Ketu Transit 2021 in Anuradha Nakshatra and the Impending Impacts!

Ketu, has been given the status of a shadow planet (Chaya Grah) in the realm of astrology. It is considered to be a dissected planet, that is, the house in which Ketu is present, denotes separation from that house. The planet Ketu is very important in the religious realm too. Even the special position of Ketu helps in providing salvation to a person. Ketu is also called Shikhi and Dhwaja. According to religious beliefs, when the demon Swarabhanu was dissected with Sudarshan Chakra by Mohini Avatar of Lord Vishnu, the part of his head was called Rahu and the part of torso came to be known as Ketu. Also, Ketu is considered to be the most mysterious planet.

If we talk about the transit of the planet Ketu, then it usually takes about 18 months i.e. one and a half years to move from one zodiac sign to another. It provides results related to a person’s birth chart’s house in which Ketu is situated, and also according to the planet ruling that house. Ketu also shows our previous birth position. Ketu planet is considered to be in an exquisite position in Scorpio zodiac sign. Let us know how Ketu will transit in the year 2021 and what kind of results are in store.

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Ketu Transit 2021 : Time and Date

If we talk about the transit of Ketu planet in the year 2021, then it will not transit in any zodiac this year, that is, it will not change the zodiac, but 3 Nakshatras will do the needful. So, now when it comes out of Jyestha nakshatra, Anuradha nakshatra will be the position it will enter. If we talk about the time and date of this transit, then Ketu moving at it’s usual speed, will leave from the first phase of Jyestha Nakshatra on June 2, 2021 and enter the fourth phase of Anuradha Nakshatra.

Ketu Transit 2021 : General Impacts  

Ketu will transit in Anuradha Nakshatra. The ruling lord of this Nakshatra is Shani Dev. Shanidev is also a planet with some traits of Ketu carrying along with it. In such a situation, the transit of Ketu in the Nakshatra of Saturn will prove to give special results. The planet Ketu is known for spirituality, mystical world, solitude, etc. whereas Anuradha Nakshatra represents the ambitions of our heart. This transit is in Scorpio, which is the sign of the suzerainty of Mars. The Scorpio zodiac itself signifies the incognito actions and also happens to be the eighth house of the Kaal Purush Kundli.

Transit of Ketu in the Anuradha Nakshatra indicates the fulfillment of the unfulfilled desires of any person’s previous birth, that is, due to this transit, if any old desire of a person is left unfulfilled, then it becomes likely to be fulfilled. Ketu can provide much success in research related works, in spiritual works, in astrology related works, and in the works of investigative tendency. On the other hand, this transit of Ketu is not very favorable for relationships and can work to increase tension in relationships.

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Ketu Transit 2021 : Impact Over the Country & the World

If we talk about the Kundli of independent India, then Ketu’s transit in Taurus ascendant and Cancer horoscope is going on in Scorpio in the seventh house. The impact of this transit may affect India’s business relations. Nations with which India has a commercial relationship may adopt some covert policies. On the contrary, India will also work on some covert policies on its part. Spiritual activities may take place in the country on a large scale and under the guise of them, certain folks can create an atmosphere of communal conflict.

The time cannot be said to be very favorable for the country and the world because due to its effect, mutual conflict and the action of sending spies to each other’s country can increase. On the other hand, due to greater success in investigative and research work at this time, the measures for prevention of infectious diseases and especially diseases like Coronaviruses can be explored even better. The investigation into the origin of the much-awaited Corona on the world stage can also gain momentum and shocking results can be revealed.

Ketu Transit 2021 : Impact on all the 12 Zodiac Signs! 

As mentioned earlier, Ketu will not change any zodiac signs in the year 2021, but this year the Nakshatra of Ketu will change. On June 2, Ketu will enter Anuradha Nakshatra whose ruling planet is Saturn. In this way, the transit of Ketu in Anuradha Nakshatra will give auspicious results to every zodiac sign of Kalachakra. Let us know now which zodiac signs will be impacted majorly by this Ketu transit. 

Given below are the transit predictions. 

These predictions are based on your moon sign. For a more personalized prediction, connect live with an Astrologer on call or chat


Ketu is transiting in the eighth house for the natives of Aries, which is not a favorable sentiment for the presence of Ketu. Because of this, you may have to face some problems in life. This transit can have a negative effect on your professional life, due to which you may have to face ups and downs in your job. If you are into business, then it will be favorable to some extent but financially this transit is not favorable. There can be a possibility of loss of money, due to which you can be prone to mental stress. You have to be careful in financial matters. 

The presence of Ketu in the eighth house can give you problems like and diseases like piles or fissures. Apart from this, this condition of Ketu planet can also cause boils – pimples and any kind of infectious disease, so you are advised to take special care of your health. There may be some disturbance in family life and your father may have health problems. If you are married, then you may have trouble in relations with your in-laws. Life-partner’s health can also be affected, so you have to be careful about their health problems. Drive your vehicle carefully. There may be a possibility of some kind of injury or accident. This time is very good for spiritual work. If you are associated with a similar field, then you will have very good experiences during this period.

Remedy : To subvert the ill effects of Ketu  you should bathe with water mixed with ingredients like red sandalwood, gajamad, musk, ratanjot, motha, pomegranate and Giloy.

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Ketu will be in your seventh house from your zodiac this year. The transit of Ketu in the seventh house in Anuradha Nakshatra will bring mixed results for you. Due to this effect, on one hand you will get respect in life and you will be popular among the people. With this, your life partner can also get good success in their professional life, but it cannot be said to be favorable from the point of view of health. You have to be vigilant about your health because it can prove to be a cause of health problems and troubles. 

Apart from this, a series of tensions can also arise between you and your spouse due to the effects of this transit and can lead to a state of contradiction between you. Things like heated arguments and blaming each other are more likely to happen in the relationship. It is also possible that you do not like being with them. If there is already any ongoing tension between you, then this transit can increase by bringing it to the brink of breaking the relationship. In such a situation, you should take any step only while being cautious. If you do any business, then you can benefit from long-term investment and long-distance travel in the field of business. The impact of this transit can lead to a good deal in business and a good relationship, which can give you good results in the future.

Remedy : You should recite Shri Durga Chalisa continuously for 43 days starting from Friday. You should also offer white kheer or sweets to your mother.

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Ketu will remain in your sixth house this year from your zodiac sign. This house is the house of conflict, debt, adversity and disease. The transit of Ketu in this house in Anuradha Nakshatra can prove to be fruitful for you in general. If you have a bank loan or are running an old loan, then during this transit time you may be able to repay your loan and breathe a sign of relief. However, it is not as favorable from the point of view of health. Health problems may surround you. If you do not take care, then some major disease can also put you in trouble. There may also be a possibility of mainly infectious diseases befalling you. During this time, there may be a possibility of interruption in work and luck will not be in your favour. This transit cannot be said to be more favorable for your father either. They may face some problems in the workplace and will have to work hard in resolving some personal problems. You should also not hold back from working hard in your work area during this period because this can give you some degree of success. If you are a student and are engaged in the preparation of a competitive exam, then you may have problems in maintaining continuity in studies, so try hard on your part.

Remedy: You should put a triangular red colored flag on the roof of your house and in any temple. The flag should be hoisted in such a way that it will always be in a waving mode. If the position goes awry, put another flag again.


Ketu will remain in your fifth house from your zodiac sign this year. The transit of Ketu in your fifth house in Anuradha Nakshatra will make your mind more engaged in spiritual activities and if you are a seeker, then you will spend more time in spiritual practice. During this time, your interest in esoteric and mystical sciences may increase more. Married people will get good results and your spouse will be happy at home after getting good success in his/her professional life. However, you may face some problems in making decisions, so do not take any major decision for some time, unless it is very important. This transit can be troublesome for your children and may cause health problems to them. You may face some problems in your job.

Remedy : Feed stray dogs. 


Ketu will be in your fourth house from your zodiac sign in 2021. Your happiness, wealth and mother are considered to be represented by the fourth house. As a result of Ketu transit in Anuradha Nakshatra, you may be a victim of some family debate and may have to face problems. There will be an excess of stress in the family environment which may lead to a deterioration in the health of the family members and especially your mother. During this time, some rudeness can also be seen in their behavior, so keep trying to maintain good relations with them and if they have any problem then take care of them. If your spouse is employed then they may face some problems in their field of work. So inspire them to muster courage. You may have physical problems related to the lungs and there may be a possibility of obstruction in some important functions. Apart from this, this time will be of hard work and ups and downs in the professional area, towards which you should be careful. You may become a victim of mental stress and may be at risk of getting embroiled in a property related dispute. You will feel at loss in the family and there will be some dissatisfaction with family life.

Remedy : You should pacify the planet by chanting any mantra of Ketu planet regularly.


Ketu will be in your third house from your zodiac this year. The presence of Ketu in the third house will bring good results for you. The transit of Ketu in the third house in Anuradha Nakshatra will prove to be a success in your life. This will increase your courage and might. If you are into business, then some important decisions will be made, which will prove to be very important in taking your business forward and you will get some major benefits from them in future. Relations with your siblings may deteriorate or they may suffer some health problems during this period. If you love someone, during this time there will be good chances of success in your love life and you will be ready to do anything for your love. If you are still single, then the loneliness of the heart will be reduced due to the arrival of someone special in your life. If you are a student, then you will get the best of benefits. You can acquire a good position by focusing more on your studies. There are also chances of getting good success in the competitive examinations. Mild health problems can bother you.

Remedy : It will be good for you to get the havan done with the Beej mantras of Ketu.

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Ketu will be in your second house from your zodiac sign this year. The transit of Ketu in Anuradha Nakshatra from your zodiac sign will give mixed results for you. On the one hand, while you will get good success in property related matters, on the other hand, your rhetoric will change. You may be a bitter or double meaning speaker, due to which your relationship and work may be adversely affected. If you are married, you will see some stress in married life and your spouse may have to face health problems. This time will be favorable for your children and they will get good results in the field of education. It will be very important for you to take care of your well being as health problems may bother you. Problems related to food, diseases related to the mouth such as mouth sores or toothaches can bother you. There may also be a possibility of an eye disorder. People who wear glasses, their number of glasses may increase. Using your intelligence and discretion can make you likely to get good results.

Remedy : Worship Lord Ganesha and offer Durvankur to him.


This year, Ketu will be in the first house from your zodiac sign, that is, Ketu will be transiting in your own zodiac. The first house represents your physical and personal nature. The transit of Ketu in Anuradha Nakshatra can affect your health. Health-related problems can become a cause of trouble. People will not understand your words very well. Because of this misinterpretation, there may be confusion for you in the minds of people and they may also take your words in the wrong sense. On the contrary, due to personal efforts, there will be chances of getting success in work. You will get to see good support of siblings and you will feel very relieved because of that. There will be a lot of religious and spiritual thoughts in your mind and you will move forward by connecting with similar works. If you have ever thought of building a house or are thinking of getting some construction work done, then this time will be favorable for you and you will get success in your work. There is also a possibility of short distance journeys, but take care of your health during the journey. During this time you are advised to stay away from any kind of esoteric activities(Tona-Totka)as its opposite effect can impact you. Your mind will be a little detached from worldly activities and there may be more feelings of anger in your mind.

Remedy : It will be better for you to chant the Ketu Beej Mantra.


Ketu will be in your twelfth house from your zodiac sign this year, which also happens to be the house of losses and expenditures. The transit of Ketu in Anuradha Nakshatra will cause an increase in your expenses. You will be a little worried due to the exorbitant increase in expenses. In such a situation, you are advised to keep control on your expenses because due to this your financial condition may be disturbed. During this time, health problems can also become a cause of trouble and some people may have to be admitted to the hospital if the condition worsens. You will spend a lot on religious and spiritual works. Family people will also contribute towards these expenses, that is, you will spend for them as well. You may have problems with insomnia, eye disorders or personal relationships. There can also be a possibility of any kind of injury to the foot, so be careful. Drive the vehicle carefully. Intimate relationships with life partners may suffer and relationships may get affected negatively. Those going abroad may have to wait longer to get some good news.

Remedy : To remain under the auspicious influence of Ketu, you should chant the Beej mantra of the planet.


In 2021, Ketu will be in your eleventh house from your zodiac sign. The eleventh house is the house of our attainments and ambitions. The transit of Ketu in the eleventh house in Anuradha Nakshatra will bring favorable results for you. This will not only strengthen your financial position but will also generate a means to complete your stalled projects. During this transit, your financial condition will improve and many of your thoughtful wishes will be fulfilled which will make you feel very good. If you want to start a new business, then this time can also be very favorable for that. You will be very active socially and you will get good recognition on the social platform. If you work somewhere, then during this time your relations with your superiors will become even better and you will get benefits in the job.

Remedy : Feeding brown dogs will be very fruitful for you.


Ketu will remain in the tenth house from your zodiac sign this year. The tenth house is also called karma bhava and it also represents our vocation. The transit of Ketu in Anuradha Nakshatra in your tenth house indicates that you may have to face some challenges in your professional life. There will be many obstacles in your path and some problems will be faced in the completion of the work, but you have to concentrate on working hard, only then you will be able to turn things into your favour. However, during this period, there is a situation of having a good profit through some foreign medium. If you work somewhere abroad or you work in a multinational company, then this time can prove to be beneficial for you. Due to your busy work schedule, there will be less time for family life and it will be necessary to take care of your health as you can become indifferent towards yourself due to excess workload. It may also happen that you do not feel like at your workplace and you may consider changing jobs. Relationship with your father may get affected during this transit of Ketu.

Remedy : Donating blood on Tuesdays will be favorable for you.


Ketu will remain in the ninth house from your zodiac sign this year. The ninth house is also known as Bhagya Bhava/the house of luck and Ketu is also considered to be related to righteousness. Therefore, Ketu will enter your ninth house in the Anuradha Nakshatra. It will increase your religious and spiritual influences. You will have a good hold in the society and you will be treated with respect. As a result of this transit, there will be beautiful chances of making additions to your income too. Health related problems will bother you. Not only your health, but your father’s health can also suffer, so take care of his health as well. If you live in any other state, city or country away from your place of birth, then you will get good results of this transit and if you live with their family members, then there may be chances of moving away from your family members. Siblings may have to face physical and financial problems due to the effects of this transit. It will be necessary for you to work properly at your workplace and maintain good relations with your superiors because this will help you to create a good position in the job.

Remedy : Worship Bhairav ​​Baba daily and chant the Bhairav ​​Chalisa and Bhairav ​​Mantra.

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