Kemadruma Yoga In Kundli: Know Astrological Impact & Remedies To Eliminate

Several yogas and planetary doshas are present in one’s kundli, out of which some are auspicious, while some can incur unfavourable results. Auspicious yogas that can bless one with the desired life are known as Raj Yogas, whereas yogas incurring failure and misery are Duryoga or Unfavourable Yogas. Know in detail about such yogas and find out if they are present in your kundli by asking our astrologers now!

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Today through this article, we are going to tell you about one such yoga, Kemadruma Yoga, also known as Kemdrum Dosha, which is counted as one of the inauspicious yogas in the world of astrology. The presence of this yoga in a native’s kundli can give rise to negative consequences in one’s life. Such natives have to face several problems in life and go through challenging situations. Such conditions are formed in one’s kundli due to planetary movements and placement of Nakshatras, for which your personalised Brihat Kundli can come in handy. It offers you a detailed insight about every aspect of your life and reveals the kind of planetary yogas and doshas forming in your kundli.

Now, let us know more about Kemadruma Yoga.

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What is Kemadruma Yoga?

Kemadruma Yoga / Kemadruma Dosha is one of the most fearful and unfavourable planetary dosha formed in the kundli. This Dosha or Yoga occurs when the planet Moon is placed alone in the house of a kundli without any other planet posited on either side of it. In short, when there is no planet in the second and twelfth house from the Moon, then Kemadruma Dosha is formed. It is also called Kemadruma Yoga and considered inauspicious since it causes extraordinary changes in a person’s life. It is believed that anyone living a King-like life but under the influence of this yoga meets his/her end in a miserable way.

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Kemadruma Dosha In Kundli & Inauspicious Effects

The negative impact of Kemadruma Dosha makes the life of a native highly tragic and full of conflicts:

  1. Being anxious or fearful all the time, despite the greater success
  2. Innumerable ups and downs in life
  3. The native may have to face an extreme financial crisis
  4. Anger and irritability in nature
  5. Unable to live well with the spouse or children
  6. Choosing the path of immorality
  7. Staying dependent on others

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Remedies To Eliminate Kemadruma Yoga

If a native has Kemadruma Dosha in his/her kundli, the side effects can be eliminated with these remedies in case the Dosha is timely brought into notice:

  • Observe fast for four consecutive years from Purnima or Full Moon.
  • Fast on Monday.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. On Monday, anoint Raw Milk and Water mixed with Black Sesame Seeds on the Shivling and chant the mantra “ॐ सों सोमाय नमः / oṃ soṃ somāya namaḥ”.
  • Install Sarvatobhadra Yantra in your place of worship and chant this mantra 108 times daily.
  • Chant Shri Durga Saptashati’s Mantra:

दुर्गे स्मृता हरसि भीतिमशेषजन्तो: स्वस्थै: स्मृता मतिमतीव शुभां ददासि। दारिद्रयदु:खभयहारिणि का त्वदन्या सर्वोपकारकरणाय सदार्द्रचित्ता।।

durge smṛtā harasi bhītimaśeṣajanto: svasthai: smṛtā matimatīva śubhāṃ dadāsi। dāridrayadu:khabhayahāriṇi kā tvadanyā sarvopakārakaraṇāya sadārdracittā।।

  • Donate white-coloured products like rice, milk, white flowers, camphor, white clothes and white pearls etc.
  • On Monday, wear a white pearl ring in silver in the little finger of your right hand.
  • Install Kanakdhara Yantra in the temple at home and read Kanakadhara Stotram three times daily.
  • Recite Shri Shiva Daridraya Dahana Stotram 1008 times.

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