. Additionally, it controls the body’s calcium supply, a substance that is crucial for healthy nails. The moon controls the mind. The human nervous system is governed by mercury. Anxiety is indicated by the moon and mercury being afflicted, particularly by a weak or debilitated Saturn. Nail biting is one example of how people express this tense strain. As a result, some individuals make compulsive behaviors.

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What Nail Biting Symbolises?

It is believed that breaking the forefinger nail is considered bad. When the index finger’s nail is broken, a person has a lot of problems to deal with in his daily life. Additionally, it has been asserted that the old problems won’t be resolved as a result of this.

It is well known that the psychological state of an individual is addressed by the middle finger of the hand. It demonstrates how capable someone is of handling problems. According to myth, a person’s psychological weakness is revealed by their middle finger’s nail having broken. It is believed that the ring finger has a connection to an individual’s sensations. The ring finger’s nail breaking is believed to be a sign of loneliness. Additionally, it displays the person’s weak self-confidence.

Kanishka fingernail breaking symbolizes a person’s marital life’s shortcomings. In addition, biting the thumb nail is seen as a sign of a weak determination on the part of the person. Let us tell you that continuously biting your hand’s nails is not considered to be a good gesture. According to reports, this person is under mental pressure when performing the action. It is common knowledge that a person under pressure would continuously bite on their nails. So, refraining from doing so is suggested.

Tips To Quit Nail Biting

  • Chipped nails also indicated afflicted Rahu in your horoscope. So it is advised to wear red nail paint to calm Rahu.
  • For men, on a regular basis take 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds or honey and boil it and then soak your finger in the water because fennel seeds and honey are one of the truest materials related to Mars. This remedy will help to counteract the negative effects.
  • You must practice meditation every day.
  • Apart from this, cut your nails short so that you don’t find any grown part to bite your fingernails. 
  • Women can also get a fancy manicure and nail extensions. It will not only make your hands look pretty and also stop you from biting them.

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