Ketu Transit 2023 Delivers Luck & Prosperity To 5 Zodiacs!

Ketu Transit 2023: In Vedic astrology, Ketu is one of the prominent planets and its transit across different signs has a specific impact on the lives of natives. It is one of the shadow planets along with Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 will have different effects on the 12 zodiacs. 

Ketu is considered the inauspicious planet that provides bad results to the natives. It is the lord of Ashwini, Magha, and Mool Nakshatras. But, Ketu also offers positive outcomes for some transits to zodiac signs. Also, expect positive outcomes from the planet if it sits in the third, fifth, sixth, & ninth house in the horoscope. 

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In this special AstroSage blog, we are focusing on the lucky zodiacs and the benefits availed due to Ketu Transit 2023. 

Ketu Transit 2023: Date And Time

Ketu exits the Libra zodiac and enters Virgo on 30 October 2023 at 05.30 pm. It will be in the Virgo sign till 18 May 2025 and then will enter into the Leo zodiac. 

List Of Lucky Zodiacs Due To Ketu Transit 2023


According to Ketu Transit 2023, Ketu will be positioned in the sixth house and make all your activities successful. There will be better chances of defeating your enemies and the court decisions will be in your favor. The Aries natives can expect desired outcomes in their workspace and different projects can be completed timely. There are chances of travel for the Aries natives in the period, but natives need to keep the expenses under control. 

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The Ketu transit 2023 enhances the bravery of natives for facing challenging situations with perfection. With the use of courage & bravery, Cancer natives will be able to overcome troubled life situations appropriately. Your interest in religious & spiritual activities will rise and actively participate in orphanages & donations. Avoid sharing strategies with others till the completion of work to get success. Little control over the misconceptions will help you settle many troubles. 


The Ketu transit in the eleventh house will bring a lot of profit and success to your life. As per Ketu transit 2023, you’ll get success in all kinds of activities that you start. All the strategies set by Scorpio natives will bring positive outcomes in your personal & professional life. The income levels will rise and the chances of making profits become prominent. This transit assists the Scorpio natives in overcoming different challenges throughout the year. Also, expect the right results across different fields in your life. 


Ketu will fulfill the wishes of Sagittarius people due to Ketu transit 2023. There can be struggles across different sectors, but the chances of success are very prominent. Also, resolve matters related to land and property without interruptions. Ketu works as a boon for the natives if they want to apply for tenders in the central or state government department. There are also real chances of salary rises and promotions in the period. Your travel routine will bring positive outcomes in your business & work life. 

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The Ketu transits in the ninth house of the zodiac and thus natives will get all the desired success in life. The fortune level of Capricorn natives rises and they experience higher energy levels across religious & spiritual tasks. Due to Ketu transit 2023, social prestige and reputation will also rise. All your decisions will yield positive results and get appreciation for your different actions. The control of stubbornness and passion in your life will make the natives more successful. There will be other auspicious opportunities in the family to make the lives of dear ones simple & comfortable. 

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Q1. What will be the luck of Taurus natives due to Ketu transit?

Ans. There are chances of success for Taurus natives, but people need to stay aware of the indifferences. 

Q2. How will the marriage turn out for Pisces natives during Ketu transit?

Ans. Control the bitterness in your marriage to get the best results during the Ketu transit 2023. 

Q3. Does Ketu in Virgo provide auspicious results?

Ans. It stabilizes the temperament of natives but also tends to waste a lot of time & leads to different physical troubles. 

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