Rohini Nakshatra in Astrology and its Sparkling Influence!

As per the religious texts of Indian astrology, Rohini Nakshatra is given a special place among all the twenty seven Nakshatras. This Nakshatra is considered to be honourable and respectful in religious scriptures. It is said that Lord Krishna was born in this Nakshatra. Rohini means red. As per the calculations of astrology, Rohini Nakshatra is the fourth Nakshatra in the sky. The birth sign of those born in Rohini Nakshatra is Taurus and the ruling lord of this sign is Venus and the ruling lord of Rohini Nakshatra is Moon.

As per astrological theory, it is a combination of five stars. It is said that the person born in Rohini Nakshatra always finds faults in others. These people do not leave any chance to point out others’ mistakes and they are slim. Therefore, these people are often prone to minor weather changing diseases. These natives are very soft in nature and attraction towards beauty is considered to be one of their main qualities. 

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Rohini Nakshatra – Different Stages and their Effects

The Moon is the ruling lord of Rohini Nakshatra and therefore, the natives born in this Nakshatra are mainly attached to ladies, try to remain polite and keep themselves disciplined in their work. This Nakshatra has four stages which help the natives in their sorrows and happiness through their different effects. 

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First Stage: The ruling lord of the first stage of Rohini Nakshatra is Mars. As per astrology, the friendship of Moon and Mars is the ruling lord of the first stage of this Nakshatra. Owing to this friendship, the natives are blessed with peace, prosperity, tranquility and progress. 

Second Stage:  The natives who are born in the seong stage of Rohini Nakshatra are beautiful, attractive, and sober. Venus being the ruling lord, they are friendly by nature but they remain engulfed in one or other misery. The inner sight of Venus helps these natives to progress and gain fame in various aspects of life.

Third stage: Mercury being the ruling lord of the third stage of Rohini Nakshatra, the natives born in this Nakshatra are responsible, truthful, morally oriented, and economically strong and they achieve higher status in the fields of music, art etc. The inner sight of Moon and Mercury helps in gaining special progress.

Fourth Stage: Moon being the ruling lord of the fourth stage of Rohini Nakshatra, the natives under the influence of this Nakshatra are famous, truthful, beauty lovers, soft spoken and they do business associated with sea products, shipping, and liquid products. Specially, these natives are blessed with complete happiness by the inner sight of the Moon.

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Women Born Under Rohini Nakshatra

Women born in this Nakshatra are slim and attractive. They are socially intelligent and obedient to their elders and parents. They have more leaning towards their mother compared to that of their father. They keep an agreeable attitude with their husband and therefore, their family life is peaceful and they have a lavish lifestyle and are always popular.

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People Born in Rohini Nakshatra should Opt for these Professions

As per astrological scriptures, the natives in Rohini Nakshatra are successful in the fields of biological science, pharmacy, art, music, entertainment, beauty-cosmetics, agriculture, farming, food technology, sex therapy, gems, interior decoration, transport, tourism, vehicle, oil and petroleum, textile, shipping, package and distribution and aquatic products etc. 

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