Kharmas 2023: The Sun Will Change Fates Of These Zodiacs!

Kharmas 2023: The onset of Kharmas, marked by its commencement on December 16th, heralds a period of celestial significance. During this time, the destiny of many zodiac signs is poised to take a turn for the better. Adding to this cosmic alignment, the past Sunday, December 17th, carried special significance, being dedicated to the Sun God. In the realm of astrology, Sundays are considered auspicious, and the worship and devotion to the Sun God are particularly emphasized during Kharmas 2023.

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On the sacred Sundays of Kharmas 2023, the act of offering water (arghya) to Lord Surya, combined with devoted worship and meditation, is believed to enhance the happiness and prosperity of individuals. This spiritual practice not only boosts confidence but also acts as a catalyst for the dissolution of life’s troubles and the liberation from obstacles in one’s endeavors. According to astrological calculations, these Sundays are predicted to be an exceptionally auspicious day for certain zodiac signs, heralding positive transformations.

This blog by AstroSage will tell you everything about Kharmas 2023 along with the lucky zodiac signs that will flourish during Kharmas!

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Kharmas 2023: What Is Kharmas As Per Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Kharmas is a concept deeply rooted in the belief that certain periods are unfavorable for initiating new ventures or activities. Derived from the Sanskrit words “Kala” meaning time, and “Karma” referring to an action, Kharmas is essentially a time when cosmic energies are believed to be less favorable, making it auspicious to avoid significant undertakings.

According to Vedic astrology, Kharmas occur during specific lunar months, typically lasting for 15 days each. These months are known as Malmas or Adhik Maas, and their impact is considered inauspicious for initiating important events such as weddings, house construction, and major financial transactions.

The belief in Kharmas is intricately connected to the lunar calendar, which plays a crucial role in Vedic astrology. During these designated periods, it is believed that the cosmic energies are not aligned in a way that supports the success and prosperity of new endeavors. As a result, individuals are advised to exercise caution and refrain from beginning significant projects during Kharmas.

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Kharmas 2023: Five Zodiacs Will Get Fortunate!


Patience becomes your ally as you navigate through decisions with a calm mind. Opportunities for progress in both career and business will unfold. Financial conditions will strengthen, and it’s advised to steer clear of conflicts in the workplace. The support of your life partner is anticipated, bringing joy to marital life. Good news may emanate from the realm of your children, and success is on the horizon for students in competitive exams.

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A day of average fortunes awaits, marked by emotional ups and downs. Financial concerns may linger due to excessive expenses, leading to a lack of self-confidence. However, the joy of reuniting with old friends will uplift your spirits. New avenues for income growth will present themselves, and support from higher authorities is likely in your professional endeavors.


Cultivate a calm mind, steering clear of arguments and unnecessary disputes. Pay attention to your father’s health, and be prepared to face obstacles in educational pursuits. Job changes may be on the horizon, offering new sources of income alongside increased financial gains. However, it’s crucial to seek advice from experienced individuals before venturing into new investments.

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An auspicious day awaits you, signaling significant changes in the workplace. Job seekers may find success in interviews, and new opportunities for financial gain will unfold. The home atmosphere will be positive, contributing to an increase in social status. Confidence is key, ensuring that your hard work will yield successful outcomes.


Exercise control over anger and pay attention to the health of family members. While educational activities may pose challenges, a joyful atmosphere at home awaits with the arrival of a guest. Opportunities to work on new projects in the office may arise, and attention to diet is crucial. Planning a family trip to a religious place could be on the cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. What not to do during Kharmas?

Ans: Activities like engagements, weddings, initiating new business ventures, celebrating house entry, the mundan of a newborn child, Upanayana Sanskar, building a new house, and purchasing new vehicles should be avoided.

Ques2. When is Kharmas 2023?

Ans. Kharmas starts on December 16, 2023, and ends on January 15, 2024.

Ques3. Why Kharmas is inauspicious?

Ans. The movement of the Sun is said to be slowed down during kharmas.

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