Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti Special: Know About Maharaja Agrasen and His Birth Anniversary!

Many great men were born in India who dedicated their lives for the social well being of people. Maharaja Agrasen was one of those great men whose birth anniversary (Jayanti) is going to be celebrated on October 17, Saturday. He was born in Kshatriya Samaj and is said to be the pioneer of the Vaishya i.e. Aggarwal Samaj. He believed in Ram Rajya and social services and was a great donor. That is why people remember and worship him every year on his birth anniversary (Jayanti) and resolve to follow his ideals. But why and on whose advice, he founded the Aggarwal Samaj? Through this blog, we will provide you with some of the aspects of his life on his birth anniversary that you are still unaware of.

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Who was Maharaja Agrasen?

Maharaja Agrasen was born about 5143 years ago to the Suryavanshi Maharaja Vallabh Sen in Ballabgarh, Agra. He was the eldest son of King Vallabh and also, the elder brother of Shursen. It is said that at that time, it was the end of Dwapara Yuga and the beginning of Kaliyuga. Maharaja Agrasen was the king of Agrodaya, whose capital was Agroha. He was a generous king and nobody was helpless during his rule.

As per mythological beliefs, he was born in the last leg of Dwapar Yuga i.e. at the time of Ram Rajya and hence, his principles were like those of during the Ram Rajya. At that time, the king always worked in the interest of his subject and was the servant of the people. The name of his town was Pratapnagar. Later, he founded the town named Agroha. Also, he was fond of animals and birds and owing to this, he emphasized on putting an end to the sacrifice of animals in Yagyas. It is believed that he stood with Pandavas during the battle of Mahabharata. 

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When and How is Agrasen Jayant Celebrated?

Maharaja Agrasen was born on Pratipada during Ashwin Shukla during the end of Dwapara Yuga and beginning of Kaliyuga. Therefore, Agrasen Jayanti is celebrated on Pratipada Tithi of Shukla Paksha during Ashwin month every year. Ashwin is considered to be the first day of Navratri during Shukla Paksha and hence, its auspiciousness is enhanced manifold. This year, his anniversary will be celebrated on October 17, Saturday and its celebration begin fifteen days earlier.

Maharaja Agresen was the founder of Vaishya Samaj known as Aggarwal. The society also includes Jains, Maheshwari, Khandelwal etc. and therefore, people of these communities come together and celebrate this birth anniversary with great pomp and show and worship Maharaja Agrasen with due rituals. At certain places, grand events are also arranged on this day and rallies are taken out. Different types of plays, dances and competitions are held and the whole community enjoys this festival together. 

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Aggarwal Samaj: Founded at the behest of Maa Lakshmi

Maharaja Agrasen was so kind-hearted that he always thought in the interest of people. Once, he meditated in devotion to Lord Shiva in the city named Kashi for the wellbeing of his people. Lord Shiva got pleased with his meditation and advised him to do the same for Maa Lakshmi for the prosperity of his people. Pleased with the meditation, Maa Lakshmi appeared and advised him to build another kingdom. Maa Lakshmi advised him to follow Kshatra Dharma, look after his people and defend his kingdom and also blessed the same (kingdom) with prosperity. He founded Aggarwal Samaj on the advice of Maa Lakshmi and settled the kingdom in the northern part, owing to which, the town was named as Agroha. 

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Eighteen Gotras of Aggarwal Samaj

Maharaja Agrasen founded Vaishya Samaj at the behest of Maa Lakshmi and settled this kingdom in the northern part, due to which it was named Agroha. To administer the kingdom efficiently, he divided this kingdom into eighteen parts, performed eighteen Yagyas with eighteen Ganadhipatis on the advice of Maharishi Garg. All the eighteen Ganadhipatis were the eighteen sons of Agresen and all the eighteen Gotras were established in their names. The names of eighteen Gotras are – Bansal, Bindal, Bhandal, Dharana, Garg, Goyal, Goen, Jindal, Kansal, Kuchal, Madhukul, Mangal, Mittal, Nagal, Singhal, Tayal and Tingal.

Animal Sacrifice was Banned

Maharaja Agrasen liked and loved animals and birds very much. But, at that time, the custom of sacrificing animals in Yagyas was prevailing. Once, eighteen Yagyas started in the establishment of Gotra in his kingdom. As per custom, there was an animal sacrifice in each and every Yagya. Out of eighteen Yagyas, seventeen were successfully completed, in which animal sacrifice was performed. But when an animal was brought for sacrifice during the time of eighteenth Yagya, Maharaja Agrasen felt a sense of hatred developing within him and stopped the sacrifice of the animal. Following that, he banned the custom of animal sacrifice for the future. Also, he announced in his kingdom that no one would sacrifice any animal and nobody would consume meat. Maharaja Agrasen was affected by this incident so much that he adopted Vaishya Dharma by renouncing the Suryavanshi Kshatriya Dharma. That is why all people in Vaishya religion are vegetarian.

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Married to the Daughter of Raja Nagraj

When Maharaja Agrasen was young, he was once invited to attend King Nagaraja’s daughter’s Swayamvara. The name of the daughter was Princess Madhavi and she was extremely beautiful. Her beauty was widely talked about and hence, many kings and princesses attended her Swayamvara. Attracted by the beauty, even Indra, the king of gods, also attended the Swayamvara. Out of all these, princess Madhavi liked Maharaja Agrasen very much and put Jayamala in his neck. This marriage was the combination of two different communities, cultures and castes. Where on one side, Agrasen was Suryavanshi while on the other, Madhavi was the daughter of Nagavansh.

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Dharma Yudh against Lord Indra

Madhavi, the daughter princess of King Nagaraja, selected Maharaja Agrasen amongst Indra and other kings. Indra was highly envious of this marriage and, being furious with his insults, he stopped rains in Pratapnagar. Drought occurred owing to lack of rain and people got heavily upset. Later, people started dying due to famine. Affected by the situation of his town, Maharaja Agrasen got furious and declared a war against Lord Indra. Agrasen had an upper hand as he was fighting a righteous war (Dharma Yudh). To avoid this war, the gods made Narada Muni a mediator to pacify both sides. Narad Muni with his cleverness reconciled them and thus, the war was averted.

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Interesting Facts About Maharaja Agrasen

  • In 1871, Bharatendu Harishchandra, the famous writer, wrote a book titled “Origin of Aggarwals” on the life of Maharaja Agrasen and his contribution to the establishment of Aggrawal Samaj. The book consists of detailed information pertaining to Agrasen and Aggarwal society.
  • Agrasen’s Baoli, which is situated near Connaught Place in New Delhi, is now a protected archaeological site built by Maharaja Agrasen in the 14th century. It is about 60 meters long and 15 meters high. Also, it is said that this was built during the Mahabharata period. 
  • In honor of Maharaja Agrasen, the Government of India issued a postage stamp of 25 paise in his name on September 24, 1976. India Post released this stamp on Agrasen Ki Baoli in 2012.
  • Not even this, the Government of India named a warship after the name of Maharaja Agrasen in 1995. The warship, which was bought from South Korea for around 350 crores, was named as “Maharaja Agrasen”.

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Renunciation By Maharaja Agrasen

Maharaja Agrasen ruled his kingdom “Agrodaya” for almost 108 years. After taking the advice from Kuladevi Mahalakshmi, he handed over the reign of his kingdom, Agreya Ganrajya, to his elder son named Vibhu and attained renunciation. There were mainly three principles of Maharaja Agrasen’s life – economic homogeneity, democratic governance and social equality. Even today, the name of Maharaja Agrasen exists amongst all those great kings of history, who worked entirely for the welfare of the country and people throughout their lives. 

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