Ketu Transit In Virgo: People Of These Lucky Zodiacs Will Face Troubling Times

As per Vedic Astrology, the planet Ketu is also referred to as the shadow or sinful planet. The natives with the debilitated position of Ketu in the horoscope will result in different troubles in their lives. Also, the planet Ketu remains in the retrograde state, and after one and a half years the zodiac changes its position. Ketu, just like Rahu is considered an elusive planet that is not owned by any of the zodiac signs. But, Ketu is also considered to provide similar results to Mars. Following the same path, the planet Ketu changes the zodiac sign in the month of October. Such type of Ketu transit happens in the Virgo sign and thus, it changes different effects in different areas of life linked to personal life, professional life, married life, love life, health, education, and more. 

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So, let us move forward in the same sequence and get details of the Ketu transit that affects the lives of 12 zodiac signs. The blog also provides the right astrological measures to avoid the different negative effects. Go through the content till the end to get all the right information. 

Ketu Transit In Virgo: Time And Date 

The planet Ketu stays at one zodiac sign for about one and a half years and then it transits to a different sign. In the year 2023, the Ketu transit is going to happen on 30 October at 02:13 pm. It moves out of the Libra zodiac, represented by Venus, and enters into the Virgo zodiac, owned by the Mercury planet. 

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Effects Of Ketu Planet In The Astrology 

In the astrological world, Ketu is also referred to as the sinful and inauspicious planet. You can also find fear among people about the planet Ketu that provides bad results but it is not so, a person gets auspicious outcomes or results through the Ketu planet. These are related to spiritual, renunciation, salvation, tantrik, etc. factors and the Ketu planet doesn’t have the ownership or command over any zodiac sign. But, the Ketu planet remains in an exalted position in the Sagittarius planet and will be in a debilitated position in the Pisces zodiac. Ketu is also considered the lord of Ashwini, Magha, and Moola constellations, among the list of 27 constellations. 

As per the Vedic scriptures, the planet Ketu is referred to as the Torso of the Swar Bhanu demon. The astrology indicates that the planet Ketu affects the life of natives across different fields referred to for the entire creation. In the birth child, such planets develop Kaalsarp Dosh, and different eclipses like Solar and lunar eclipses will occur due to the Ketu and Rahu planets. In astrology, there is no fixed zodiac sign and it delivers suitable results in the zodiac sign it positions itself. The weak position of Ketu in the horoscope will result in different troubles in the lives of natives. Also, the strong planet Ketu will result in auspicious outcomes in the lives of people. 

Now let us move ahead and check the effects that are seen due to Ketu transit in the Virgo sign. 

Effects Of Planet Ketu In The Virgo Sign 

The influence of Ketu in the Virgo sign will result in the inclination of natives towards spiritual tasks and thus enhance the intelligence quotient of individuals. Also, the natives are also able to use intelligence in the correct way for desired outcomes. All the crowd or people around you get attracted towards them due to their intelligence & level of knowledge. People running their businesses correctly will be able to achieve the right success rate. In a relevant workplace, you’ll be able to make the relevant effort to achieve the desired goals and reach the height of success. Such people are talkative and also possess the right analytical capabilities. 

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Also, the natives become careless related to health concerns and it can result in foot troubles and stomach-related concerns. If we indicate the negative side of individuals, people who have a wealth of knowledge will be able to use their expertise accordingly. There will be fear among people and this will result in bad decision-making and prevent different kinds of steps. The inauspicious effects of Ketu planets will result in a lowering of relationships with the partner and there will be chances of fighting with the partner. There might be troubles among partners due to small concerns and thus it will spoil the overall atmosphere at homes. 

Signs Of Ketu’s Auspicious Position In The Horoscope 

The direct result of the auspicious influence of Ketu planet in the horoscope will result in positive outcomes across different sectors. Let us get the auspicious details of Ketu planet in the horoscope:

  • The auspicious positioning of Ketu in the horoscope will result in the sharp rise of intellect across natives and the ability to complete different tasks successfully. 
  • Such natives also have relevant interest in varied fields of science & philosophy and also perform appropriately across different fields. 
  • The formation of Ketu in conjunction with Jupiter will result in the formation of Rajyoga in the horoscope and it will lead to positive outcomes in the lives of people. 
  • The strong position of Ketu in the horoscope will make the feet of the natives stronger and they suffer from different kinds of feet-related issues. 
  • Also, Ketu’s auspicious position will result in an increase of courage in the lives of people. 
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Results Of The Inauspicious Position Of Ketu Planet 

The inauspicious position of the Ketu planet in the person’s horoscope will result in the appearance of different signs in daily life in some form or the other. Also, get the right details of symptoms of the weak position of the Ketu planet in the horoscope:

  • The weak position of Ketu in the horoscope will result in different kinds of skin-related troubles for individuals. 
  • Other than that, the person can also experience different kinds of joint pain. 
  • The overall ability to hear will weaken for the natives. 
  • There can be troubles in conceiving a child. 
  • Ketu also results in weaker nerves in the body and also the person is troubled by the breakage of hair & nails. 
  • The chances of failure rise in your career & work due to the weak positioning of Ketu in the horoscope. 
  • The relationship with the maternal grandfather and maternal uncle also spoils due to the weak or afflicted position of Ketu in the horoscope. 
  • The placement of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope develops Kaalsarp Dosh and it can be fatal for the natives. 

Relevant Astrological Remedies To Reduce The Ill Effects Of Ketu In The Horoscope 

You need appropriate measures to get rid of Ketu’s inauspicious effects in astrology, which can reduce the Rahu-Ketu defects in the horoscope of natives. Let us discuss the effective measures to deal with such situations:

Wearing Pink Clothes 

Reduce the ill effects of the Ketu Dosha by wearing pink-colored clothes in regular day activities. If that is not possible, a pink handkerchief should be kept alongside natives at least. The activities will lead to getting the work done effectively after it. 

Chanting Of Specific Mantra 

To make the position of Ketu planet strong in the horoscope, chant the mantra ‘Om Straun Straun Struan Sa: Ketve Mantra’ 108 times on a regular basis. It is also a suitable way to enhance the overall financial condition of natives. 

Worshiping The Peepal Tree 

To lower the effects of the Ketu planet and tackle poverty the appropriate way, offer water regularly to the Peepal tree every Saturday. Also, the addition of Durva in the ritual and the performing of Puja in the evening with the lighting of a Ghee Lamp will provide the desired outcomes. 

Feed Pudding To Girls 

To prevent the bad effects of Ketu planet, on Sundays, feed sweet curd and flour pudding to cute girls to enhance the business profit. 

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Feed Dog With Bread 

Apply oil to the dog and feed it with bread to avoid the inauspicious effects of the Ketu planet. Avoid hurting any animal and try to help them. 

Ketu Transit In Virgo: Both Auspicious And Inauspicious Effects On All the 12 Zodiacs 


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