Ketu Transit 2024: These Zodiac Signs Can Face Troubles!

Ketu Transit 2024: As per astrology, there will be many big planetary transits and the formation of important yogas in the year 2024. Major planets like Venus to Jupiter will transit across different zodiac signs and it will have different kinds of impacts on 12 zodiac signs. Let us inform the readers that the planets Rahu & Ketu will stay in one zodiac sign for a period of 18 months. There won’t be any new Ketu transit in 2024, as the planet Ketu entered the Virgo zodiac sign on 30 October 2023, at 02:13 pm. Now, Ketu will remain in the same position till the year 2025. However, this Ketu transit will have an impact on different zodiac signs throughout the year 2024. In such a situation, the Ketu planet will have a negative impact on different zodiac signs. 

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This special AstroSage blog contains accurate information related to Ketu transit 2024 and the zodiac signs facing troubles due to it this year. So, without any delay let us know about the zodiacs whose natives will face difficulties due to Ketu transit. 

Ketu Transit 2024: These Zodiac Signs Will Face Troubles 


For the Taurus natives, Ketu Transit 2024 will provide average results as there are chances of average outcomes at the workplace. There is no such possibility of getting success at work and people around them may be forced to make wrong decisions. There are chances of getting stuck in trouble in the future and the natives are advised to stay cautious in this period. Other than that, they may get worried about their children. In the case of health, there are chances of suffering from a severe headache, and it will affect the health severely. 

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As per Ketu Transit 2024, there are chances of troubles for Gemini natives. They will have a lack of comfort and facilities during this period. Other than that, the natives can face problems in the family life and there can be differences among the family members. The peace at your home will be disturbed due to this transit and they might get entangled in legal matters. The natives might feel quite worried during this time and it can cause stress to the natives. There will be a lack of enthusiasm and energy levels for the Gemini natives. 

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The Ketu transit period won’t be favorable for the Leo natives. They will have a lot of responsibilities and it will be hard for them to fulfill. There are chances of taking a loan to fulfill these responsibilities and in such a situation, the financial burden of natives will rise. In the personal life, there are chances of emotional troubles with family members, partners, or friends. The natives will remain under stress for a continuous period and there will be a lack of happiness in life. In the career, there can be troubles for the Leo natives and there can be hindrances in your path of progress. On the other hand, the expenses can rise significantly and it can lead to troubles in your life. 

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There will be different troubles for the Libra natives due to Ketu Transit 2024. In this period, the natives won’t get auspicious results and the troubles in their lives can increase. In work life, there won’t be much success and further, there can be a rise in overall expenses. The natives can get entangled in different troubles in this period and it can result in failures in their lives. The concentration levels will remain weak due to the transit and different problems can arise because of it. There is the possibility that the Libra natives won’t be in control of themselves and the situation can get worse in this period. Ketu can create some kind of trouble or other when it comes to the health and financial condition of Libra natives. The health of natives can deteriorate if you don’t care for your diet or don’t consume nutritious food. 

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The Ketu transit 2024 won’t be favorable for the Capricorn natives as there can be troubles for the seniors and elderly members of the family. There can be different health troubles for the natives and good money can be spent on treatment. Due to the influence of Ketu transit, there are chances of disputes and disagreements with the family members. Thus, the natives need to stay careful in this period. 

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The Ketu transit 2024 will prove negative for the Aquarius natives and the zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn or Shani Dev. Due to this, despite all your efforts, the natives can face obstacles and hindrances at their work. Thus, the natives can appear disappointed due to it. As long as Ketu remains in the Virgo sign, the natives need to take special care of their health during this period. They can face troubles related to the eyes and teeth. There will be problems related to constipation for the natives and thus they need to have a balanced diet because of it. On the other hand, there can be troubles related to your mother’s health and it can cause stress in your life. The natives may have to spend on their mother’s health. 

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