8 Types Of Yogini Dasha In Horoscope, Know Their Effects & Mantras!

According to Tantra Shastra, 64 Yoga are mentioned in astrological science in which the great importance of 8 Yogini Dasha is mentioned. There is also a method of worshiping these 8 Yoginis with 8 Bhairav. 

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The way in Jyotish Shastra the Vimshottari Dasha is of 120 years, similarly there is also a significance of Yogini Dasha of 36 years. These 8 Yogini Dasha are divided into 27 Nakshatra, which work according to their time to provide pleasure and pain to humans. All these Yoginis broadly affect the life of humans. The types of 8 Yoginis are as follows: 

  • Mangal Yogini Dasha
  • Pingala Yogini Dasha
  • Dhanya Yogini Dasha
  • Bhrahmari Yogini Dasha
  • Bhadrika Yogini Dasha
  • Ulka Yogini Dasha
  • Siddha Yogini Dasha
  • Sankata Yogini Dasha

The duration of these Dasha is according to their sequence; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years and after doing a sum of these years, there is a Yoga of 36 years. In simple words, the duration of first Mangal will be of 1 year, 2 will be of 2 years, 3 will be of 3 years and similarly the 8 Sankata Yogini Dasha will be of 8 years and in total it is of 36 years. 

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Number Of Yogini Dasha In Astrology

  1. Mangla: 

This is the first Dasha of Yogini Dasha, and it is ruled by the Moon. Usually, it provides positive results. This is why it is considered to be auspicious. From Mangla Yogini Dasha  every native gets happiness and prosperity. According to its name, it brings positivity in people’s lives.

  1. Pingala: 

This is the second Yogini Dasha. Among the planets, the sun is the ruling planet of this Dasha. This Dasha usually gives problems like mental stress, property disputes, conflict in siblings, bad news, poor health, loss, disgrace etc. 

  1. Dhanya: 

This is the third Yogini Dasha which is ruled by Jupiter. It also provides auspicious results and brings prosperity in human’s life. Along with it, people get success in politics and tasks related to it. 

  1. Bhrahmari: 

This fourth Yogini Dasha is ruled by the red planet, Mars and its effect makes the person extremely short-tempered. Also, during this Dasha person faces issues while traveling, many types of problems, loss in business, debts Or loan etc. 

  1. Bhadrika: 

Bhadrika is the fifth Dasha which is ruled by the planet of wisdom, Mercury. As a result, the native receives results according to his efforts. Native gets financial benefits, beautiful partner, and sexual pleasure, and gets promoted in the state office. 

  1. Ulka: 

The sixth Yogini Dasha is ruled by the Karma giver, Saturn, so this Dasha makes the person do more work and struggle. Usually this Dasha is troublesome because during this Dasha the native gets into so many problems. Especially the person who falls into problems like defamation, more enemies and fear, debts, serious ailments, Court cases, family issues, health issues related to head, face and feet. 

  1. Siddha: 

The ruling planet of this 7th Yogini Dasha is Venus. During this period, there is an increase in wealth, material pleasure, love, romance, attraction. This Dasha is auspicious so along with the incline in wisdom, wealth and business, many functions are organized in the house for marriage, auspicious tasks etc. 

  1. Sankata: 

The ruling planet of this last Dasha is the shadowy planet, Rahu. Its name itself represents that during this Dasha, natives have to face different types of problems and struggle. The duration of this Dasha is the longest so it is quite beneficial to worship Yogini in the maternal form during this period. 

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Let’s know about the duration and Mantra of all these Yogini Dasha: 

Yogini Dasha Mantra And Duration

To complete one circle during the lifetime of a human, 8 Yogini Dasha take 36 years of time. 

Mangla : Duration of this Yogini Dasha is of 1 year and the mantra for this is: “oṃ ūṃ namo maṃgale maṃgala kāriṇī, maṃgala me kara te nama:”।

Pingala : Duration of this Yogini Dasha is of 2 year and the mantra for this is: “”oṃ piṃgale vairikāriṇī, prasīda prasīda namastubhyaṃ

Dhanya : Duration of this Yogini Dasha is of 3 year and the mantra for this is: oṃ dhānye maṃgala kāriṇī, maṃgalama me kuru te nama:”। 

Bhramari : Duration of this Yogini Dasha is of 4 year and the mantra for this is: “oṃ namo bhrāmarī jagatānāmadhīśvarī bhrāmarye nama:।”

Bhadrika : Duration of this Yogini Dasha is of 5 year and the mantra for this is: “oṃ bhadrike bhadraṃ dehi dehi, abhadraṃ dūrī kuru te namah:”। 

Ulka : Duration of this Yogini Dasha is of 6 year and the mantra for this is:”oṃ ulke vighnāśinī kalyāṇaṃ kuru te nama:।”

Siddha : Duration of this Yogini Dasha is of 7 year and the mantra for this is: “oṃ namo siddhe siddhiṃ dehi namastubhyaṃ।”

Sankata : Duration of this Yogini Dasha is of 7 year and the mantra for this is: “oṃ hrīṃ saṃkaṭe mama rogam nāśaya svāhā।”

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Yogini Dasha Calculation:

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