Ketu-Moon Conjunction: Troubled Times For 3 Zodiac Signs

Ketu-Moon Conjunction is a powerful event in Vedic astrology and it has profound impacts in a native’s horoscope. In the arcane world of astrology,  celestial bodies cast a major impact over our lives which shapes our destinies and influence various aspects of our life. Ketu and Moon are two powerful planets that hold a prominent place in Vedic astrology affecting human lives and the earth as a whole.

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Planet Moon in Astrology

The Moon is the benefactor of our mind and the way we think and feel. It signifies our connection with inner-self and care for others. It is also the benefactor of mother and its placement in the birth chart foretells about the relations with Earth’s god, i.e. our Mother. Favorable position of the moon makes us positive and also other people support us. It also signifies our subconscious mind, feelings, and intuitive power. A strongly positioned Moon in our birth horoscope blesses us with emotional stability, creativity, and nurturing qualities.

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Planet Ketu in Astrology

The planet Ketu on the other hand signifies karmic influences and spiritual enlightenment. It creates detachment from worldly pleasures, emptiness, spiritual liberation, and mystical experiences. It makes us search for truth and understanding. When it joins with the Moon, it increases the ability to  conduct research. 

Negative Effects of Moon-Ketu Conjunction

  • When Ketu-Moon conjunction takes place, it can create a planetary cocktail that may lead to several negative consequences. 
  • It can cause emotional turmoil and turbulence because Moon represents emotions and Ketu represents detachment. The natives might feel difficulty in expressing themselves that leads to a feeling of emptiness.
  • Ketu’s impact can create anxiety and restlessness in the minds of the natives. It might result in uneasiness and sleep disturbances.
  • Ketu-Moon conjunction may lead to challenges in formation of deep and emotional connection with closed ones. The natives may find it hard to understand their emotions leading to difficulties in empathizing with others. It may bring differences and loss of spark in relationships.
  • Ketu-Moon conjunction may create internal conflicts between emotional wants and spiritual upliftment. The native’s may get confused about one’s life path.
  • This conjunction might obstruct a native’s ability to make sound financial decisions.

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According to the Vedic astrology, Ketu-Moon Conjunction was created in the Libra zodiac on 21 August 2023. This is also known as Grahan-Dosh. It will have a profound impact on all the 12 zodiac signs, but there are 3 zodiac signs which will be majorly impacted and the natives may experience loss of money and degradation of health.

So, let’s discuss those 3 zodiacs that will be majorly impacted by this inauspicious Ketu-Moon conjunction.

Ketu-Moon Conjunction: Wrath Faced By 3 Zodiac Signs


Ketu-Moon conjunction may prove harmful for the natives of Taurus zodiac because this conjunction is being formed in the sixth house of your birth chart. You might feel extra laziness in your body for some days. Your health may also face problems. Your monthly budget may get spoiled as you might tend to overspend on unnecessary things. You might also lose mental peace and any old disease might resurface again. Do not start any new work during this time and don’t take any decisions in a hurry. The natives are advised to practice Pranayaam and meditation. They should exercise regularly and eat healthy foods with less oil and spices. 

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Ketu-Moon conjunction in Libra might bring unfavorable results for the natives of Scorpio zodiac because it is being formed in the twelfth house of the transit horoscope of the natives. You might have to travel unnecessary which may disturb your mind. It is advised that you must not invest in Lottery, Share market, or in betting market, as you may face loss of money. You may also face some health issues. The natives might also face estrangement issues from their life partner and siblings. So, you must stay away from arguments and debates. The natives should also stay away from investing in any sector. 


The formation of Ketu-Moon conjunction and Grahan-dosh might prove harmful for the natives of Pisces as this conjunction is being formed at the eighth house from your zodiac. The natives might face problems of cough, cold, and throat infection. If you have to travel, then you should take extra care of your health. The natives should not invest their money. You should also avoid giving money on credit. The natives are advised to drive their vehicle carefully as yogas of accident are formed.

So, Ketu-Moon conjunction is one of the inauspicious yogas in Vedic astrology and will impact all the 12 zodiac signs. But the above-mentioned 3 zodiacs must take extra caution and should stay careful, vigilant, positive, and optimistic to mitigate the adverse effects of this Grahan-Dosh.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is the Moon a benefic planet?

Answer 1.  Yes, the Moon is a benefic planet?

Question 2. Ketu and Moon: friends or enemies?

Answer 2. Moon and Ketu are considered as enemies in Vedic astrology.

Question 3. What is a grahan-Dosh?

Answer 3. When a person is born during a Solar or Lunar eclipse, then it is called Grahan-Dosh.

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