Kharmas Begins: Know Shubh Muhurat, Legends & Associated Facts!

Today is the Dwitiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha of the Margashirsha month. As per some Panchangs, the beginning of Kharmas has started from December 15 while some other Panchangs state that Kharmas is going to begin from December 16, Wednesday.

For your information, Kharmas begins with the transit of the Sun in Sagittarius zodiac sign. As per religious beliefs, the tradition of not performing any auspicious works such as marriage, home entry etc. has been prescribed during this time.  

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The period of Kharmas lasts till January 14. All kinds of auspicious activities will not take place till the period of Kharmas is not over. However, you can buy land, house, vehicle etc. or go ahead with the new business. Let us know the Shubh Muhurat for buying such things or venturing into a new business. 

Shubh Muhurat for Buying a Vehicle 

December 18, 2020Friday
December 20, 2020Sunday
December 27, 2020Sunday
December 30, 2020Wednesday
January 01, 2021Friday
January 06, 2021Wednesday
January 08, 2021Friday

Shubh Muhurat for Buying Land 

December 31, 2020Thursday
January 03, 2021Sunday
January 04, 2021Monday
January 08, 2021Friday
January 09, 2021Saturday
January 12, 2021Tuesday

Shubh Muhurat for Commencing a New Business

December 17, 2020Thursday
December 24, 2020Thursday
December 27, 2020Sunday

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  • Buying a house, plot or buying anything related to real estate can take place during the period of Kharmas.
  • Avoid buying items like gold, planetary stones etc. However, you can give payments in advance and book the same.
  • Buying a vehicle can take place during Kharmas. 
  • New clothes or jewellery should be worn this month. However, you can buy the same.

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When will Kharmas be Over?

The period of Kharmas will be over on January 14, 2021 i.e. on the day of Makar Sankranti. The day the Sun will enter Capricorn zodiac sign will be the day of celebrating the festival of Makar Sankranti. Also, the period of Kharmas will be over on the same day i.e. January 14, 2020. There is a belief of taking a bath in the holy rivers on this very day and donation is also carried out. Uttarayan begins from the day of Makar Sankranti and after this, all the auspicious activities are allowed to take place.  

Things to be Performed during Kharmas

  • Lord Sun is venerated during Kharmas. 
  • Besides this, this month is considered to be highly auspicious for donation, chanting etc. It is believed that one who performs donation with a pious heart, he/she is blessed with desired fruits.  
  • In addition to this, serving Brahmins, cows, saints etc. holds high significance on this very day. 
  • Visiting a pilgrimage site holds high significance during Kharmas. Besides this, performing Shri Ram Puja, Katha Vachan, Vishnu and Shiva Puja and holding the Path of Bhagwat Geeta holds high significance.

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Legend/Katha Concerning Kharmas

The Sanskrit word Khar means donkey (Gadha). As per the prevailing legend pertaining to Kharmas, it is said that once, Surya Dev was revolving around the universe on the chariot of seven horses and he was not allowed to stop anywhere. It was said that if he had stopped, then all the activities would have stopped on the same day. But the horses attached to the chariot got thirsty and tired due to lack of rest. Seeing this, Surya Dev got worried and took the chariot to the banks of the river so that the horses could quench their thirst and get some rest. 

All of a sudden, Lord Sun came to know that if he stopped his chariot then all the activities on the earth would have stopped and troubles would have taken place. Then Surya Dev saw two donkeys (Khars) at the banks of the pond. He left all the horses for consuming water and taking rest and attached the two donkeys with his chariot so that he would not stop. Although the donkey slowed down the chariot, the rotation of one month got completed somehow and the horses took rest meantime. Now, he attached the horses with his chariot and the same continued throughout the year and a solar month i.e. Kharmas falls in every solar year.

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